(EXPIRED) Spot & Tango Chase Offer for $15 back (AA Loyalty Points opportunity)

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There is a targeted Chase Offer out that’s good for $15 back when you spend $25 or more at Spot & Tango. This could potentially make for a nice American Airlines Loyalty Point stack if you get this offer on the IHG Mastercard or a Freedom Flex card since those are Mastercards that can be linked to SimplyMiles. Do beware that the American Airlines shopping portal has had some clawback issues as of late (not with Spot & Tango though). Let the buyer beware.

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The Deal

  • A new targeted Chase Offer is out that’s goof for $15 on your Spot & Tango purchase when you spend $25 or more. This should stack with SimplyMiles if you have it on a Mastercard and also with the American Airlines eShopping portal for 2,500 miles with initial sign up.

Key Terms

  • Expires 3/6/22
  • Valid one time only

Quick Thoughts

This offer is targeted. Unfortunately, we didn’t have it on any of the accounts in my household. Stephen found it on one of his Truffles’s cards.

The Chase Offer on its own isn’t particularly interesting unless you want to buy stuff from Spot & Tango, but if you are on the hunt for American Airlines miles / Loyalty Points, this offer would be a welcome sight on a Mastercard.

That’s because SimplyMiles is offering 930 miles when you spend $25+ and you can only sync a Mastercard to earn that offer. This should all be stackable with an American Airlines eShopping portal offer to earn 2500 miles with your initial sign up.

If you value the miles at just 1c each, that’s $34.50 worth of miles on a $25 purchase. Add the Chase Offer to the mix and you’ll come out nicely ahead while earning 3,450 Loyalty Points toward American Airlines elite status.

Keep in mind that there have been clawbacks on some of the American Airlines shopping portal offers, but many people successfully completed the Spot & Tango offer before. It is certainly possible that the additional stacking element will be the straw that broke the camel’s back, but hopefully not.

I have updated our running cheat sheet for how to earn American Airlines Loyalty Points.

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I was able to redeem the $20 back on $25 Citi offer and stack the 2500 miles eShopping offer with the 930 SimplyMiles offer. 3430 Loyalty points posted on about $7 net spend, not a bad return( 0.2 cents/point)


Found it on my Citi Offers (double cash) for $20 back on $25, I also have the Chase. If that stacks with Simply Miles 930 and the AA 2500, a really great offer. Will report back.


All offers posted. Same as M P so $7 for 3430 plus we have a dog for the food lol


Thanks, in for 1 with my CFF


Spot & Tango & Cash

… and miles