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Greg The Frequent Miler

Greg The Frequent Miler
Greg is the owner, founder, and primary author of the Frequent Miler. He earns millions of points and miles each year, mostly without flying, and dedicates this blog to teaching others how to do the same.

Is the Kohls Double Dip Alive?

Kohls comes through with Ultimate Rewards points for gift card purchase Well, well, look at that. It took more than two weeks to post, but the Kohls gift card that I bought by going...

A slow but viable Perpetual Point Machine

An enterprising reader volunteers a working PPM Wow, I was late writing today's post when an enterprising reader helped me out by writing the post for me! First, if you are unfamiliar with the idea...

Best Travel Hack: Maximizing Airline Awards through Stopovers and More

This is the first in a series of posts highlighting what I consider to be the best travel hacks Did you know that when you book award travel, you can make your points go further,...

How my $320 mileage run will result in 54000 Delta SkyMiles

Mileage Run Booked! Last week I asked readers for help in constructing a mileage run to get me the last 4,288 miles needed to get to Platinum status on Delta. Darren showed me that...

Today Only! 20 Ultimate Rewards Points per dollar

Whether you want to buy a regular Groupon or a Groupon Getaway, you need to jump on this deal right away. Via Chase's Ultimate Rewards Mall, Groupon purchases are awarded 20 points per...

One Point of View from the Wing at a Time

Heavyweight travel hackers Lucky and Gary spar over Membership Rewards You probably already read the entertaining blog-post sparring between Gary (View from the Wing) and Lucky (One Mile at a Time). In case you haven't...

Do the Kiva Do

If you're like me, you not only love acquiring points and miles for free travel, but you love talking about it too. That's what's so cool about frequent flyer "dos": you get to meet...

Harry Potter Chased Away

Chase's Ultimate Reward is no longer the great deal it was A few days ago, in the post titled "Chasing Harry Potter," I showed an incredibly good deal for those looking for single day Universal...

No Mega Deal at Kohls

In a prior post I wrote about a few strange things in the Chase Ultimate Reward mall having to do with Kohls. I speculated that it might be possible to double dip at Kohls...

Pursuing Platinum Day 2

It's time to choose Yesterday I asked readers to help me construct a mileage run so that I could secure Delta Platinum status this year.  I promised that whoever posted an idea that I use...

Pursuing Platinum

Good at constructing mileage runs? Please help! I've obtained Delta Gold Elite status each of the past several years and I've enjoyed the perks: shorter security lines, priority boarding, elite seat selection, a voucher...

Potential Mega Deal

Is Kohls the next best double dip opportunity? Some strange things are afoot in the Ultimate Rewards Mall – specifically with regards to Kohls: Strange Thing #1: Extra 10 Points per $ on Nov...

Hacking Hawaii Revised

Fly half price, stay for FREE In an earlier post I showed a way that a family of four could vacation in Hawaii for free. The goal of the post was to have an...

Chasing Harry Potter

NOTICE: This deal is now dead.  Congratulations to those who got their tickets in time!  See Harry Potter Chased Away for more. Using Chase's Ultimate Rewards for a great redemption other than airline miles or...

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