Chase 90K offers now available online


If you are looking for 90,000 reasons to pick up more transferable points, you now have opportunities to do so both in-branch and online — though if you’re playing the game in a two-player household, you may prefer to take a lesser offer with a side of referral points.

Update: If you applied for this under a 75k referral offer and/or the old 75k public offer, we have heard successful date points about being able to match to this new 90k offer. YMMV, of course.

The Offers & Key Card Details

For more information about these cards and to find a link to apply, click the card information below to go to our individual card pages.

Card Offer and Details
90K points
90K after $6K spend in 3 months
No Annual Fee
FM Mini Review: This one should be in everyone's wallet. Incredible signup bonus for a no-fee card. Great card for 5X categories. Excellent companion card to Sapphire Reserve, Sapphire Preferred, or Ink Business Preferred.
Earning rate: 5X office supplies ⚬ 5X cellular/landline/cable (on up to $25,000 in total purchases in 5x categories annually) ⚬ 2X on the first $25K in combined purchases at gas stations and restaurants each cardmember year ⚬ 5X Lyft through March 2025
Base: 1X (1.5%)
Dine: 2X (3%)
Gas: 2X (3%)
Phone: 5X (7.5%)
Office: 5X (7.5%)
Other: 5X (7.5%)
Card Type: Visa Signature Business
Card Offer and Details
90K points
90K after $6K spend in 3 months
No Annual Fee
Recent better offer: 90K after $6K in 3 months [Expired 3-20-23]
FM Mini Review: Great signup bonus for a fee-free card. Good option for earning 1.5X everywhere. Good companion card to Ink Business Preferred, Sapphire Reserve or Sapphire Preferred.
Earning rate: 1.5X on all purchases ⚬ 5X Lyft through through March 2025
Base: 1.5X (2.25%)
Other: 5X (7.5%)
Card Type: Visa Signature Business

Quick Thoughts

The Chase Ink Business Cash and Chase Ink Business Unlimited are both very popular business credit cards that feature no annual fee. The public intro offers on these cards are back to 90,000 points after $6,000 in purchases in the first 3 months.

Earning 90,000 points after $6,000 in purchases in 3 months is a fantastic deal on a card with no annual fee. Note that Chase advertises the Ink cards as cash back cards, so they advertise $900 cash back — but that bonus is awarded in the form of 90,000 Ultimate Rewards points. If you only have one of these Ink cards, then you would be limited to using those points for a statement credit at $0.01 per point (or similar redemptions for gift cards / travel), but if you have a card that allows transfers to partners (like the Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Sapphire Reserve, or Chase Ink Business Preferred), then you can move points to that card from one of these Ink cards and then onward to partners. That makes this bonus highly valuable since it is easily possible to get 1.5c per point in value or more when transferring to partners.

All that said, I personally wouldn’t apply for one of these 90K offers. That’s because my wife and I both have Ink cards. If my wife wanted to open an Ink Business Unlimited card (for example), I could refer her from my Ink card. The current referral offer would only give her 75,000 points after $6,000 in purchases, but I would get 40,000 points for the referral. We would end up with a total of 115,000 points between us and Chase allows two people in the same household to combine points, so that deal would work out better. Hopefully, we’ll see the referral offer change to match the public offer soon…until then, it’s always worth contact Chase to see if they will match the 90k public offer.

However if I didn’t have a household member with whom to share the referral love, I would obviously be drawn to these 90,000-point offers.

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Just for a data point, I was approved for Ink Cash on 8/1 and messaged on 9/22 (53 days) and was told I could get the 90k once I hit the spend requirement. Yay!


Me as well, applied 9/12 or so…via referral with the 75K off. Messaged about the 90K offer, was told to message when I hit the 6,000 spend and they would grant me the extra 15,000 to get the 90K bonus.


Any people above 5/24 apply recently?

Carmelita Harley

Secure Message for a match and it was a no go. Said I got my bonus in July and therefore not eligible for the match.

Should I keep trying or it’s a lost cause?


that’s probably too far away, but you could wait a few days and try again, can’t hurt..


Can I have more than one of these cards?


Yes, there are data points of people having more than one card.




And just as an FYI… I applied was approved yesterday for my 2nd Ink Unlimited. 🙂


Was approved for 75k Ink Unlimited on 8/9 (42 days ago). Asked to match to this 90k offer today and Chase approved it.

Carmelita Harley

Did you already meet the spend requirement or received the bonus prior to requesting the match?


Yes, I already met the spend requirement and received the bonus prior to requesting the match.

Carmelita Harley

Oh sweet! I got mine back in April got my bonus in July. I wonder if this would work for me as well?

You’re much closer to this newer offer than I was.

Carmelita Harley

Yup! That’s what I found out after sending a secure message requesting a match.


If I understand the 5/24 rules correctly: Since I’m under 5/24, I should be approved for this card and once I have it, as a **Business card** it should not add to my 5/24 status? *Currently at 3/24* Thanks!

Carmelita Harley

That’s correct.

John Lee

Please confirm that receipt of the 40K referral bonus does not result in the yearend receipt from Chase of the tax form for the cash value, $400 of this referral. Thanks


Referral bonuses are considered taxable. Historically, Chase would not send you a 1099 unless you had $600 or more in ‘activity’ or reportable income. Not sure if that is still the case or not. However, technically, even if you only received one bonus of 40,000 you are still supposed to report that on your taxes, but if you didn’t receive a 1099 from Chase, then the IRS probably did not receive one either.


Just applied for this. It is my first business card. I got the email that they are reviewing my application. Should I call or should I wait to see what they say through the mail?


Do not call if your application goes to pendingWhen applications go to pending, people frequently find that they get approved without calling. When people do call, they may get tough analysts who deny the application.
The approval process goes through up to 3 “gates”:

  1. Instant Approval (this is rare with Ink cards)
  2. Automatic Approval, sent by mail (may take several weeks)
  3. Analyst Phone Approval

If you’re not instantly approved, then calling bypasses gate 2 and may reduce your overall chance of approval. Instead, I recommend waiting to get a letter in the mail. Hopefully it will say “congratulations”.
Of course, if Chase contacts you asking for more information then you absolutely should talk to them on the phone. In some cases they may simply need more information about you or your business before your application can go through the next review stage.
Call if you are denied (and call again)If your application is outright denied (either instantly or by mail), then call Chase’s business reconsideration number, which is open Monday through Friday during business hours. There are many cases where analysts have overturned denials over the phone.  Up-to-date reconsideration phone numbers can be found here.
The analyst will likely ask a lot of questions. Make sure your answers match your application. Also, if you have multiple Chase business cards, make sure to let the analyst know that you don’t need Chase to extend you more credit. Tell them that you are willing to move available credit from another card or to cancel another card if necessary. Be prepared to answer financial questions about your business. Be prepared to answer questions about why you want the card and how you expect to use it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying that you were attracted by the welcome bonus and by the 5X spend categories (for example).
If the analyst doesn’t approve your application, call again. Many people have had luck simply calling a few times until the reached an analyst willing to take a chance on their business.”

Carmelita Carlena Harley

That’s 160K points using the referral offer and messaging for the 90K offer upgrade with MS spend at Staples for 5X on $6K. 90K + 40K + 30K = 160K That’s a better offer than the Preferred offer since it’s harder to MS those categories.

John Lee

Minus the dollar value of the $400 tax form received at yearend?

Mr. Seg

The current referral offer would only give her 75,000 points after $6,000 in purchases, but I would get 40,000 points for the referral.

Nick, you forgot to mention you would have to pay taxes on those 40,000 points.


Good point on the potential tax form they will send you, my guess is they will value it at $400 for the 40K points.

Tom DeiCas

I got an ink cash on 8/3 via referral from my wife and asked chase via secure message if they would match the 90k welcome offer and they did !


I was just approved yesterday for a 3rd Ink BU while I still have an Ink Cash. I had two of each until a few days ago when I close my older Cash & BU credit limits and moved the credit lines to my most recent BU since it has an intro 0% for the first year (and then I made an estimated tax payment before Sep 15). So you can definitely have at least 4 total, but I am pretty sure you can have more.

<Edit> Oops, meant for this to go to JKL in the prior comment. Also worth noting that my business only ever turns $1k/year in revenue according to my application, so nothing big.

Last edited 12 days ago by jeph36

These 3 Ink BU are all under the same sole prop?


Yep, all 4 of my Inks are using the same sole proprietor business using the same EIN (Greg made a post a couple years ago about creating a free EIN).


How many Ink cards is one allowed to have? I have opened multiple Ink cards and so has my wife, using “struggling” sole proprietorship businesses. Wondering if my wife and I would be get another set of Ink cards (probably Ink Cash). Thanks.


See my DP in the next comment from Tom DeiCas since I am unable to reply to the correct post :-).

Miles Ahead

Thanks Jeph36, r u or Nick familiar with the frequency with which you can apply for card and get bonus? I got ink cash 6 months ago and BU about 20 months ago. now have 2 ink cash and 1 BU. Am thinking BU would be my better bet to apply for and convert the BU to a cash?


I read elsewhere that the guideline is 90 days between Ink applications. I have been approved recently for:
Ink BU Dec 22, 2022
Ink Cash Mar 13, 2023
Ink BU Jun 17, 2023
Ink BU Sep 20, 2023
You can see that I am not great at following directions (81 days Dec to Mar), but I got close. It must not be a strict rule like it apparently is with Amex when I tried for another Biz Plat ~88 days after my last approval.

Miles Ahead

That’s really helpful @Jeph36– thanks for sharing that detail!

Sandra Acosta

Just fyi… Chase will match this office if you previously signed up (past 6 months) with the 75k offer on the ink cash or ink unlimited regardless of whether you used a referral link. Just secure message chase to request the match.


This didn’t work for me. P2 and I referred each other to the Ink Cash/Unlimited just under 6 months ago. Sent SM requesting match last night and each of us got replies denying the match with similar reasoning. “The enrollment bonus offers are
updated regularly and they are launched with specific terms and conditions. Hence, regretfully, we are unable tomatch the new offer for 90,000 bonus points, you

Jay P

I think it would be helpful to have the word “Ink” in the headline

Jay P

Is it unfixable?
Didn’t notice the other commenter.


I think the Blue Bank may have a problem with some of these mentions, at least according to what I gather from MonkeyMiles and

Jay P

Ahhhhh got it


Nick .
1. I only have one rental property-
am I still considered a Business as a Landlord?

I do not see a referral link on my husband’s cc acct for 40k pts.
It is 20 K pts.

GoBucketYourself Chris

Yep, if you offer a product or service that generates business income then you’re a business. Congrats 🙂

Alex Z.

Would be nice to mention bank and card in the title )


Will wait a few days to see if the referral offer gets bumped to 90k. Otherwise, SMing worked for me in the spring for the extra 15k pts, so will do that again.