(EXPIRED) Best Buy: Get up to $145 in free Best Buy gift cards with Hotels.com and Delta gift card purchases (stacks with card offers)

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Best Buy has an offer that potentially stacks quite nicely with a Chase offer that some have found on their cards.

  • When you buy a $100 or $500 Delta Gift Card, you get a $15 or $75 Best Buy gift card for free.
  • When you buy a $100 or $250 Hotels.com Gift Card, you get a $15 or $40 Best Buy gift card for free.
  • There is a targeted Chase offer available that gives 10% back on up to $250 in spend at Best Buy.
  • You could also pay with a Point Debit Card, which is currently offering 5x at Best Buy, giving you up to $47 back.

The Deal

  • Best Buy is offering 15% back in the form of a Best Buy e-gift card when you buy Delta gift cards:
    • Buy a $100 Delta gift card, get a $15 Best Buy e-gift card free
    • Buy a $500 Delta gift card, get a $75 Best Buy e-gift card free
    • Buy a $100 Hotels.com gift card, get a $15 Best Buy e-gift card free
    • Buy a $500 Hotels.com, get a $40 Best Buy e-gift card free
  • Direct link to Delta offer (our affiliate link)
  • Direct link to Hotels.com offer (our affiliate link)
  • Stack with a (targeted) Chase Offer of 10% back on up to $250 spend at Best Buy
  • Stack with a Point Debit Card for 5% back on up to $1000

Key Terms

  • Limit of 1 Delta or Hotels.com gift card denomination per transaction (you can buy multiple gift cards so long as they are different denominations).

Quick Thoughts

Delta has offered similar deals in the past, but usually at 10% off, so this is a notch above. It usually sells out quickly when offered. This can be a very good deal for both Delta and Hotels.com if you value the Best Buy gift card or have a way to sell it at something close to face value.

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Looking at the terms, it looks like I can make the same transaction multiple times and get the 75 dollar best buy gift card for each 500 delta gift card transaction. Is this correct?


Would this work if GCs are purchased in-store at Best Buy

Nick Reyes

I have no idea whether it is available in-store, but I’d rather be able to buy online for convenience anyway.


Will buying the GC online trigger the simplymiles bonus? T&C indicate that the simplymiles won’t apply to gift cards


Planning to use this using 10% back at best buy on IHG premier card. Would it work if I purchase 2 e-gift cards – one $100 instacart and one $100 netflix in the same transaction? Would it show as one transaction of $200 on card or two $100 transactions?

Nick Reyes

Ok, you’re confusing too many things.

First, the 10% back in Best Buy gift cards in this post is just about getting a Best Buy gift card when you buy a Delta gift card.

However, I *think* you’re talking about something different: trying to stack the Chase Offer for 10% back at Best Buy (which you have on your IHG Mastercard) with the SimplyMiles offer. That would work if you did $200 in a single transaction, but buying two separate $100 GCs is probably going to result in two separate charges.


I hope it works. FYI there was a BestBuy SimplyMiles offer last year, and in the DoC comment thread someone bought Amazon cards and did not trigger SimplyMiles. Maybe it was a fluke, because I expect in-store purchases to all code the same way. Still looking for a data point on someone getting SM for third party cards at BB.


Thanks Nick! Yes my question more on whether buying two different $100 GC in same transaction would post as one $200 charge or not. I went ahead and bought two $100 GCs – its showing as one pending charge of $200 for now.

I had created a new simply miles account on 12/13 to use the 5x offer. Even though the chase offer tracked, the transaction has not tracked in simply miles account yet. How long does it typically take to track and is there an email confirmation received typically when it tracks? Just wondering if new accounts have issues with tracking..

Nick Reyes

No email when it tracks and it takes at least 3 to 5 business days but up to 15 business days for pending transactions to show according to the FAQs on SimplyMiles. I wouldn’t expect anything for at least a week given the way the 5x promo went.


Thank you!


What is the typical expiration date on the Delta GC?
I’m tempted to jump on this deal stacking with my Chase Freedom Best Buy deal of 10% ($25) off deal but I’m not planning to fly Delta in the near future.

Nick Reyes

Delta Gift Cards (like almost all merchant gift cards these days) don’t expire.


How long does it take to track in the simply miles system?

Nick Reyes

Days at least.


Correct me if I am wrong but SimplyMiles seems only take Mastercard, right? In that case, it cannot combine with any Amex offer or Chase offer (unless rarely a Mastercard).

Nick Reyes



Please note:

Must first add offer to AAdvantage Mastercard and then use same card to redeem. Only U.S. issued AAdvantage Mastercards are eligible.

Nick Reyes

Yeah, someone else reported that term. Neither my wife nor I have any AA Mastercards connected to our SimplyMiles accounts and we don’t see that language.

That said, my wife got an offer in the mail for 5x at electronics stores on her Citi AA Mastercard, so I might link that.


ok I see the comment – I like Google Play here, I can just pay for my YouTube tv, no flights needed.


I thought gift cards are excluded, so you are assuming it will work anyway right? or is it just Best Buy gift cards?


Don’t the T&C’s exclude gift cards on this deal?

A guy named Mike

Any idea if the Delta gift card you have to buy is an e-gift card or a physical? I have a Best Buy Amex offer (excl e-GCs) and I am wondering if this would stack.

Tim Grable

Would love to find this out as well.

A guy named Mike

When I try to add the Delta GC to my cart it gives me an option to pick up in store or ship to address so I think it is a physical.

Nick Reyes

That offer really excludes Best buy egift cards. I know the way it’s worded excludes all egift cards, but I bought electronic gift cards for third party retailers and triggered the offer.

I think the reason that provision is written into the offer is because Best Buy egift cards are actually processed by Cashstar, not by Best buy. Since the charge wouldn’t come through to Amex from Best Buy but rather from Cash Star, it won’t trigger the offer. But other third-party gift cards are charged directly through Best Buy.

A guy named Mike

Thanks for the insight Nick!

Nick Reyes

As someone else noted though, you can’t link an Amex card to SimplyMiles if that’s what you’re looking to stack.