Barclays Cobranded Card Spending Offers: Get 5x On Up To $700 Spend At Grocery Stores, Drugstores & Restaurants


Chase isn’t the only bank offering select cardholders bonus miles/points on their spend in various categories. Barclays is back doing the same by targeting some cardholders with an offer giving 5x in some very useful categories.

Kroger Gift Card Rack

The Deal

  • Earn 5x bonus points/miles on targeted Barclays credit cards when spending in the following categories:
    • Grocery stores
    • Drugstores
    • Restaurants

Key Terms

  • Expires ?.
  • Activation required by ?.
  • Limit 3,500 bonus miles/points.

Quick Thoughts

With a limit of 3,500 bonus miles/points, you’ll max out this offer when spending $700. Those bonus 5x earnings are on top of whatever your card already earns in the eligible categories, so that’ll make those purchases worth at least 6x.

Many people will be able to max out the offer organically seeing as this offer is valid for the next 12 weeks and so only requires an average of $58.33 spend per week. Even if you wouldn’t spend that much organically, buying a gift card or two at a grocery store or drugstore could be worthwhile to take advantage of the offer.

If you’re targeted for this promotion you should in theory receive an email about it from Barclays. However, apparently some people are seeing a registration link when logged in to their account(s) in the Barclays app, so that’s worth checking too.

Not that, like last time, there appear to be several different offers spread across multiple cards. Let us know what you have!

h/t Doctor of Credit

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The Barclays offers are MUCH more targeted than even the Chase offers in my experience. I have 5 Barclay cards and only had a 3x offer up to $1500 on one of them.


If you are a former Uber card holder this is being targeted on the Barclays View card that it was product changed to as well. That makes it an 8X dining or 7X grocery store card which is good even as a straight cashback option.

I was targeted in the summer as well for the same offer but haven’t seen the bonus points post yet, same as @mbh


No luck on the Wyndham Earner Biz card


Just FYI, they offered this on the Arrival card a few months ago. I signed up and put a ton of spend on the card in the right cats. So far, NO extra points are posting. I know that Barclays can be slow to credit, but it’s really frustrating when you have to just trust them for months and months. If these points don’t post soon, I’m closing the arrival card. It’s just not worth the hassle. I originally got it for the PIN so I could use it overseas, but it turns out that there is no way to make the default “PIN only.” The default is signature so non-Americans hate it as much as any other PITA American cc. I don’t blame them a bit. We slow down everything for vendors overseas.

Arnold S

I got the offer on my no annual fee JetBlue card. They sent me an email with the offer and I had to click on the button to activate it. I just wish the Chase would send me offers like this!


Is there a link to see if you are targeted?

Last edited 7 months ago by John
Thomas Rossi

I clicked on “offers” on the app and was offered 3x on my AAAviator card. My wife has the same card and was offered nothing.