(Expired) 10% off Virtual Visa Gift Cards at GiftCards.com

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GiftCards.com is offering 10% off on Virtual Visa Gift Cards with promo code SURPRISESALE. Personally, I love these sales because I can just turn around and make payments on insurance bills and print a little free money.

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Max discount is $75 off of $750

Quick Thoughts

I like these virtual Visa gift card deals because they basically amount to free money. These seem to come around at good intervals for scoring a bit of a discount on our insurance bills. If both my wife and I max out the deal with three $250 gift cards each, we’ll each pay a total of about $695 after fees. That’s a $110 savings over face value between the two of us plus credit card rewards. They sometimes run slightly better deals, but I’m happy to take them up on this when I can. I use the same credit card that I otherwise would have used on the insurance bill and just pay a little less by adding the middle step of these virtual Visa gift cards.

Unfortunately, since the promo code doesn’t appear on any portals, I’m not confident that you’ll be able to stack this with the increased 3x payout on GiftCards.com that is currently being featured a the AAdvantage eShopping portal. I’ll probably still click through it just in case I get lucky and also pick up 2,000+ Loyalty Points and redeemable miles.

H/T: GC Galore

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I still have a tracked “recent store visit” from 3/13 in the aa shopping portal – but havent seen those points post yet. Anyone with a DP around the same time?


Deader than Frank Sinatra

Huell Babineaux

DEAD DEAD DEAD, you snooze you lose


Expired :/




I purchased about $1000 with *no code* March 8, when the x3 on AA first showed up. It tracked, but nothing has posted for miles. Then the 5% SPRINGVIP code came out and I bought another $750 on March 14. Also tracked, but nothing posted for miles. As two weeks have gone by, I am now inquiring about the first purchase. Part of what is informative about this is that the same thing has happened – tracked but not posting – for when I both used no code and used a code that may or may be “allowed.”


“may or may not be allowed” is what I meant.

Randy B

Mine are also being tracked still. Other purchases through the portal showed up much more quickly.

This reminds me I need to find a way to liquidate/use these eGift Cards

Last edited 4 months ago by Randy B

Hey Steve,

When you says it tracked, where do you see that ? I only have 2 tabs “recent activity” and “recent visits”. I am curious to know how you know that it tracks.

Is it under the “recent visits” and under the below tabs that you see the order #, date and amount ?

Orders*Trans. dateOrder amt.

I appreciate your input.



Hey Mo$,
Yeah, under “Recent Stores Visits,” if it shows an order and amount, I’m calling that a “track,” because it shows the portal tracked the purchase. However, it’s not a confirmed purchase under the other tab, “Recent Transactions.” I have had a lot of visits that didn’t track, and I’ve had to follow up on those to get them to be acknowledged as purchases in the first place. Normally the ones that tracked right away pay out fast, and the gc.com ones haven’t.


That’s what I was afraid of. My visits show but I am not seeing orders and amounts numbers.

Does that I missed out and they never tracked ? I had a similar issue in the past with the Verizon offer. But I think almost everyone had an issue with that out even after tracking.

In the past, when your orders haven’t “tracked”, where you able to get positive feedback and get your missing miles replenished ?

Thanks Steve!


The portal makes you wait 15 days before you can file a request for them to directly follow up with the merchant. You give them the order number and text of the email receipt for the purchase. You get a rapid auto-response. Then, about 1-3 months later, you maybe get the miles.


Every order i place gets cancelled. Is there a trick to getting this to go through.


Mine got canceled too. I created a new account w new email and it went through just fine..


I have placed multiple orders via AAdvantage shopping portal between 3/11 and 3/18 that included giftcards.com, Spot & Tango, Sam’s Club, Grove Collaborative and Everyplate. None of them tracked nor was I rewarded the bonus 1000 miles for making $300 in purchases. In comparison, I recently made a Vans purchase on 3/21 and it tracked and I got awarded the points on 3/23. Is anyone else facing a similar issue ?


Hey Nick,

I am not seeing those under the “store visits” which sucks. I wonder what caused them not to track. I had been using the shop sign through the website rather than the icon. I am not sure if it is a site block that is causing this.

What are my odds of being awarded for my purchases ?

Thanks for your input.


My Rakuten tracked — strangely at 3% even though the portal is only offering 1% for giftcards.com. Happy surprise!


Why are you limiting this to $750? Seems like the portal offer runs up to $2,000. am i missing something? Probably a good use of my aviator red card here too.


Where do you see that it’s capped at 750pp? The portal says up to $2,000. I see that on an order the max is on 750. But if you did that 3 times (ie maxing out the 2k) – any reason why that wouldn’t post for the full $2,000?


Hey JPa,

Nick is pointing out that this 10% discount code is only good for up $75. Therefore, the recommendation here is not to purchase beyond $750 worth of gift cards. You can obviously purchase more but you won’t get any discounts and the sum of your purchases are capped at $2k a month.


Order using SPRINGVIP still has not been awarded on AA portal, but tracked. Orders of a later date have already been posted. Likely SPRINGVIP not honored on AA portal. Anyone else? SPRING22?


I used SPRINGVIP and it tracked but not rewarded. Only learned about SPRING22 after I bought mine 🙁


Actually, all my orders using promo code, no matter SPRINGVIP or SPRING22, tracked but not awarded miles. For all my orders with no code, I got the miles pretty fast, I think in 1-2 days. So I am going to submit a request to search, but I am not optimistic about the outcome.


Would Chase/Southwest care if I earn part of a SUB by buying these virtual gift cards?


Appreciate it! Time to knock out some SUB’s while earning AA LP’s!


Cannot get any order through without being cancelled.


Thanks! State Farm doesn’t let me to split cards and unfortunately my bill is always more than $250. Any workaround to buy/combine?


I see the promo in the AA portal… Spring Sale! 5% Off All VISA Virtual Gift Cards. Valid through Mar 25, 2022


Promo SPRING22


Dumb question…where do I enter the promotion code in the GiftCard.com site? I am sure it is obvious, but just can’t find it. TIA.


when you add to the cart and go to check out it will be a drop-down you can enter the promo code in.


How long is this valid for? Just got approved for the Venture X that has a 10K spend so would be good to burn off $750 of it. Maybe more with P2 and P3?


AAdvantage shopping too. Will this qualify for Loyalty Points?


I see offer on AA shopping with a different code –
Spring Sale! 5% Off All VISA Virtual Gift Cards. Valid through Mar 25, 2022

Use code: SPRING22


capitalone shopping seems to offer 3% back