(EXPIRED) 7500 Ultimate Rewards points with $99 Motley Fool subscription

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Update 12/29/20: This deal is back (H/T: Reader NK3


The Chase Ultimate Rewards shopping portal is offering some customers 7,500 Ultimate Rewards points for signing up for a Motley Fool subscription (cost = $99). That’s a potentially great deal if you value the subscription at all and also have a Chase Sapphire Reserve in your household since the points can be used to pay yourself back for $112.50 in purchases at grocery or home improvement stores.

The Deal

  • The Chase Ultimate Rewards shopping portal is offering some customers 7,500 Chase Ultimate Rewards points with a $99 Motley Fool subscription
  • Direct link to this deal (must log in)

Key Terms

  • Eligible on one (1) subscription per loyalty account number.
  • Only eligible on paid 1 year subscription to The Motley Fool. Monthly subscriptions are ineligible.
  • Subscription must be active for at least 60 days.
  • Not eligible on any free products, trials, services, memberships, subscriptions and retailer marketing subscriptions.
  • Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes that are not found on this site.
  • Not eligible on gift cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash equivalents.
  • Purchases made with a gift card may be ineligible.

Quick Thoughts

Note that the 7500 point payout is only showing on some cards. For instance, I saw 7500 points when logged in to my Freedom Unlimited account, but some Sapphire Reserve cardholders only see 5,000 points. It doesn’t matter much which card you find it under since Chase allows you to combine points across your own cards or with one family member residing in the same household. For instance, I could take advantage of this offer and then transfer the points to my wife’s Sapphire Reserve account for redemption.

While I generally value Chase’s transfer partners, generating points at a price of 1.32c per point isn’t really exciting to me. In this case, I’d do this subscription for the straight up $13.50 win via the grocery store or certainly if I valued the Motley Fool subscription. As I’ve become more interested in investing, I’ve ironically become less interested in investing advice, so I don’t value the subscription here very much. Still, it might make for entertaining reading now and then anyway.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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FYI, deal is not dead, just make sure to click “Shop this offer” for the $99 deal not “Shop now” – otherwise it will show $199.


Last edited 1 year ago by Josh

I’m a big fan of MF Rule Breakers. Most of their picks I’ve chosen are up more than 100% for me in the past year, with obviously larger gains over longer periods. My laggards are my own picks. I would highly recommend the podcasts too (especially Rule Breakers) so that you get a better understanding of their philosophy, otherwise the services are just data with no context. Motley Fool free content is absolute garbage which is probably where a lot of the hate comes from, while the paid services are very well worth their cost. Also if you bought a few of their picks and lost money over short period of time, that’s not at all a good indicator of the quality. They even ask you to agree that you won’t do that when you sign up for the service. I own about 45 individual stocks that I chose from their services and I am very very happy to pay them their subscription costs. They’re not all winners, but the big winners easily wipe out the bad picks many times over.

Thanks for this post as my renewal is due.


On the Freedom Visa:

Shop The Motley Fool now and you’ll earn 6000 points.

Only eligible on paid 1 year subscription to The Motley Fool. Monthly subscriptions are ineligible. Subscription must be active for at least 60 days.



Is there any confirmation when we purchase that Chase is tracking the purchase or when the 7500 points would be credited to our account?


Make sure the Visa you use is connected to your Uber account – I happily was surprised by getting 5% in Uber cash.


“ As I’ve become more interested in investing, I’ve ironically become less interested in investing advice, so I don’t value the subscription here very much.”

The advice is worthless. Nobody knows nothing. And if they did, it would cost a lot more than $99 a year.

Your own ideas are certainly no worse.

Now something like tax advice if accurate could be useful. Or maybe the service might give you a lead on something to follow up with your own research.


The 7500 offer with the Freedom portal is back.


Just a quick point about the math in this post, the cost of this subscription would also be subject to sales tax so make sure to account for that. Additionally, if purchasing with a Chase UR card (e.g. Freedom), you’d get UR points from the purchase of the subscription itself too. The net gain (assuming a valuation of 1.5c per point) from this exercise would drop below $10. Still better than zero but it’s important for readers to be aware of the sales tax when running the numbers.


@WR2 – their track record of picks is really impressive and they are one of the few who holds themselves accountable to actually keeping score. That latter part is key. I have done very well using their Rule Breakers service to find big winners early like Shopify, Trade Desk, MongoDB, Docusign, etc.

– if you are getting more into investing I would recommend their Rule Breakers podcast. Some good (free) teaching there if your goal is to find big winners. If you are in the Index Fund camp, them probably not very interesting to you. I personally have benefitted a lot from the Fool approach and the 4 portfolios I manage are up 120%-230% over the past 2-3 years. Stock Advisor is more conservative than Rule Breakers but still some amazing picks like MercadoLibre in the past.


And some truly poor picks too.


Absolutely, some horrible picks, David Gardner is the first to be open about that and even says his superpower is being able to lose in order to win. However, you can only lose 100% but you can gain many, many times that. For most of their services just 1-2 winners cancels out all of the losers. That’s been true for me too.
If you’re a short term trader then definitely not for you.


There are also a couple card linked offers that potentially could stack. Caesars rewards is offering 36 points/$ and Choice is offering 26 points/$.

Luke Vader

I was offered (only) 5000 points. For Hyatt loyalists who get the 7500-point offer, the value of 7500 Hyatt points exceeds the $99 subscription cost.


Motley Fool built their empire on a fraud of a book based solely on hindcasting (basically it’s forecasting the past using past data, so it’s an exercise in curve fitting, not prediction skill). I would place negative value on having a subscription due to the poor advice they offer.


Yeah, if anyone actually could predict the market, he would, and he would not sell his insights for almost nothing. Of spend one minute working, writing stuff, taking ads, etc.

And in short order, he would own the world.

Nobody knows nothing.


agree, I have purchased the service twice in the past & came out huge negatively. I’d not try the 3rd time.


Like George Costanza, do the opposite.


I’m seeing the 7.5K, but when I click though the cheapest subscription option is $199, not $99. Am I missing something?


When you try to buy it (or maybe from one of the offers on the side of the portal) it will say that it is $99 for the first year only


6000 for me

Ivan Y

FYI: on my CSP, I am seeing 6000 points (regular bonus was 3000).


The full 7500 is for Chase Freedom family cards only