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My Rakuten is showing it as only $125 now. Is that what others are seeing?…


The 25 days is a bait and switch. It may as well be 15 days. If you use a real DD the first one hits and starts the clock. For most ppl the second DD hits 14 days later and the 3rd lands on day 28 which is too late. So you need a sizable paycheck or trust that something that looks like a DD works. Guess the Rakuten points is still worthwhile though


You don’t understand the definition of “bait and switch”. Yes – the terms make it more challenging but it’s very clear what the requirement is – $5k+ dd within a 21 day period. If you are relying on bi-weekly paychecks then you’ll need to be able to manage 2X $2,500. I understand this may not be realistic for some but there is no funny business being pulled here – just a relatively high bar to meet.


I had $8k stolen from my SoFi account. Dealing with their ridiculous support was absurd. It took hundreds of hours of wasted time to get my funds back. Sofi is a horrible company so if you do their bank bonus close the account immediately, but honestly it’s not even worth taking the risk since they have terrible security and horrible support.

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So I take it that if I opened up a SoFi Invest Account last year that I am not eligible for the checking account bonus through SoFi but I could still get the Rakuten offer?