Free Uber One + 10% back at Uber and Uber Eats with select Capital One cards


Capital One announced this week that Capital One Savor and Capital One SavorOne cardholders can earn an unlimited 10% cashback on Uber and Uber Eats, plus complimentary Uber One membership, through November 14, 2024. That’s a really nice savings given that Uber One by itself costs around $100 at full price and a really nice return on Uber and Uber Eats spend. Keep in mind that Capital One cash back can be converted to miles at $0.01 –> 1 mile, so this can be like earning 10 transferable miles per dollar spent on Uber and Uber eats.

Sorry Venture cardholders, the Savor is moving up with this 10x offer and free Uber One.

The Deal

  • Capital One has announced that Savor and SavorOne cardholders can get complimentary Uber One membership through November 14, 2024 and will earn unlimited 10% cash back on Uber and Uber Eats.
  • Additionally, Quicksilver, QuicksilverOne, and Quicksilver Secured cardholders can get up to 6 months of an Uber One monthly membership statement credit (valued at $9.99) through November 14, 2024.

Quick Thoughts

This is a really nice value-add for Savor cardholders and a particularly awesome deal on the no-annual-fee SavorOne card. UberOne ordinarily costs $10 per month and I have kicked myself since they launched it for not jumping on one of the half-off deals they ran in the beginning. Given all of the cards I have now that offer a monthly Uber credit and the fact that I am back to traveling more often, I am ordering from Uber Eats at least once or twice a month these days. An Uber One membership would probably save me some money.

Cardholders can enroll for an Uber One monthly membership in the Uber or Uber Eats app, or on their dedicated websites. Once a cardholder creates their account and sets their eligible Capital One card as form of payment for their Uber One membership, they will receive a monthly statement credit through the end of the offer.

More importantly, I’d be very happy to earn 10% back on Uber Eats purchases on a Capital One cash back card. I like earning Capital One cash back for a few reasons:

  1. Cash is highly flexible — redeem it for anything you want
  2. Capital One cash back can be converted to miles if you also have a card that earns miles (or it can be transferred to another cardholder who has a miles-earning card). Note that this is not a published Capital One benefit but it is something we’ve written about and used on other cards.
  3. Capital One cash back is always worth 1 cent per cent, so if your accounts gets arbitrarily shut down you don’t have to worry about miles being redeemed for half a cent per mile.
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Anyone know whether uber rides taken outside of the US will still qualify for the 10% back?


Is product change from VentureX to no AF Savor possible to take advantage of this deal?

Probably many of us coming up on the AF on VentureX and I’m in 2P mode but only want to keep one (still the best route to Priority Pass)


Too bad, but thanks for the info. Haven’t really given any attention to Cap1 until VentureX. Good to know.


4 yrs ago I changed my ancient Platinum VISA to a Savor VISA, the card I carry now.


The 10% off is only for Eats. “Members also receive 5% off eligible Uber rides. The 5% discount does not apply to rides booked 30 minutes or more in advance.“

Also earn 10x miles on your C1 card.


I signed up yesterday before taking a ride with Uber. The ride itself was discounted 5% (line drawn thru the original price with the new discounted rate applied). I am waiting to see if the ride posted as 10x on my Savor acct.

It’s my understanding this deal works like the original Lyft Pink/Chase partnership: 15% off the ride itself (no longer applies) and 10x points with my CSR.


The “Receipt” in the app from an Uber One ride specifically deducts a 5% “Membership Benefit” so is easy to track.

I found the best benefit of both Uber One and Lyft Pink the other day was getting picked up so much more quickly by having them now (due to Savor/CSR promos), especially at busy airports. Truly is a helpful way to cut the line, so to speak.


I’m glad it’s apples-to-apples now that I have membership in both services – I took the lowest of the discounted fares (above the crossed-out fare) from either Lyft (5% off Premium rides) or Uber.

I mentioned the presumed 10% off Savor rewards benefit in my posts…I just haven’t actually received it yet! Savor takes a day or 2 after the charge posts to reflect “% Cash Back.”


DP: pleased to see “10% Cash Back” now posting from my first Uber ride under this new membership!