(EXPIRED) Free miles: 5K Aegean miles with registration

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Aegean Miles & Bonus is offering 5,000 free miles just by registering for their loyalty program. Aegean is a Star Alliance carrier with a generous longevity on their points, so it is well worth signing up for this (and getting the rest of your family to do the same with an eye toward pooling the miles down the road).

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The Deal

  • Aegean Miles & Bonus is offering 5,000 free miles for new members who register by December 1, 2020 (note that the terms below have a typo and say that you have to register between November 20th, 2020 and December 1st, 2019 – since you obviously can’t go back in time and since my wife was able to register as shown below, this is clearly just a typo in the terms)
  • Direct link to registration

Key Terms

  • The offer is valid for new Miles+Bonus registrations or Basic account upgrades that will take place from 20.11.2020 (12:00am, Greece time) up until 01.12.2019 (23:59, Greece time) through aegeanair.com and the Aegean app.
  • The 5,000 miles refer only to award miles.
  • Upon registration completion, the member gets 1,000 tier miles.
  • The extra award miles will be automatically credited to the Miles+Bonus account upon completion of the Miles+Bonus registration.

Quick Thoughts

I took an Aegean flight or two a couple of years ago on a trip to Greece, so unfortunately I already have a Miles & Bonus account (Gary Leff at View from the Wing notes that despite program terms, miles don’t seem to expire for anyone. This appears true as I have a thousand miles collecting dust).

However, my wife didn’t have an Aegean Miles & Bonus account. She signed up this morning and true to terms received 5,000 miles immediately upon completing registration.

a screenshot of a credit cardWhile those 5,000 miles won’t exactly take you places, there are several reasons why you want to do this right now.

First, Aegean has a pretty reasonable award chart. If you do accrue some Aegean miles, business class to Europe is 55K one way and there are other advantageous award chart sweet spots. On the other end of the spectrum, flights within North America are the standard 25K round trip in economy class.

However, a key thing to note is that Aegean Silver status is pretty easy to attain. View from the Wing notes that you need to either fly Aegean twice and earn 12,000 tier miles or earn 24,000 tier miles within 12 months in order to achieve that level of status. The reason this may interest you is that I believe that when you have Silver status or higher, you can pool points with up to 5 family members. See this page on the Aegean website. I had first read about the Aegean Together account via Running With Miles. In other words, if you get 5 family members to sign up for this and you’re able to pull together 24,000 tier miles within 12 months at some point in the future, you could pick up 25K miles from those family members. That’s enough for a round trip economy class ticket within the United states. Together with the 5K you earn for signing up now you would alternatively have enough for a one-way economy class flight to Central or South America. That’s not a bad deal at all. Note that this is all theoretical as I haven’t actually done it, but it looks possible.

Alternatively, if you are not intrigued by the family pooling angle and/or can’t imagine ever crediting enough flights to Aegean to get Silver status, another option for using these points is converting them to Accor Live Limitless. Every 2,000 Aegean miles converts to 500 ALL points, so you’d only pick up 1,000 ALL points with your free miles. Still, as they have a fixed value, I think you’d be getting about $22 worth of points — not a bad deal for free.

I have a voucher to eventually use on United flights and could envision a world in which I’d use that on flights credited to Aegean, particularly if I saw an opportunity to grab a free round trip economy class ticket. Alternatively, while Aegean doesn’t currently offer a status match program, I’ll keep an eye out in case they ever do. It looks like you must have been born no later than 2018 to create an account, so my first son will also become an Aegean member today but my newborn son will miss out on this promotion unfortunately.

Overall, this is a nice little opportunity to pick up easy bonus miles without flying.

H/T: You Have Been Upgraded

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[…] Free miles: 5K Aegean miles with registration (Expires 12/1/20) […]


When I joined, I got 5k miles immediately but when my wife joined she only got 1000 – very weird. I wonder if the other 4k of her bonus will post later? , has this happened to anyone else that you know of? Thanks!


Same for me and my family members…only 1,000 posted to each of our accounts. 🙁


Thanks for this DP, Evan. That’s so odd – I wonder why we got short-changed.


I Emailed Aegean and their response was to wait for 20 days as that is their “time limit” for missing points.


Is it possible to convert to an ALL account of a different ownership?

[…] Free miles: 5K Aegean miles with registration […]


Aeroplan and AA advantage often have great specials on their own metal to Athens but terrible redemptions to go all the way to Santorini. For 5k Aegean miles you can get from ATH to JTR. I assume it would work for other Greek islands.


Great post , thanks! Looks like Aegean allows points transfers at a fixed rate of 15€ (currently $17.78 US) up to 50k miles. For 5 k miles that’s ~0.35 cpm (please check my math). As a family of 5 we can cobble together a RT award like you describe relatively cheaply…Or for nothing if using a Card’s airline travel credit


I’m not sure…I read it as the price per transaction in 1000 increments up to 50k per transaction. I searched for other references to clarify, here is one from Lucky that seems to be more in line w this interpretation


After signing up I will let you know what happens


Ok, can confirm 15€ per transaction for the 5k miles


Correct. Was pleasantly surprised to find that it’s a fixed 15€ regardless of amount, unlike most programs.


Could these miles be transferred to another Star Alliance partner?