(EXPIRED) Bank of America: Extra 2x rewards for all cardholders on November 5th (Starts Tomorrow)

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Update 11/4: Bank of America’s first “More Rewards Day” goes live tomorrow. Get your BOA cards ready for action!

Bank of America has announced a terrific one-day promotion that will take place on November 5th, 2022. For one day only, all BofA cardholders will earn an additional 2% back for cashback cards or an extra 2X in rewards for points and miles cards on all purchases. These bonuses will be in addition to the normal rewards structure for each card.

The Deal

  • On Saturday, 11/5/22, Bank of America will be adding an extra 2x rewards for all cardholders on all purchases. This bonus is on top of the rewards that each card already earns:
  • Cash Back Credit Cards will earn an additional 2% cash back on purchases.
  • Points Rewards Credit Cards will earn an additional 2 points for every $1 spent on purchases.
  • Miles Rewards Credit Cards will earn an additional 2 Miles for every $1 spent on purchases.
  • Non-Rewards and All Other Rewards Credit Card will earn 2% cash back in the form of a statement credit.
  • No enrollment is needed.

Direct Link to Promotion

Terms and Conditions

  • The promotional offer is in effect 12:00am to 11:59pm Eastern Time (ET) on November 5, 2022.
  • Only purchases that appear on your statement with a transaction date of November 5, 2022 will qualify. Transactions with delayed processing of 90 days or more will not be eligible to be included in the promotional offer.
  • This promotional offer applies to all purchases. Certain transactions, such as Cash Advances, Balance Transfers and Wire Transfers, are not considered retail purchases and do not apply for purposes of this offer.
  • Please allow up to 12 weeks after the promotional offer ends for the bonus rewards to be added to your account.

Quick Thoughts

If you have Bank of America credit cards, this could be a great day to make large purchases, pay taxes, etc. Here’s a few possible highlights that might be worth using on 11/5:

As noted above, those folks that are part of Preferred Rewards can really hit the bank as there’s an extra 25%, 50% or 75% bonus on rewards earned, bringing some categories up to a whopping 7.25% cashback or 4.62% everywhere (with Platinum Honors). Note that the Preferred Rewards bonuses do not apply to the 2x bonus earn for this promotion, only to the normal earnings.

See Greg’s terrific post on Preferred Rewards here

I hold four Alaska personal cards for the companion fares and have been planning on booking some Q1 2023 travel within the next two weeks. I’ll absolutely wait for 11/5 to purchase the tickets so that I’ll be able to stack an extra 2x Alaska earning on top of the 10% back AmeriDeal (that expires 11/6).

This is a fun promotion from Bank of America and hopefully something that they’ll repeat in the future.

(h/t: DOC)

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My points posted today!


I hope BA honors transaction date and not posting date. Charged on 11/5 but shows as 11/7 date on statement.


Today I charged over $90K to my BofA Travel Card even though my credit card limit is only $75K. I was able to do this be transferring money from my checking account to the card after making the first $50K purchases which was mostly real estate taxes for rental properties. After making the transfer, I logged out of BofA online banking, waited a few minutes and after logging in the limited was updated with the payment. Basically you can charge as much as you need to if you have the cash in your account.

This year I became a Preferred Rewards member which means I get 2.625% on the travel card for all purchases. I also got another nice surprise this year from BofA on this card: 2Q22 SPEND AND GET ADDITIONAL 2X POINTS THRU 12/31 ON RTL SPEND

I’ve called BofA several times trying to figure out this extra 2 points per dollar but have not received any direct response. I am not complaining:) Waiting for Jan 1st to see if it renews or will go away. I would love to know if anyone else has seen this.

Basically this year I’ve been getting 4.625% on all purchases. With the Nov 5 2% extra this will bump to 6.625%.


If anyone is uncertain if their card is covered under the promo, click on the above link Tim provided. Click on See Eligible Cards:

“Please note that all Bank of America Consumer and Small Business credit cards that are open with active charging privileges are eligible to earn promotional rewards on 11/5/2022. The credit cards listed above are only a representative sample of eligible cards.”

So as Tim has already pointed out . . . ALL cards!


Doesn’t look like any card exclusions but Sonesta card, too? Thx


Lolol I think you and Greg would also definitely give this card a good run for its money! Had 2 previous bookings for the Ocean Point All Inclusive Resort on Saint Maarten in a Suite (free room upgrade with Elite status from the ccc) – the island shut down the first time from Covid then us getting Covid cancelled the second res. Third time the charm next year with any luck.

Sonesta is one of the fastest growing hotel chains. It took over a chunk of IHG and Marriott hotels after Covid pains. I think they are a good brand to speculate in points. And the only realistic way to accumulate enough is with their card and their SUB/very generous anniversary bonuses.

Both our cards are coming up on their anniversary and I need to spend $7,500 on both to receive the 60,000 anniversary points. If this promo goes well, we’ll have enough for an additional 3 nights in St Maarten. Thanks for the BOA heads up!


I was planning to take advantage of this offer on Plastiq, but right now, when I go to make a payment, it says it won’t charge my card until the 7th! Any tips on how to push it through on the 5th?


Plastiq only processes on weekdays.

Jim Lovejoy

I got a Bank of America Alaska Air offer a couple months back for an extra 2 miles per dollar.
There’s nothing in the terms that say the two offers won’t stack. I wonder if they will.

Mike Chicago

Business Advantage Unlimited should be 3.5% to 4.62% with bonus.


It is not limited to personal cards right? Business cards too?

Mike Chicago



Thank you Mike for confirming it.


Love my BofA Premium rewards card with 2.62 cash back everywhere and 3.5 on travel and dining. It doesn’t get enough love from the bloggers. Since you’re making travel purchases with your card, how do you feel the trip insurance stacks up against other premium cards?


Just saw you used your Alaska card for this. I would love to see an article comparing BofA Premium trip insurance vs the rest.

Slick Rick

Might want to fix the year in the first paragraph, I nearly set a reminder for 2023, lol


Bilt’s first-of-the-month bonus is an incredibly clever alternative to the typical incentives we see from other card issuers. Perhaps this BofA bonus will not be a one-and-done offer.


Any idea if the Merrill Plus card included in this promotion?


Interesting if no limits. I have to make a $30K IRS payment so 3x on the Alaska visa might be a good choice.


How do you make sure the transaction will be dated by IRS as Nov 5, a Sat?


I use payusatax.com or pay1040.com so it’s not from the IRS. That said I should do a test on a weekend day first and see how it posts.

Last edited 7 months ago by Mike

Yes I got it. Still feel it’s a bit hard to tell whether the transaction date will fall through on a weekend. Need more tests and DP. Thanks.


Please report back on your test! I was thinking of doing the same.


Did anyone try a test on estimated taxes to see if they will show as a transaction on a Saturday (November 5th is a Saturday) Thanks