Another Sad Rent Day: 5-10x bonus points through Bilt Dining on June 1st


Bilt has announced the details for its monthly Rent Day promotion coming up on 6/1/24. The company recently expanded its Neighborhood Dining program to include more than 20,000 restaurants and so are doing a promotion to “celebrate.” Unfortunately, it’s not much to get excited about.

On June 1st only, Bilt will be offering increased points when using a card linked to your Bilt account at one of its Neighborhood Dining locations: Blue and Silver members will get 5X points while Gold and Platinum members will earn 10X. If you have the Bilt Mastercard and use it to pay, those 5-10x bonus points will stack with the usual 6X Rent Day earnings, for a total of 16X points on dining…for one day only and only at locations that participate in Bilt Dining.

Increased earnings will only apply to a maximum of $500 of dining spend. So, Blue and Silver members are limited to a total of 2,500 additional points (provided you spend $500 on dining at a Neighborhood Dining location), while Gold and Platinum members max out at 5,000 bonus points.

If one of the locations works for you, either for dinner on the first or for a gift card purchase from the front desk, the extra points are great. But for many people, including me, it’s closer to, “meh.”

Bilt Rent Day

The Deal

  • On June 1st only, Bilt will be offering members increased points when using a card linked to their Bilt account at any Neighborhood Dining location:
    • Blue and Silver members will earn 5X points per dollar spent
    • Gold and Platinum members will earn 10X points per dollar spent
    • Valid for purchases made on 6/1/24 only, up to a total of $500 total dining spend.

Direct Link to Deal

Other Rent Day Deals

  • Bilt Spending Offer
    • Earn double points on the Bilt Mastercard (up to 10,000 bonus points) on 6/1/24:
      • Dining – 6x points (normally 3x)
      • Travel – 4x points (normally 2x)
      • All other spend excluding rent – 2x points (normally 1x)
  • Point Quest Trivia
    • You can earn extra Bilt Points by answering trivia on “Point Quest” in the Bilt app on June 1st. Answer 5 questions, and you win up to 150 Bilt Points. Answer all 5 questions correctly and you’ll get access to a bonus question for another 100 Bilt Points to win a total of 250 Bilt Points.
  • “Rent Free” Game Show
    • On the Rent Day tab in the app, members can guess the top three answers to questions that were asked to 1,000 Bilt members
    • The top 10 scoring players will be June’s rent winners, and the next top scoring 600 Members will get extra Bilt Point
  • Monthly Rent Giveaway
    • Enter for a chance to have next month’s rent paid for. For your chance to win, submit your name, home address and e-mail address to
    • Winner will be notified via Instagram
  • SoulCycle and Rent Sweepstakes
    • Bilt members can take a free class at SoulCycle locations nationwide on June 1st. Each class has up to ten free spots for Bilt members. Free classes are offered on a first-come, first-served basis and can booked in the app starting May 30th.

Quick Thoughts

This month’s Rent Day continues a string of lackluster offerings that pale in comparison to the massive airline program transfer bonuses Bilt ran earlier this year. The fact that it’s limited to Bilt Dining locations AND $500 of spending creates a low ceiling for the potential upside.

If you already had plans to go out this Saturday, then earning 5-16x on dinner will be much better than a kick in the pants…maybe even worth moving a date from Friday to Saturday.

That said, I’m a lowly Bilt Blue member and don’t have the Mastercard, so the extra 5x earnings won’t be enough to make me think about this promo much longer than it takes me to finish writing this post.

Hopefully, there are better Rent Days ahead.

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Not worth it

I was sick/working and completely missed the feb1st aeroplan rent day, and i regret it to this day. was last chance to get value of my humble stack of bilt points i guess.


Bilt is dead to me


Does this dining bonus count as part of the monthly 10k bonus? If I spend $500 which earns 3000 at 6x, does that mean I only have 7000 bonus left for my 2x on other spend?


The whole Bilt ecosystem was basically meh in the first place. A vast majority of people in this game are not rent payers. No SUB’s, and gimmicky point earning.

The point earning is meh on other categories and Bilt dining is basically the same as all the other Reward Network participants.

Replacing AA with AS as a partner is a net loss since AS began devaluing.

The way that Bilt was pushed by bloggers made me think that some of them (present company basically excluded) had some equity stake in the company. Let’s face it, the Bilt founders/VC guys pushed a bunch of loss leader promos upfront and are hoping to get bought out by one of the big guys or a PE firm. They are not in this for the long haul.


LOL spot on


Luckily I get most/all of my Bilt points from paying rent with the card. These type of promos are just gravy. But this one is a ‘meh’ burger.


Don’t expect anything in July. But, if August is a no-go, it would be a signal to me that there will either be an annual transfer bonus or none at all going forward.

It was a great ride while it lasted. Thank you Bilt.


When I speculatively transferred a little over half of my Bilt points to Aeroplan for the Feb Rent Day bonus, I was worried that the future promos would make me regret it. But so far the only thing I’m regretting is not having transferred my whole balance back then!


Living outside of a major metro area, a lot of these deals are useless. Neighborhood dining, soul cycle etc. Closest dining location to me is NYC or Boston and both are 3 hours away.


Bilt is more and more meh every month. They attracted a lot of business with some flashy promos early on .


As we feared, it may be the days of exciting Rent Day promotions may never be coming back. After this string of lackluster Rent Days I’ve already decided to move my everyday 1x spend to my Venture X which at least gives me 2 points/$. I’ll keep doing Bilt for restaurants because why not, but this looks like a harbinger of things to come. They must have blown so much money on those huge transfer bonuses they are out of promotional budget now.


The whole thing was basically designed by Bilt to provide an “exceptional limited time opportunity” that all of the bloggers could shill to their sheep and have multiple posts on in order to persuade people to sign up and get them their commissions all for doing nothing other than constantly promoting “amazing opportunities”.


not much discussion on the recent changes to the Bilt Dining locations. As a NYC resident I really liked earning 5x at the previous list of mostly quality restaurants (admittedly of limited value to people not living in big cities they had on the network)- now they just swapped for the restaurants offered by Cartera (aa/united/delta dining portals) that seem to cap out at 3x.


It isn’t really a swap. They added the other network, but you can keep those shut off if you are using them for Rakuten or AA dining. But moving everything to 3x is a bummer, as a couple of my favorites were listing at 8x. I do try to stack with seated when I can.