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$10 Amazon Promo Credits Working On Gift Card Purchases

In the lead up to Prime Day, Amazon was offering a $10 promotional credit when buying $40 worth of Amazon gift cards. Those $10 credits...
Amazon Prime Day 2020

Amazon Prime Day 2020 deals, stacking opportunities, and competitor sales

If you're reading this off-line, I recommend clicking here to view in your browser. This way you're guaranteed to see the latest updates. Update 10/14/20:...

Amazon: $15 off $50 with 1 Ultimate Rewards point [Targeted]

We have had this deal in our running list of Prime Day deals (which includes deals at Best Buy, Walmart, Costco, Dell, and more)...

(EXPIRED) Stack for great deal on Sony noise-cancelling headphones

I know that everybody is talking about the Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones that everyone has on sale for $199 today. I own a...

(EXPIRED) Amazon: Buy $40 gift card, get $10 promotional credit

Amazon is offering a $10 promotional credit when you buy $40 or more in Amazon Gift Cards. This is an easy win. The Deal Amazon is...

(EXPIRED) Possible $10 bonus for loading Amazon Gift Card balance with $100

As I was clicking around Amazon updating our Prime Day deals post, I got an advertisement offering a $10 Amazon gift card bonus if...

(EXPIRED) Targeted Amazon offers w/ 1 Membership Rewards point (up to $20 off $80)

Update 10/12/20: Nick found today that in the app he was targeted for both $20 off of $80 and $50 off of $100 (saw...

$10 off at Amazon with Amex [Targeted]

A targeted offer came out this week to get $10 off at Amazon when you switch your default payment method to an Amex card. This...
Physical Gift Cards

Instant Gift Card Deals: Save Money & Get Rewarded

When you're about to buy something, you may be able to save money or earn extra miles by first buying a merchant gift card...
Amazon Logo

(EXPIRED) Amazon: Spend $100/$50 & Get $50/$20 Off When Paying With 1+ Membership Rewards...

Amazon has launched a targeted deal ahead of Prime Day which offers up to 50% off up to $100 of spend when paying with...

Hotel Loyalty Wars, Amazon Prime Day, and more

This week Marriott and Hyatt launched an all-out battle for customer loyalty.  Marriott seems to think that the key to our hearts is through...

Amazon Amex Offer: 5 additional points per dollar

A new Amex Offer gives you 5 additional Membership Rewards points per dollar for spend at Amazon.com on up to $400.  I found this...

Amazon: Spend $100 (or $50), Get $10 Back, 2 Times (Targeted Amex Offer)

A new Amex Offer has appeared today for Amazon.com.  After spending $100 at Amazon.com, you'll get $10 back.  You can do this two times. ...

(EXPIRED) Amazon: Spend $80 & Get $20 Off When Redeeming 1 Capital One Point

Capital One has joined American Express, Chase, Citi and Discover with a new promotion on Amazon offering a $20 instant discount when spending at...

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