(EXPIRED) Aegean offering free 1K miles for some members (maybe 2K for new members!)

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Aegean Miles & Bonus sent an email yesterday advising members of the chance to claim a free gift. When my wife and I logged in to our accounts last night, the claim box indicated that the free gift offer would only be valid for 1 day. At least one member of our Frequent Miler Insiders group commented about the promo this morning saying that his said it would be valid for 2 days, and another member just commented a little while ago to say that they created a brand new account just now nabbing 1,000 miles for signing up and immediately claiming the 1,000 mile gift for a total of 2K miles for a brand new account –  so I’m posting this in case some readers still have the chance to pick up easy and free miles. Many readers may have picked up 5K miles for nothing a few months ago, so this tosses some more on the pile.

a blue gift box with white text

The Deal

  • Aegean Miles & Bonus is offering 1,000 free miles for many members when you log in to your account and claim the free gift (you may have received an email with the subject line: “Get your gift from your Miles+Bonus account!”)
  • Direct link to this promotion

Key Terms

  • When I clicked through to claim my gift, I had to go to My Account page and find the box as seen in screen shot below. It said the free gift was valid for 1 day only.

Quick Thoughts

This is an easy 1,000 miles for those eligible. There’s no indication as to who is eligible apart from those who have received the email. Both my wife and I received the email and 1,000 free miles. She had created her account for the free 5,000 mile offer last year and my account was years old.

When I followed the link in the email, it prompted me to log in and then advertised a bunch of the enhancements to the program’s new web design. I had to click “My Miles+Bonus account” in the top right, which brought me to the My Account page seen here. I had to scroll down a little and look to the right to see the bonus gift box shown above. It was less intuitive than I expected.

a screenshot of a account

As you can see, I only have 2,000 Aegean miles (1,000 from a flight years ago and 1,000 from this promotion). My wife is now at 6,000 miles. For ideas as to why this could be useful, see the post about the (now expired) promotion from last year that awarded 5K miles for free.

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P1 + P2 + P3 + P4 all had 1000 miles expiring in 3 days. I created all 4 accounts for the 5k promo a few months ago. Thanks!

Teresa Henning

I know I am not traveling now. I got the miles and donated them. They have three different charities you can choose from.


Worked for me…thanks! I’m a new user. Got 1000 for signing up and another 1000 for the bonus.

[…] Aegean Airlines gave me 1000 free miles I almost didn’t open the email I received on Monday. On Tuesday when I logged in the site said the gift would be available for just 2 days. Points credited instantly. […]

Billy E.

Got it! Thanks for this!