Anita’s Kitchen Detroit Airport (DTW): Priority Pass Restaurant Review


Detroit Airport’s Evan’s Terminal (the DTW terminal you fly from when not flying Delta) hosts a Priority Pass restaurant: Anita’s Kitchen Lebanese Cafe.  Note that you need the right kind of Priority Pass to get a free meal at Anita’s Kitchen.  If your Priority Pass comes from Amex or from Capital One Venture X, you’re out of luck.

Anita’s Kitchen Bottom Line Review

We visited Anita’s Kitchen for lunch on a Friday at noon.  The restaurant was nearly empty.  The food was fine, at best.  Service was great (which is not too surprising given that there were so few other customers).  My Priority Pass fully paid the bill for myself and my wife, but tip was not included and so we paid that separately.  We didn’t have cash, so the server charged a penny on my credit card so that I could leave a tip on the credit card receipt.  While the food isn’t great, it’s certainly good enough when eating for free, and better than what tends to be available in the Lufthansa Priority Pass lounge in the same terminal.

  • Which Priority Pass Works? We used the Priority Pass that comes with my Ritz-Carlton card, but really any version of Priority Pass would work except for those listed in the next bullet.
  • Which Priority Pass Doesn’t Work? If your Priority Pass is from an American Express card or the Capital One Venture X card, then you cannot use that version of Priority Pass to eat for free in Priority Pass restaurants.  The Venture X Business card does not have this limitation.
  • Priority Pass QR Code Only: At Anita’s Kitchen, I was having trouble logging into my Priority Pass app, so I started to get out my physical Priority Pass card when I was told that it wouldn’t work.  They can only scan the QR code (which shows up in the app).  I eventually logged in successfully and then found that I could add Priority Pass to my Apple Wallet for easier access in the future.  I used the Apple Wallet pass to pay.
  • $28 Per Person:  Priority Pass will cover up to $28 per person and so the two of us had a combined budget of $56 (we spent less than $30)
Anita’s Kitchen is located near gate D24 in Detroit’s Evans Terminal.
We were fortunate to be there when only a few other customers were present.  In the original photo two people were in the foreground, but thanks to Google Photo’s Magic Eraser, they’re gone.

My gyro was OK. My side salad was very good.  My wife ordered the stuffed grape leaves which were “adequate.”
Priority Pass completely paid for the meal, but we paid tip separately.
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