Caroline Yoder

Carrie Yoder spent ~5 years as a digital nomad with her husband Drew managing their points and miles travel blog, "Travel Is Free". Now she shares her content management and design skills with others, including Frequent Miler.

Mahashivaratri Festival, Trincomalee Sri Lanka And More | Improv Travel -Fixed it!

During the recent StayCaytoFarAway challenge, (which I feel the need to remind you, I won), Greg hilariously attempted to describe the images I provided for his Improv Travel Challenge slideshow. I thought he did...

When they go low, Carrie goes high – Last chance to vote for Carrie...

While others have taken the low road during this campaign for your #StayCaytoFarAway votes, my integrity demands I go high when they go low. With this as your final chance to cast a vote,...

Carrie’s Dream-like Wedding for the Improv Travel Challenge #StayCaytoFarAway

You have no idea the crazy, dream-like adventure Stephen sent me on with his slideshow of bizarre US attractions from the 5 year, 50 state road-trip he and his wife are currently undergoing! Heck, even...

Mochi…Nailed It! Carrie (and her twin sister) tackle the Destination Cooking Challenge for #StayCaytoFarAway

Full disclosure: I'm not much of a cook - never have been. In my 20's I horrified my roommates by attempting to make brownies with hot chocolate mix instead of cocoa powder and molasses...

Never be unprepared for an allergic reaction again… Travel Themed Life Hack with Carrie...

About two years ago I went on a lovely little boat ride in Mexico that turned into a minor disaster. It was no small feat getting to the Tamul waterfall. First we sat in the...

Making Mountains Out of Sports Drinks. Imitation Travel with Carrie #StayCaytoFarAway

Chances are you saw this video of Nick cooking handmade pasta with his adorable son in the Destination Cooking portion of our #StayCaytoFarAway challenge, or this video of Stephen packing an entire kitchen into...

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