AA status win: Complimentary extra legroom seating on JetBlue


This post isn’t about anything new but rather my first encounter with a useful benefit to come from my American Airlines Loyalty Points game pursuit: last weekend, I was able to get complimentary extra legroom seating at check-in on JetBlue. For. Six. Passengers. I was very surprised that this elite benefit applied to everyone in my party. This worked out to be a nice little win.

a screen on the seat of an airplane  I currently have American Airlines Platinum status and Platinum members are entitled to Even More Space seats on JetBlue at check-in (pending availability of course). My wife and sons and I and two family members flew from Albany, NY to Orlando, FL last weekend on one of the few nonstop routes JetBlue operates out of Albany. I booked our six seats using 9,600 JetBlue TrueBlue points each (that I had earned entirely from JetBlue card-linked offers on Lowe’s purchases, though it seems Lowe’s is no longer available for those offers).

I knew that as part of the partnership between American Airlines and JetBlue I was entitled to extra legroom seating based on my American Airlines Platinum elite status, but my understanding is that most programs limit this kind of benefit to the status member and a companion or two. I didn’t actually expect that at check-in I would be able to select six extra legroom seats for free.

a screenshot of a flight schedule
We got two entire rows of Even More Space seats on JetBlue thanks to my AA Platinum status.

To put the benefit in perspective, the aisle and window in the extra legroom seating area was selling for $54 each, while the middle seats were $49. In other words, it would have cost me $314 to buy those extra legroom seats. Of course I never would have done that, but it nonetheless illustrates that this was not a worthless benefit. I had booked an additional family member after making the initial reservation for the first six of us (so she wasn’t on the same PNR with the rest of us) and we tried asking the check-in agent if she could also be moved to extra legroom seating with us (fully expecting a “no” but figuring there was no harm in asking) and that was a no-go (it didn’t matter enough to her to pay for it).

For the record, I also got 2 free checked bags. I couldn’t get those for free until check-in, but I had associated my American Airlines AAdvantage number with my JetBlue reservation and at check-in the system recognized that my two checked bags were free of charge (we had more than 2 total checked bags and we had paid for the rest before check-in to save a couple of bucks per bag).

The extra legroom seating really did provide a nice amount of legroom on JetBlue (which already has decent legroom in economy). I was really pleased (and there were no complaints from the rest of the family, either). We were also able to use the Mosaic check-in line at the airport, which helped us skip a fairly lengthy line at check-in.

a woman and a child in an airplane
It’s still economy class, but the legroom felt quite spacious for this short 3hr flight.

a man sitting in a plane

Overall, this worked out very well. I don’t fly JetBlue often because they just don’t fit with my plans most of the time, but the ability to get extra legroom seating with them could certainly be another nice benefit of playing the AA Loyalty Points games.

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It’s worth when you don’t want people on your legs. If your weight is not 140, definitely you need people off of your space.

Courtney Rawlinson

Bro, that you in the picture. Looks nothing like your headshot. Time to update?


Hmmm. So, AA ain’t so bad after all. But, don’t get used to it. The AA/JB deal might be around for too long.


They sent you a refund on the 1st 2 bags?


– I was reading Tim’s article https://frequentmiler.com/american-airlines-and-jetblue-expand-reciprocal-elite-benefits/

He mentions that Mosiac members get free checked baggage for 8 people on the same itinerary.

Did you not get the same benefit (on Jetblue) using your AA Platinum status?


I found out that B6 considers all elite AA groups from Gold to the top tier as equal to B6 Mint. To my surprise my B6 boarding pass when flying on an AA award flight said ELITE (yes, in caps) and I was advised I could board with Mint. That sent me searching for other possible benefits, such as Even More Space. Indeed, even as a Gold tier lifetimer, I can upgrade my seat to Even More Space within 24 hours of flight time. There is a glitch in the process for me. Nick – maybe you can recommend a work-around. When booking the flight, my B6 account prefilled in the reservation. I cannot go back and change it. I was advised by a text conversation that I will have to call within the 24 hour period to be moved to Even More
Space. Those seats might well be gone by the time I get through to someone.

May May

You can use the JetBlue chat function, or call in to update your frequent flyer account attached to the reservation, any time before check in. I did that for a B6 flight last year and received my AA Gold benefit of 1 free bag at check in, and probably could have selected EMS seats if the flight hadn’t been booked full.

Brent D

Does this work on Blue Basic fares?


It worked for me a few months ago. Got extra leg room and free full sized carry on. I think I could have checked a bag also. I’ve got AA Gold.

Joe Y

Just popping in to confirm that, in addition to the extra legroom seats and carry-on bag, you can also bring a checked bag for free if you have AA Gold (two checked bags if you have AA Platinum). Just note that you won’t see any of these benefits at ticket purchase. You have to wait until check-in to pick your seats and add your bag(s).


I was told by B6 that Blue Basic would not receive the benefit.


I was told the opposite via B6 twitter today…” Yes. You’ll be able to upgrade to Even More Space seats during the check-in process with a Blue Basic fare. Please know it’s subject to availability.”