25% back at 1800Flowers today at Ebates


As part of its birthday week cash back bonanza, Ebates is offering 25% cash back at 1800Flowers today.

1800Flowers 25
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Unfortunately, 1800Flowers seems to be sold out of gift cards at the moment.

Apparently, they've run out of plastic.
Apparently, they’ve run out of plastic.

Quick Thoughts

If you previously purchased gift cards, today is certainly a good day to use them. If you do not yet have gift cards, you might check back throughout the day to see if the gift cards re-stock as they are a vital component to stacking rewards for 80% off, delivered (which only gets better with increased cash back). As a reminder, part of that stack is the current $15 back on $50 Amex Offer. Even just stacking the 25% back and the Amex Offer, you would get $27.50 back if you spent exactly $50.  If you can stack as seen in the post linked above or the extreme stacking linked below (with gift cards), the deal gets better. I’m not confident that they will restock those gift cards, but it’s worth checking. Here is a link to the gift cards for you to check. Also keep in mind that United’s Mileage Plus Shopping portal continues to offer 30 miles per dollar if you would prefer miles over cash.

See 1800Flowers Extreme Stacking promo codes, portals, gift cards and more for more information on maximizing your return at 1800Flowers.

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[…] by avoiding promo codes.  Instead, watch for great cash back portal deals (as I write this, eBates is offering 25% cash back, but 20% or 15% is more typical).  You can find the latest portal offers at CashBackMonitor.com.  […]


If I go through Ebates and order flowers and pay with my Amex that has the Amex offer, can I choose the shoprunner shipping option in lieu of buying the celebrations passport or will that mess up the ebates cash back or Amex offer?


T-Mobile Tuesdays currently offering 30% discount code. Will this qualify for stacking?

Mike B

AMEX Offer right now includes $15 back from $50 purchase, so stack that,


I’m having a weird experience with 1-800-Flowers today. When I wasn’t signed into my account, I found this $69.99 prime rib deal that would seem perfect for extreme-stacking today with the 25% cashback.


I can add it to my cart, but then it doesn’t recognize my account number. If And if I do a search from my account, the offer doesn’t pop up. Any ideas? Is it some weird promo that they don’t want their regular customers to have?


Next to the purchase price, it displays the code “7121X.” Could it be like a promo code for new customers that’s already attached, and they don’t want it to be combinable with other offers? Weird that it doesn’t recognize your account number when you try to sign in, though. I would think that’s just a recipe for extreme customer annoyance.