Amex Gold 60K & Green 50K offers via referrals


A couple of weeks ago Nick wrote about some great welcome offers available on some American Express credit and charge cards. See: Awesome new targeted Amex credit card offers.

Since then, they’ve improved the offers on some of the cards even further, with some of them being the highest we remember seeing.

The most notable is the American Express Green card as that’s available with a bonus of 50,000 Membership Rewards when spending $2,000 in the first six months. That’s a great offer, especially seeing as Amex improved the card somewhat recently by offering 3x earning on dining, transit and travel, as well as introducing a $10 monthly cellphone credit through the end of the year.

Amex Referral Offer 3

As noted in Nick’s previous post, you can also get 60,000 Membership Rewards on the Amex Gold card when spending $4,000 in your first six months of card membership. You might also see an alternative offer for 35,000 Membership Rewards plus a $250 statement credit, although that version isn’t as good if you value Membership Rewards greater than 1cpp.

a screenshot of a credit card

It’s not only Membership Rewards-earning cards that have increased bonuses. The Cash Magnet card is offering up to $300 back, but note that the bonus comes in two parts. You earn 10% cashback at US supermarkets in your first six months with a limit of $150 cashback (i.e. $1,500 of spend), with the other $150 being awarded after spending $1,000 in your first six months. If you completed the $1,500 of spending at supermarkets in your first six months, that would automatically qualify you for both sets of $150.

Amex Referral Offer 4

As you can see in the above image, the Blue Cash Preferred card is also offering $300 back as a statement credit. Nick was seeing an offer that high a couple of weeks ago, but this new version of the offer is better for a couple of reasons.

First of all, the $95 annual fee is waived in the first year, so you get the full benefit of the $300. Secondly, you get six months in which to meet the minimum spend versus the three months that was offered previously.

Increased Bonuses For Referrer Too

If you’re in two player mode, being able to take advantage of referral links might be even better right now. That’s because some cardholders are being targeted with increased bonuses when referring other cardholders. For example, I’m currently able to receive 25,000 Membership Rewards when creating referral links from my Amex Gold card.

Note that the person you’re referring doesn’t have to actually apply for the card you generated the referral link from. I could therefore generate a referral link from my Amex Gold card and give it to my wife. When using that link, she’d end up on a landing page for the Amex Gold card. She could then click the dropdown saying ‘View all Cards with a Referral Offer’ and then ‘All Personal Cards’ where she could select from any of these increased offers such as the 50,000 Membership Rewards bonus on the Amex Green card.

It’s also worth checking out Greg’s post from this morning where he explained how to get targeted for the best Amex welcome bonuses, particularly the section about how a browser window might affect the offer you’re seeing. That might help if you see an offer like the 35,000 Membership Rewards + $250 statement credit for the Amex Gold card but want the 60,000 Membership Rewards version.

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Captain Greg

So which deal are we less likely to see again? The 60k gold or the 50k green?

[…] Amex Gold 60K & Green 50K offers via referrals […]


I noticed last month I was able to refer for 30k but now it’s down to 25k. I still have the old link and it works tho. Amex seems to be changing the referral bonus often.


I have the old link too, could you confirm that the old link does follow the 30k bonus?


I haven’t had any one use my referral link yet, but don’t see why it wouldn’t work. I’ve had old referral links that give me an error message when they’re too old.


Sounds promising! I haven’t been a big referrer so I don’t really know how these things work.


was the 30K with no annual fee like the 25k?