Capital One offering free PRIOR subscription for Venture X cardholders


Capital One announced a new partnership with PRIOR this week that gives Venture X cardholders a complimentary PRIOR Subscription that includes access to global travel guides, early bookings and a twice-weekly newsletter. I’m not sure how useful this partnership will be for those who primarily book award travel, but it certainly may appeal to those looking to book luxury tours.

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The Deal

  • Capital One has launched a new partnership with PRIOR givesVenture X cardholders a complimentary PRIOR Subscription that includes access to global travel guides, early bookings and a twice-weekly newsletter.
  • To enroll in the complimentary subscription, click here.

Quick Thoughts

According to Capital One, PRIOR is “a luxury travel company made up of a team of tastemakers and experts that specializes in imaginative and unique travel itineraries, one-off experiences and original editorial content”. I get the sense that PRIOR offers high-end guided tours. For context, the first 3 trips being offered are 3 nights each in places like Savannah (starting at $1695 per person based on double occupancy) and Napa Valley (starting at $2495 per person based on double occupancy). Those prices including lodging and activities, but not airfare. If that’s your thing, the subscription here gets you access to global travel guides and early booking to their trips as well as a newsletter.

Capital One also notes that ” Venture X customers will have the opportunity to book once-in-a-lifetime trips across the globe by purchasing or redeeming points on Capital One Entertainment.” I find that potentially intriguing because we’ve seen Capital One occasionally offer experiences through Capital One Entertainment at very good value.

I haven’t yet checked out PRIOR’s travel guides and I’m not personally into luxury guided trips, so I don’t find this addition particularly appealing. That said, there is certainly a market for what they are selling here and I’m glad to see Capital One continue to expand partnerships beyond the normal value-adds found on competitor cards.

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Artjur Leyenberger

I signed up for a subscription. Created password, etc. Then when I went to check out a guide (New Orleans e.g.), it looks like it wanted me to subscribe for $149. Even though it said I was logged in.
Maybe I’m missing something, but nowhere could I put in my credentials to get the guide and I wasn’t about to spend $149 just to view one of their guides.


I saw this email and was curious but basically had the same sense as you. I was hoping to see a blog post regarding whether there is any value here. If you have a chance to do a little more investigation (are the guides helpful? Is there any real value evident here at this point?) that will be appreciated.


Sorry that sounded critical, perhaps other commenters will have input. Just sharing what I was hoping to learn.