New Amex Offer – $20 Off $20 at – Act Fast


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American Express has released a brand new offer that is giving a $20 statement credit with a $20 or more purchase at The best part is that this offer seems to be open to all accounts.

I was able to find it listed in the “Amex Offers For You” section of the American Express website and you can also load the offer via Twitter with the hashtag #AmexSamsClub.

Remember Amex Offers are limited in quantity and promotions like this one generally don’t last very long. I would suggest registering your cards for this offer as soon as possible.

Key Terms

“Get a one-time $20 statement credit by using your connected Card to spend a total of $20 or more online at by 9/30/2015.” You can find the full terms on the offer page. offers a wide variety of merchandise in addition to Sam’s Club gift cards. They also sell hundreds of different merchant gift cards at a discount and Vanilla branded Visa and Mastercard gift cards. You may also be able to earn cashback by going through a portal, although gift cards may be excluded.

For more information see: The complete guide to Amex Offers

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[…] New Amex Offer – $20 Off $20 at – Act Fast – Registration has closed. Use the offer through 9/30/15. […]

[…] New Amex Offer – $20 Off $20 at – Act Fast – Registration has closed. Use the offer through 9/30/15. […]

[…] New Amex Offer – $20 Off $20 at – Act Fast – Registration has closed. Use the offer through 9/30/15. […]

[…] New Amex Offer – $20 Off $20 at – Act Fast – Registration has closed. Use the offer through 9/30/15. […]

[…] New Amex Offer – $20 Off $20 at – Act Fast – Registration has closed. Use the offer through 9/30/15. […]

[…] New Amex Offer – $20 Off $20 at – Act Fast – Registration has closed. Use the offer through 9/30/15. […]

[…] New Amex Offer – $20 Off $20 at – Act Fast – Registration has closed. Use the offer through 9/30/15. […]

[…] covered the Sam’s Club Amex Offer & the Smart & Final Amex Offer in their own Quick Deals. This is just a reminder that they […]

[…] Sam’s Club $20 off $20 (one-time for this challenge) […]

Feeling lucky

And how about getting an amex gift card

[…] New Amex Offer – $20 Off $20 at – Act Fast […]

[…] Good morning everyone, sorry for being MIA (missing in action) the last few days, my cousin / roommate got married yesterday, so this week has been very busy helping out and picking up relatives from the airport.  I am severely “backblogged” at the moment, but here is a quick reminder in regards to AMEX Offers.  As you probably know, American Express has been quite generous lately with their AMEX Offers (see Smart & Final and […]


Thanks for the updates! I’ve been waiting to make a purchase until I hear back. If anyone has success, would love to see your posts here. Thanks!!


My pending charge for a $20 Sam’s Club GC has now changed to “”. No email, but I’m more confident the credit will post.


Ditto on my pending purchase as well. No email but this seems like a step in the right direction to getting the credit.


Any update?


Still waiting for mine to post, too. This transaction is taking longer to post than most…


DoC is reporting that it’s now working once the transaction posts. And people are getting the $20 Amex email already too, AND it works on GCs 🙂


Read the reviews of the Sam’s GC online as it seems the GC needs to activated (and it sounds like a painful process to many reviewers). No personal experience yet.


I bought 2 gift cards using 2 Amex cards and both of them posted as online photo purchases. I was luckily able to sign up for a temporary 24hour free Sams Club membership since I do not shop there. I called Amex and Sams Club and also sent an email to Sams Club. This feels like a bait and switch. It’s very annoying.




Thanks for the post! Syncing all my 20 cards! The only card that didn’t show the offer was my AMEX Costco card. I wonder why…

All my gift card purchases have coded as Online Photo as well. I just spoke with AMEX, and they said to wait until the transaction clears and then check it. Samsclub may be playing games or this may just be a glitch, but there is definitely nothing excluding gift card purchases in the terms of the offer. And the Sams generic gift cards are categorized on their website as Sam’s Club > Seasonal & Occasions > Mother’s Day > Mother’s Day Wow Gifts.


Purchased a Sam’s Club membership on one registered card and a $20 Sam’s Club gift card on another. Both are showing up as online photo, and neither triggered the offer used emails:(


I ordered a chair, and the offer was not triggered! I hope they fix this soon and we all get credited!


Got an Ulta gift card and the offer was not triggered.

James from BNA

Chic-fil-a GC did not work. 🙁

Has anyone successfully made a purchase and triggered the offer?


Just loaded 7 using the FM multiple screen technique…….would love to hear how anyone is getting the rebate to work…….


I bought a $20 gift card ($22 total for non-member) and AmEx did code it as Sam’s Club Online Photo, which is not allowed in the offer. I also did not get the confirmation email. If anyone has success in buying an online gift card of any type and it coding correctly, please pass it on. SUCH a great deal — I really hope to maximize it.




purchased starbucks giftcard was billed as online photo


does this offer to Serve and Bluebird?

Anne Tieu

Offer not listed under my Serve but I guess you can always use the Twitter way!




I added this to a total of 16 cards!! I’m thinking buy a bunch of $20 Sam’s club gift cards, if they’ll code correctly, then buy more expensive items with the gift cards. You can use up to 4 gift cards on one order but it seems like only one credit card.


American Express – Spend $20+, Get $20 Back
Valid only at Not valid in Club. Offer not valid on pickup program orders paid for in Club. See terms for additional exclusions. Offer expires 9/30. Tweet #AmexSamsClub to get started!

Mark R.

Online only – too bad in does not include using in the store.


@ Chris. Samsclubs website takes amex.

Chuck Sithe


Chris L

Is this a joke? Sam’s Club doesn’t take Amex


Thanks thanks thanks, makes me less mad about the weirdo (trying to use it) smart and final deal. That photo purchase above is strange (poster SP above). I buy Taco Cabana gift cards often from, I will look up how those post and report back.


Holy Heck – I have five cards and not one received the offer. Everybody hates me.




Also tried purchasing toilet paper to be delivered and came through as Sams Club Photo.




Be careful!!!

Tried purchasing a $100.00 Vanilla Visa but the order posted as online photo purchase, which is excluded from this AMEX offer. Did not receive the confirmation e-mail and got nervous so I cancelled the order right away as did not want to take any chances.

Anyone else have success purchasing any type of GC?


best way to use this ? especially for non-members ? way to buy giftcards ?


Thanks for the heads up! Enrolled all 3 of my amex cards.