Awesome new targeted Amex credit card offers


While updating links on our Best Credit Card Offers page today, I stumbled on a number of awesome targeted offers. They didn’t show up every time I clicked our links, but the offers rather seemed to rotate as I checked and rechecked links. At least in one case, I saw multiple different offers for the same card. Below are screen shots of offers I saw — but keep in mind that you may not get the same targeted offers. Sometimes it just appears to be luck of the draw and other times it is a matter of persistence. Offers below are sorted by category. Again, there are no links here in this post as these are offers I saw when clicking through from our Best Offers page links that indicate they were targeted (even though I wasn’t logged in).

Membership Rewards Cards

Amex Green Card

Offer details:

  • 45K Membership Rewards points after $2K spend in 3 months

Amex Gold Card: 2 offers

Offer details (two different offers):

  1. 35K points after $4K spend in the first six months plus 10% back on purchases (up to $250) for the first six months
  2. 60K points after $4K spend in the first 3 months

Note: If you value Membership Rewards points at greater than $0.01 each, the 60K offer is the better offer.

Amex Delta Cards

Note: With Delta rolling over all MQMs earned this year, the Platinum and Reserve offers look particularly good given the large chunk of redeemable miles included.

Delta Gold

Offer details:

  • 50K miles after $1K in purchases in the first 3 months

Delta Platinum

Offer details:

  • 70K miles + 5K MQMs after $2K in purchases in the first 3 months

Delta Reserve

Offer details:

  • 70K miles + 10K MQMs after $5K spend in the first 3 months

Amex Hilton Cards

Hilton Honors Card

As you can see above, this offer was good for:

  • 100,000 Hilton Honors points after spending $1,000 on the card in the first 3 months

Amex Hilton Honors Surpass Card

Offer details: 150K points after $3K spend in the first 3 months

Amex Cash Back cards

Cash Magnet

Offer details: $150 cash back after $1K spend in the first 3 months

Blue Cash Everyday

Offer details: 20% back on Amazon up to $200 back in the first six monthsplus $100 back after $1K spend in the first six months

Blue Cash Preferred

Offer details: $250 back after $1K spend in the first 3 months

Bottom line

Some of these offers looked pretty good to me. While there are often various targeted offers available, I found many of the targeted offers above came around several times as I checked our links from various browsers and devices to be sure they worked properly. Each of the offers above could be very strong — whether any of them appeal to you really depends on your circumstances and what you’re looking for.

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[…] A couple of weeks ago Nick wrote about some great welcome offers available on some American Express credit and charge cards. See: Awesome new targeted Amex credit card offers. […]


Confirmed that you prob wont see these offer when signed in, but they will show up in Incognito.

  • Platinum 70k
  • Gold 60k
  • Green 45k
  • Hilton 100k
  • Hilton Surpass & Aspire 150k
  • Delta Platinum & Reserve 70k
James R

Don’t call them “Amex credit card offers” as it’s confusing with Amex Offers. Maybe use the word “signup” before offers. Or call them what they actually are, “signup bonuses”.

Greg The Frequent Miler

That’s a good suggestion. Maybe we’ll do “welcome offers” or “new cardmember offers”.


Oh indeed. While very interesting content, I too found myself too hurriedly scrolling through the post hoping to find “amex offers” for my current amex cards… (always great to highlight and/or remind us of them too, in separate post)


I’m seeing via referral in incognito mode: Blue Cash Preferred offer of $300 after $3,000 spend in 6 months. No annual fee first year. Just applied and was approved using 30,000 MR referral from my wife’s gold card.