ANA lounges at Tokyo Narita & Haneda added to Priority Pass


Priority Pass has added ANA lounge options at Tokyo’s Narita and Haneda airports. While we don’t know when tourists will be welcomed back into Japan, this is a nice addition for Priority Pass in Tokyo.

There are some Priority Pass lounges in Tokyo, but when I had a layover at Narita airport during the 40K to Far Away challenge, the lounge I was stuck using was dark and dreary and had no food — the only refreshments were coffee and soda. It was bare-bones.

This is literally the nicest picture I have of the IASS Executive Lounge Priority Pass lounge I visited at Narita airport.

By contrast, I flew ANA through Haneda and utilized their business class lounge a couple of years ago. While not the fanciest lounge ever, it is certainly a remarkable improvement over the other priority pass lounge above. ANA has plenty of food and drink options and a lot of space to spread out. They also have an excellent excellent security team.

“You can go about your business”

Overall, this change is likely to have minimal impact for most readers but these will be welcome additions for those traveling through Tokyo.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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Tokyo Haneda Intl, Terminal 3.

Last edited 1 month ago by AlexL

Actually, ANA in Haneda refused the priority pass and said that they are not accepting it. This is November 2022. Maybe the article should be updated. They refused even though it was during the hours that Priority Pass said that ANA would accept it. Very disappointing!


Real-time report: I have priority pass. On my way to BKK on Ana through Haneda. I specifically chose a 3 hour layover to rest at the ANA lounge. Upon arrival, they said they are only accepting first, business class, and eco premium into the lounge. Priority Pass will have to wait after everyone else enters and if there is room they will let us in. Well there was no room after waiting an hour to enter. Very disappointed!!! They really should change this policy or priority pass should pick another lounge at Haneda.

Ryan del Mundo

Thank god! A Priority Pass lounge in Haneda, finally!

Last time through there, I vowed to never return as there was no lounge at all, which is unheard of for a major international airport in Asia with Priority Pass.

ANA seems like a step up as well from some of the crappy lounges they have in Asia (Manila comes to mind). Seems sometimes the only mileage ticket I can get involves a NRT-to-Haneda dance, which isn’t that bad (sadly, last I checked they the NRT/HND flights still show up, and its not permitted to leave the transit per their COVID rules, wonder what happens if you actually book it and they won’t let you out of NRT).

Billy Bob

Good. Needed something at Haneda. Now when Japan opens up to tourism in a few years maybe I can see it.


The ANA lounge at NRT is a quite nice business class lounge and a welcome addition to Priority Pass. On the down side, the same lounge is also the first class lounge and is pretty meh for a quality Asian airline to offer to first class customers.


ANA lounge at Narita, is way better than any United, Delta and AA clubs in US. Admissions desk staff stands up to greet customers, or to say bye… Great view if tarmac, noodles of various types delivered to your seat, beer and wine (great local brands), hard liquors, massage chairs, showers….