(EXPIRED) Australia to Honolulu from $216 round trip

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We don’t often cover airfare sales that originate outside of the United States, but this one could be paired with our recent Turkish Miles & Smiles sweet spot post to create a couple of really cheap trips to Australia — you could even pair a 2019 trip to Honolulu and Sydney with a 2020 trip to Honolulu and Sydney on the cheap. If you don’t mind flying in economy class and taking a stopover in Hawaii on the way to and from Down Under, you can piece together a lot of travel for not a lot of money or miles.

a beach with buildings and a body of water
Stunning Beaches Dot the Peninsula East of Sydney

The Deal

  • Jetstar is offering really cheap flights from Melbourne or Sydney to Honolulu from $216 round trip (which includes flights with really wide date ranges, which might be useful)
  • Direct link to Google Flights to play with dates (note that the example dates are only for a 1-week trip, but you can spread it out over months as shown below)

Quick Thoughts

Again, this is a niche deal, but it seemed too interesting not to share.

We recently wrote about how you can fly from anywhere in the US to Hawaii in economy class for just 7,500 Turkish Miles & Smiles miles each way or 12,500 miles each way in business class. Since Turkish Airlines is a 1:1 Citi transfer partner, it’s pretty easy to put together the miles for a round trip from the continental US to Hawaii.

On many fall dates, you could get from Honolulu to Sydney for less than $150 (as low as $118 some days!).

a screenshot of a calendarLet’s say you flew to Sydney on September 4th for $118. You could spend a week in Sydney, then book a round trip back to Honolulu, with your Sydney-to-Honolulu flight on September 10th and returning to Australia in February 2020 for $219 total.

a screenshot of a flight schedule
Yea, that’s the round trip price for about 20 hours of flying. Spend Valentine’s Day in Sydney enjoying some sunshine.

You could then fly back to Honolulu for $134 at your leisure.

a screenshot of a calendar

All in, you could fly from the mainland to Hawaii twice and go to Australia twice (once in September and once in February) for a grand total of 30K miles and $471. Here’s what that could look like:

  • Fly mainland US to Honolulu on September 1st (7500 miles in economy class + $5.60)
  • Fly Honolulu to Sydney on September 4th ($118)
  • Fly Sydney to Honolulu on September 10th (“outbound” of a $219 round trip)
  • Fly back to the mainland of the US on September 12th (7500 miles in economy class +$5.60)
  • Fly back to Honolulu on February 9th (7500 miles + $5.60)
  • Fly back to Sydney on February 11th (“return” of a $219 round trip)
  • Fly back to Honolulu on February 18th ($134)
  • Fly back to the mainland US on February 20th (7500 miles + $5.60)

Totals: 30K miles + $493.40 = two trips to Honolulu and two trips to Australia. That’s a pretty awesome deal.

Of course, you could also fly round trip between Melbourne and Honolulu for a few bucks less. Flights within Australia can be pretty cheap (at least within Eastern Australia). The possibilities are endless.


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I looked to change my Hawaii already trip booked .Luggage fees and seat assignment as $$.


I was just listening to your Podcast/Facebook Live from last week where you talked about it. I just hope this sweet spot stays around for a while because it is truly amazing. However, in true fashion to possibly blow it even further open to this community and the people actually reading the comments, I also had another idea for people who don’t have TY points:
So if you don’t have Citi TY points or need to top up, you can buy Turkish miles in 1000 increments for $30 a piece from their own website. At 3 cpp, it is not a very good rate to buy. However, bare with me when thinking about how amazing this sweet spot is. If you are able to find first class availability, you can buy 25k miles (50k is the maximum per year that one can buy) for $750 and pay the $11.20 in fees and taxes for the actual booking, and you are looking at a total of $761.20 for a potential round-trip lie-flat (or at least first class recliner) flight to Hawaii from anywhere in the US. One big advantage over transferring from Citi is that, according to Turkish, purchased miles should be in your account immediately.