(EXPIRED) Barclays once again sending out spending offers


Barclays is once again sending out big spending offers to current cardholders. While the offers aren’t quite as high as those they sent a few months ago, you can once again get nearly a new cardmember-type bonus on an existing card, which will certainly make your Barclays card(s) worth using if you’ve been targeted.

The Deal

  • Barclays is sending out targeted spending offers to existing cardholders. These offers appear to be going out on select Aviator Red, JetBlue Plus, Wyndham, Arrival, and Choice Privileges cards (though I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of similar offers on other Barclays cards as well). Reports so far indicate that most people are seeing one of two different offers:
    1. 5X miles / points for every $1 spent on grocery store, drug store and restaurant purchases, up to 20,000 miles, from 5/15/2021 to 7/31/2021 plus an additional 20,000 miles if you spend at least $3,000 on purchases from 5/15/2021 to 7/31/2021. (total of up to 40,000 bonus miles)
    2. 5X miles for every $1 spent on grocery store, drug store and restaurant purchases, up to 10,000 miles each month from 5/15/2021 to 7/31/2021.
  • No direct link, keep your eye out for an email with a subject line like, “Earn bonus miles this summer!” for a link to enroll

Key Details

  • Must enroll by 5/25/21
  • This offer is targeted and you must enroll via the link in your email
  • All miles earned from this promotion will appear on your statement 6-8 weeks after the end of the promotion. (and note that it did take about that long for the miles to post for the previous promotion, so I wouldn’t expect the bonus here to post until the end of September

Quick Thoughts

These offers are terrific if you get one since it is almost like getting a new cardmember bonus but on an existing account. We sometimes see targeted spending offers from other issuers, but nothing as generous as what Barclays has done recently. Some cardholders who were targeted for 60K bonuses just a few months ago report being targeted again here. Note the very short enrollment window: you must enroll by 5/25/21, so you’ll want to take care of this right away.

Obviously offer #1 above is superior since it also has the second bonus miles component — it would be possible to earn a total of 40K miles with just $4K in grocery store, drug store, and restaurant purchases during the offer window. The second bonus offers up to 10K miles/points each month, so you’ll need to spend $6K total ($2K/month x 3 months) to get a total of 30,000 points. That’s still a fantastic deal even if inferior.

It doesn’t appear that the offers vary by card but rather by cardholder, so it’s worth combing through your email to see if you can find the offer. We first received reports in Frequent Miler Insiders last night, so I’d start by looking through your email from Friday, May 21st.

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