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Hilton is once again offering points with a 100% bonus, which works out to a cost of half a cent per point. That’s about what Hilton points are generally worth, but there are certainly some opportunities to leverage a sale like this for greater value. I’d only recommend buying if you have a strategic redemption in mind.

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The Deal

  • Buy Hilton points and get a 100% bonus [0.5cpp] when you buy in the following quantities:
    • Buy 40K, get 40K bonus (80K total) for $400
    • Buy 80K, get 80K bonus (160K total) for $800
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Key Details

  • Valid through July 4, 2019 or when packages run out

Quick Thoughts

Our Reasonable Redemption Value for Hilton Honors points is 0.45c each. That means this sale is right about spot on with the value you can reasonably expect from Hilton points when you use them.

That said, there are certainly instances when you can use them for much better value. For example, I used 40K Hilton points per night in downtown Atlanta earlier this year on the night of the Superbowl. While I wouldn’t pay 40K to stay at the same hotel again, room rates were hovering around $1,000 per night at the time that I booked, making for good use of the points in comparison to other downtown options that night.

I certainly wouldn’t recommend buying Hilton points speculatively at half a cent each. That is, unless you’re Greg or Stephen, in which case I’d highly recommend that you use some of your cash budget for the #40Kfaraway challenge as I’m sure you’ll be able to book a bunch of Category 1 Hilton stays. Heck, Stephen even wrote about a potentially terrific use for those points earlier this evening. For anyone not named Greg Davis-Kean or Stephen Pepper, I’ll remind you that there’s no such thing as a Category 1 Hilton. You might get lucky somewhere outside of the US and find a unicorn hotel that’s still charging 5,000 points per night. Within the US, the best you’ll do is 10K per night. Thankfully, Stephen Pepper compiled a list of those places (see this post).

That’s not to say that buying Hilton points is a bad deal. It isn’t necessarily — I’ve previously argued that a cash back card is ideal for hotels precisely because you can so frequently buy these points so cheaply.

H/T: One Mile at a Time

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Joseph N.

Really disappointing to see you link to Stephen Pepper’s list from May, considering that since that was written, 2/3rds of those hotels have had their redemption rates doubled, at least.

Buying Hilton points now is an absolute waste. Putting charges on a Hilton credit card now is an absolute waste. Hilton Honors should be ashamed for continuing to offer points at this price, considering the size of their devaluations.


The problem is I think you can only buy in 80k or 160k quantities, so you would have to use up your entire cash budget.