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Amex has a couple of new offers out this morning for and Note that both of these expires on July 31, 2017. You’ll only have about two weeks to use these offers, but they should be pretty easy to maximize.

The Deals Spend $50, get $10 back Spend $125, get $25 back

Bottom Line

As and sell such a wide assortment of goods, it will surely be pretty easy to find something you need at either retailer and realize a nice little discount. In addition to many regular products, has a wide range of third-party gift cards. If you can’t find anything else that interests you at at Walmart, you could always buy one of these. One way or another, make sure to sync this offer before its gone.

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I bought a Walmart $50 gift card from and received an email. I couldn’t find in my list but I think it was there before. Rats!

BTW, I also bought a gift card from but don’t think that qualified for the deal.


Tried a Visa GC at Walmart and I got the AmEx e-mail.


Question did you get the order? Did it work?

larry frabitore

No walmart or jet…but I always have my sherries berries


On all of my cards. Was hoping to buy Disney gift cards, but they don’t have them online. Anyone know if they are in the store?


I believe so but can you use a walmart gift card to buy a third party gift card?

Mona C

Can we only place one gift card order per day from ??
I placed an order for a $50 walmart physical gc. Went through.
Then another one for a $50 walmart e-gc – got cancelled.
So I placed an order for a $50 itunes e-gc – got cancelled too.


Just purchased third party gift cards for the offer and did NOT receive the AMEX offer email afterwards… a little worrisome. The walmart email was received immediately after using that offer.


Jet doesnt charge your card till the order is shipped


I see the $125 hold/pending charge on my card though, it seems like for all other retailers this is enough to trigger the offer… Are you saying that the initial $125 hold from Jet is different from the hold/pending charge that we see from other retailers, such as, which owns them?

Kimberly Knur

Jet is gone for my offers already. I guess I was too slow.