(EXPIRED) Buy $300 Delta gift card & get $20 Starbucks gift cards free (possibly stack with targeted Amex Offer)

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If you’ve bean disappointed by all the froth regarding the recent elite changes and feel like you’ve been taken for a mug and need to vent(i), Delta has launched a new gift card deal that hopefully hasn’t come too latte.

Delta Gift Card

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Expires September 29, 2023 or while supplies last.
  • Bonus Starbucks eGift will be emailed to eligible purchaser separately from the Delta Gift Card, to purchaser’s email address listed at time of purchase.

Quick Thoughts

This offer in isolation isn’t all that amazing as it represents a bonus worth 6.67% in the form of Starbucks gift cards.

However, if you’re fortunate enough to have been targeted for the most recent Delta gift card Amex Offer, it could become more appealing. That’s because that Amex Offer is giving 3,000 bonus Membership Rewards when buying $300 worth of Delta gift cards which is conveniently the spending threshold for this offer.

Having said that, I’m not 100% certain that it will stack. This Starbucks deal is hosted at promo.giftcards.delta.com, while the Amex Offer URL redirects you to buy.giftcards.delta.com. It might therefore be the case that buying from the Starbucks link won’t trigger the Amex Offer. However, both payments would be processed by CashStar and so I suspect that it is possible to stack. I wasn’t targeted for the Amex Offer though and so haven’t been able to test this out. Update: Mac has confirmed in the comments that the Amex Offer does indeed stack with this Starbucks deal despite the landing pages having slightly different URLs.

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