$30 off of $60 at Amazon with 1 Membership Rewards point [Targeted]


[Update 1/10/19] This deal is back and valid through December 31, 2019. That makes it seem that this one will likely not repeat this year unfortunately — but it also means you should be able to save it for when it gives you a particularly good deal. Check the link under “The Deal” to see if you are targeted. H/T: Doctor of Credit

[Expired 12/31/17 & 12/31/18] Amazon is once again offering a promotion for $30 off of $60 when paying with at least 1 American Express Membership Rewards point. This promotion is targeted. I was not targeted this time, but it’s worth checking to see if you are.

Screen shot is from a previous such promotion. I was not targeted this time around.

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Valid through 11:59pm PT December 31, 2019
  • Only valid on items shipped & sold by Amazon (no third-party items, even if fulfilled by Amazon)
  • Not valid on digital content
  • See full terms on the promotion page

Quick Thoughts

This is a nice offer if you’re eligible. Unfortunately, I wasn’t targeted this time — otherwise I would certainly take them up on this one. Keep in mind that you must use at least 1 American Express Membership Rewards point to pay ($0.01). It’s not a good deal to use more points than that as you’re only getting 1 cent per point in value (well below our Reasonable Redemption Value of 1.82 cents per point). Note that this promotion is not for paying with Discover, Citi, Chase, or Capital One, or Hilton Honors points — only American Express Membership Rewards points. In order to pay with Membership Rewards points, you’ll have to first select a credit card that earns Membership Rewards points so that you can choose to pay with a point.  This one is reported to work with both physical and electronic third-party gift cards, so this one should provide a great value to just about anyone.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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Easiest $30 ever. Since the last time. Thanks!


I applied this coupon already in Nov for a $60 Airbnb card. Today, I noticed it was available for me again – and it was! I bought another $60 gift card. So even if you’ve already been targeted and redeemed this, it’s worth checking again if it is available.

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I got the offer but fine print says you can’t use the same MR from a card you’ve used in the past….and I only have 2 MR – earning AMEX cards…both have been used in the past. SO I’m targeted but the $30 is gonna go to waste. Damn


Ok, another question then – am I supposed to receive email from Amazon about this offer ? Just checked my email – don’t see any.
Btw, also tried different browsers and VPN – same result, no discount.


Is there a way to check if I used this offer in the past ?
I clicked your link, pop-up message said “click to activate”, which I did.
Found an item sold and shipped by Amazon, chose one Amex point, but at final check-out there was no discount !


Nick, thanks a lot, again !
Tried different item and saw a $30 discount at checkout )
The problem with the first item is that it is not in stock now, says “Ships when available in 1-2 days.”
Will wait for that item to show up, hopefully price will be the same)

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Is the offer listed on our Amex offers page or only visible on the Amazon checkout?


Cool – thanks!


Woo hoo I got it. I used it for three $25 Jasons Deli Gift cards. Was working ok. Changed my mind and used it on one JD gift card, seventh generation tp and shower spray to come out more exactly to $60. Applied one MR point. Worked fine. Thanks!


I can confirm this works on gift cards. Purchased some Staples gift cards and got the $30 off.


I used it on a $100 Safeway. Worked no problem.


Interesting. Staples has McAfee Antivirus on special for Black Friday for $0.01 after a $39.98 rebate. Could be an interesting way to cash out this deal.