3 years of free Shipt with Visa Infinite cards


Visa Infinite cards have picked up a significant benefit today for many cardholders: three free years of Shipt membership (ordinarily $99 per year). This membership will be most useful for Target shoppers (since Shipt does not appear to inflate prices on Target deliveries and it allows for applying Target coupons). This deal should work for those with the US Bank Altitude Reserve, Chase Sapphire Reserve, and possibly even the Chase Ritz-Carlton Visa Infinite or CNB Crystal Visa Infinite.

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The Deal

  • Visa is offering special Shipt membership benefits for Visa Infinite or Visa Signature cardholders:
    • Visa Infinite cardholders: Get free Shipt membership for up to 3 years from enrollment date
    • Visa Signature cardholders: Get free Shipt membership for 3 months then a 50% discount on monthly membership for 9 months
    • All other Visa US consumer cards: Get free Shipt membership for 1 month then a 50% discount on monthly membership for 3 months
  • Direct link to enroll in this offer

Key Terms

  • Offer valid from 9/17/2021 through 12/31/2024 (“Term”).
  • Cardholders enrolling during the Term with a qualifying Visa Infinite card (“Card”) receive a free Shipt membership for up to three (3) years from enrollment date and no less than twelve (12) months if you enroll by 12/31/2024, which
    • (i) includes waived delivery fees on orders over $35 (“Offer”) and
    • (ii) is only redeemable through Shipt web application at shipt.com or the Shipt mobile app.
  • Your membership will begin on the date that you enroll your eligible Visa consumer credit card to your Shipt account.
  • Existing Shipt members that enroll in the Offer start their free membership at the expiration of their current paid membership.
  • Cancellation of an existing Shipt membership will result in Offer ineligibility.
  • Enrolled cardholders must use the Card as the default payment method to redeem, have Offer remain effective, and have Offer apply, or may be subject to additional fees.
  • Eligibility for Offer is limited to one per person per Shipt account, and per eligible Visa card.
  • Payment through third-party payment accounts, or online or mobile digital wallets (like Apple Pay and Google Pay), or memberships purchased through third parties are excluded from this offer.
  • Once enrolled in the Offer, cardholders are subject to the Shipt Terms of Service, Privacy Policy (https://www.shipt.com/terms-of-service/), and Shipt Promotion Terms and Conditions (https://www.shipt.com/promotional-credit-terms/).
  • You can cancel your membership at any time at shipt.com.
  • Unless you cancel your Shipt membership prior to the expiration of your free period, your Shipt annual membership will auto-renew for a new subscription at then current membership rates.
  • Orders with alcohol may incur a $7 alcohol delivery fee. Charges for items purchased, taxes, tips, and retailer-charged fees (such as, where applicable, bag fees) and additional fees may still apply.
  • Offer valid only where Shipt service is available.

Quick Thoughts

This is a great deal if you are a regular Target shopper living in an area serviced by Shipt. As I understand it, prices at other retailers that use Shipt may be somewhat inflated. I can certainly imagine scenarios where you may be willing to pay a premium for delivery within a few hours, but this will likely be most useful for Target orders since my understanding is that prices should match those in-store for Target deliveries. Additionally, since Shipt is a service owned by Target, you should be able to apply things like Target Inner Circle coupons. Being able to get in-store prices and use Target coupons while also getting same-day delivery is surely a nice deal for those who can take advantage.

As someone who does not live in an area covered by Shipt, this deal does nothing for me personally. Still, since terms indicate that you’ll get a minimum of 12 free months if you enroll by 12/31/2024, I’ll leave open the possibility that I move to an eligible area within the next 3 years and be happy to enroll at that time if applicable.

Note that Visa Signature cardholders can get 3 free months of Shipt membership and 50% off membership for the next 9 months. That deal is applicable to many more credit cards since there are many Visa Signature cards on the market. I’m not sure that it would be possible to cancel after 3 months and sign back up with a new Visa Signature card (terms seem to indicate that cancellation of an existing Shipt membership will make you ineligible), but maybe there will be a way to take advantage of an extended free Shipt membership in a multi-player household. The same may be true for non-Signature / non-Infinite cardholders which would receive 1 free month.

H/T: Dan’s Deals

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shipt is also available with Meijer stores, we have Meijers and Target here and have the Shipt membership so this is a big win for us!


Ritz Infinite does work for 3 yrs free. I did it this morning. Be the data point your looking for 🙂


Target owns Shipt. That’s why they offer shelf prices.


One of the offer terms says you must use the visa card to pay or the benefit may not work. Not sure if that’s really true, but if so, it would prevent someone from using a target RedCard and getting 5% off their order.