Availability alert: Book Alila Ventana Big Sur *Now*


Greg has written about his recent stay at Alila Ventana Big Sur and on this weekend’s podcast he talked about how difficult it is to find standard room award availability at this property. In fact, he said that it might be worth it to hunt out suite availability now before the resort moves up to Category 8 next month. Then Tim sent us an email to alert us to the fact that he found a lot of standard room award availability between December 21-March 22, 2023.

Alila Ventana Big Sur Sunset View

As one example of many between December 21 and March 22nd, I’m seeing standard rooms available the week after Christmas. This is December 26-30, 2022:

Do note that 25K is the off-peak price but when you see a search result like the one above you need to scroll up to the fine print that says “Points Calendar” to see how many points it is for each individual night when available:

In that case, you would need 115K points for December 26-30 (25K + 30K + 30K + 30K). Remember that the points calendar tool shows prices, not availability (in the case above, the night of December 30th is not available; if it were available it would cost 35,000 points, but it isn’t). If you search and see the 1 King Bed available, you are good to go once you have the points.

Tim noted how Ventana Big Sur is even available for President’s Day weekend 2023. If you had a trip to Alila Ventana Big Sur in mind, now is the time to book. The peak price of 35K today beats the peak price of 45K starting on March 22nd, 2022 and the chances of finding a holiday weekend available at this property are usually really really low.

Keep in mind that Hyatt Globalists may be able to make a Points Advance Reservation. If you do that, I think you will need to have the points within a week or two of arrival or else your reservation gets converted to a paid stay. You’ll need to call the Globalist line or contact your concierge to do this (or perhaps it is possible via chat or the Twitter concierge).

This is a great opportunity to book one of the best Hyatt properties in the world (and the best in  the US by the estimation of many). To read more about Ventana Big Sur, see this post — but I recommend booking first and reading later.

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What is the Regency/Grand Club option? I did not find anything on their website in their room types description.

Greg The Frequent Miler

There isn’t a club at Ventana


Success DP – booked a 3 night stay for Christmas weekend later this year. All standard reward. Somehow 2 of 3 nights are discounted at 25K per night!


I booked two rooms in Dec for my family. When I called hyatt to add their names on the reservation, they informed me that I had to be there for the check in otherwise they would be charged the daily cash rate. How do I get around this?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Hyatt should be able to do what you want. Call again and make it clear that you want to gift the award stay for the second room to your family members. If you have Globalist status, ask to make the second room a guest of honor stay.

Flying guy

Dang wish I had seen this post sooner. I found three nights in February but when I click through the book they disappeared. I guess someone beat me to the punch. Call the globalist line and they couldn’t find any availability from Oct out.

Last edited 7 months ago by Flying guy

Keep getting the message that the hotel is not accepting points for any of the dates I’ve checked in Dec – Mar.

Jim G

Just wanted to say thanks. The post prompted me to re-check our dates for this summer and found it was open for the whole week we have for vacation in July. It was not available when I’ve been checking and we have been considering going elsewhere. I would not have checked again without the post.

Larry K

What the heck does this cancellation policy mean?

“14 Days Prior Or One Night Fee One Night Deposit At Booking”


Only if they allowed kids!

Danielle Chalco

I missed it! I really enjoyed staying here for 2 nights. It was so incredibly short and I’ve been stockpiling points for another stay


Any data points on using the globalist benefit to make these bookings without the points? I’ve received conflicting answers on the phone vs the Twitter team. Twitter team advised that as long as I make the booking before March 22 the rate is locked in on points based on the category 7 current rates- even if I don’t yet have the points; but a rep. on the phone told me that that is only valid if you’ve already paid for it on points, not using the globalist benefit! Thanks for any input you may have.

Tim Steinke

Rob, I’ve reached out to the concierge team several times and they reconfirm that you can use the points advance to lock-in pricing (which seems right, because the room isn’t rebooked when points are deposited). I’ve just taken screenshots of the concierge telling me that, and if there’s an issue, my assumption is that Hyatt would offer to make up the difference as a goodwill gesture given that;s what we’ve been told.

kathy (willrunformiles)

I can’t find any


Unfortunately nothing this summer except odd day high priced suites


It seems some dates have a 3-day minimum. I just booked 8/1-8/4 for 30k/night (still available) but was unable to book a 2 day stay in the same period.

Last edited 7 months ago by satellite

Any advice on whether it’s worth booking a regular suite at 43,000 or premium at 50,000 (I already have a regular room at 35,000)? Is it worth the additional points?


Hubby and I stayed in the Big Sur Spa Suite right before Thanksgiving 2020 after they had already switched to all-inclusive. It was 60k/ night at the time and it was very much worth it! We were able to get room service, have it with wine we brought from home and chill out in the hub tub night. Since the infinity edge hot tub by the main pool and also the Japanese baths were closed at the time, this was really worth it!

We stayed in a fire place room without the hot tub on a cash rate a few years before (prior to Alila joining Hyatt and making points bookings possible) and again, having the hot tub made it such a nicer stay. If you have the points to splurge on I’d say go for it.

Last edited 7 months ago by J W

I just booked a standard room over for a three day weekend in early December (hopefully still good weather). Thank you!


Do 8/1-8/4 instead if you don’t mind staying during the week.


Thanks @satellite. I’m willing to gamble on CA weather!


Regarding the Suite Upgrade…what types of rooms are people getting upgraded to? What counts as a Hyatt “standard Suite” at Alila?


Booked 7 nights for Thanksgiving at 35k per night with Suite Uograde confirmed!


Ok. So based on Darin’s comment, I started going back into 2022 and was able to book a 3 night stay @ 35k/night even over weekends and during warmer/nicer weather. I would’ve loved to score some 25k nights…but it seems like most of those are mostly gone or middle of the week which is hard when you’ve got that J-O-B.


I got frustrated trying to find things on the web site so called the Globalist Concierge. That was a ton easier, although there’s not much left at 25K. I also learned that the concierge was able to see availability that I couldn’t see online. I ended up with three nights in January at 25K/25K/30K, and used a suite upgrade on top of that.

There’s quite a bit of availability I’m told at 35K in April and potentially beyond.


What is the phone number for Globalist Concierge? I am not having any luck with standard reservation call center.


booked 3 standard room nights from Dec 27 – 30.


That was quick. All gone already.


Anybody having any luck finding anything? I searched individual days for most of Feb and March and don’t seem to be seeing anything anymore.

Brian Cogswell

Yeah I didn’t find anything noteworthy at all


Minimum reservation is 2 days.


I think that’s only if your stays include weekend nights, but in any case I wasn’t finding anything for multiple nights either (although I did end up with a few days earlier in Dec as noted in my other comment).


It actually seems there’s a 3 day minimum, even outside weekend nights. I was able to book 8/1-8/4 (Mon-Thu) for 30k/night but couldn’t book a 2 day stay within the same period. I was able to book a 2 day stay a month and a half ago so the 3 day minimum must be a new thing.


Interesting. When I was looking last week there were a few periods where you could book standard/off-peak suites for 1-2 days, but it’s entirely possible the 3-day min is for standard rooms or they just added this. In any case, I’m sure whatever availability was here earlier is gone now. I just looked for all 3-day periods where at least 2 of the days were 30k and there’s nothing at this point. But I”m happy with the 3-day stay I booked this morning!


December 2-5 available at 35k


I was just about write that I couldn’t find anything. Looked for almost all of Jan-Mar and couldn’t find any available nights. But I went earlier than the dates you indicated above and just snagged 3 nights about two weeks prior, 1 off-peak and 2 standard. I had 3 suite nights booked prior, so just got a bunch of points back.


Extend your search to 3-day stays. It seems that’s the minimum for some dates. E.g. I found 12/2-12/5. I also just booked 8/1-8/4 at 30k/night (but a 2 day stay was showing as unavailable with points).


Thanks! I was able to find three nights in mid-January, so I canceled the two I had booked in a standard suite in mid-December. More nights, fewer points!