Fee-free Visa Gift Cards at Macerich Malls


In celebration of Mother’s Day, Macerich Malls are offering fee-free Visa Gift Cards through May 14th, 2017.

Fee-Free Visa Gift Cards Macerich Malls

The Offer

  • No purchase fees on Visa Gift Cards of $100 or more at Macerich Malls
  • Find your local Macerich Mall at this link (you can filter by state).

Key Terms

  • Maximum of 5 cards per day
  • In-mall only
  • Visa Gift Cards can be loaded with $100-$500 each
  • Macerich Visa Gift Cards are issued by Sunrise Bank

Quick Thoughts

It is possible that this promotion is not at all Macerich Malls, but I pulled up the home page of a couple of malls and immediately got the pop-up pictured above. It might be a good idea to call your mall before making the trip to be sure that they are offering the promotion and have gift cards in stock. If they are, this is an easy $2500 in fee-free spend. If your local mall takes Android Pay or Apple Pay, you might even be able to use your Altitude Reserve to earn 3X on the purchase. See our Manufactured Spending Complete Guide for more information on buying and liquidating gift cards.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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[…] Fee-free Visa Gift Cards at Macerich Malls: Today is the last day. If you have a chance to swing by the mall, grab some gift cards. […]


I was told Macerich tracks daily purchases at their Santa Monica server site to identify customers buying from multiple locations. Anyone hit more than one site/day? I’d also be interested to hear from anyone with first-hand experience liquidating these at WM.


They don’t work at USPS, transaction declined today, how do you guys liquidate them, only walmart?


Meta & Sunrise both don’t work in USPS anymore. You might have to go WM or Kroger for MO.


WM means WM with moneycenter? Is there a way to locate one?


I picked up a few of these today, and was told that business had been pretty steady all day for them. Also, they are asking for a form of I.D. and entering that into their system. Any ideas why?




Thanks for posting this, need to hit a signup bonus for Starwood.


Will cards issued by Sunrise Bank liquidate at Walmart? I’ve only used cards issued by MetaBank at this point.