$20 Off $20 at Amazon.com with Amex Offers (Targeted)


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American Express is offering a $20 statement credit with a $20 or more purchase at Amazon.com to targeted cardholders. This promotion cannot be linked via social media and is only available to be loaded to cards via the American Express website.

This Amex Offer appears to be highly targeted and many people I know did not receive it on any of their accounts. If you do get the offer, it can be used to purchase Amazon gift cards, which can be loaded to your account for later use.

Key Terms

Offer valid only for purchases made directly at Amazon.com or smile.amazon.com. Purchases made through other merchants or third party sites using “Checkout by Amazon” or other Amazon payment methods do not qualify for this offer. Not valid at international or non-English versions of Amazon.com or websites affiliated with/linked to from Amazon.com. Also excludes Corporate gift cards, Amazon Fresh, Amazon Local, Amazon Home Services, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Amazon Web Services, Amazon Supply, Amazon Local Register, Amazon Coins, Kindle Direct Publishing, Go-Go and Amazon Payments. Must add offer to Card and use same Card for one or more transactions in order to redeem. In order to receive your statement credit, all qualifying purchases must ship on or before 6/6/15.

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[…] $20 Off $20 at Amazon.com with Amex Offers (Targeted) […]


Anyone know if you can just buy a $20 Amazon Gift Card?… I don’t really have anything I need right at this moment, but I also don’t want to forget about it.


Yes, you can buy a $20 Amazon gift card. I bought one and got the $20 credit.

[…] $20 Off $20 at Amazon.com with Amex Offers (Targeted) […]


0 out of 17. It would be interesting if somebody who got the offer could characterize their use of the card–do you use it regularly at Amazon? Is it saved at Amazon as a method of payment? Did you ever use it at Amazon? Do you use the card at all or is it in a drawer or what?


2/3. One card was used just for the opening bonus a year or so ago. The other card was used mostly for that, and then a flurry of activity a few months ago. Both cards have been used also sporadically for similar type deals. Both cards are about the same age as each other.


Greg, You rock as always!!!! Big thanks! we’ve got 4 of 15.


0 out of 14 🙁


One so far on Hilton surpass…cant check all accounts now (bad time). I was just lamenting the loss of OfferBot…when I got the Frequent Miler email! Thanks:)


This really worked for me today! I had planned to buy a bike this morning, but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. Saw the email, looked at my Amex accounts and…voila. There it is on my SPG!!! Thanks for saving me $20!!!


It shows up on my old Amex Blue Cash everyday. I used two browsers to “save offer” for my account and my authorized user. Thanks for the heads up!!


13 accounts, not one has this offer.