Capital One Shopping ends referral program (for now?)


It looks like shopping enthusiasts may have broken Capital One Shopping. Reader Drew points out that Capital One Shopping has (for now?) ended its referral program, with the following message found in the frequently asked questions:a screenshot of a referral program

I suppose that the $200 bonus for both sides was popular enough to attract the customer base that they wanted. That was an incredible offer and I imagine there was significant uptake.

The good news is that the messaging makes it clear that so long as you created your account while the referral program was live, you can still earn the promised bonus within 30 days of satisfying the requirements (you had to spend at least $10 on a qualifying purchase at a merchant after clicking through Capital One Shopping).

While it is disappointing to see the referral program at least temporarily ended altogether, I imagine we may eventually see a referral program again. I wouldn’t be surprised if Capital One takes a long cool-down period though after all the rewards they must be on the hook for issuing in the coming month.

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I made two referrals during the $200 deal time (yes, my account stated $200 and all)… my referees(?) did their thing, and I got two $40 referral bonuses today. Customer service gave me a canned useless response. Suggestions?


Maybe some proof needs to be sent. By the way did you contact the customer service by I emailed them, but there was no response after 10 hours.


Yup, that’s the email I used, and I got a response today (I guess 48 hours-ish). And it was the right response! The missing $320 (made 2 referrals, got $80…now topped up to the full $400) has been manually added to my balance. Same with one of the people I referred – she sent an email same time I did and got another $160 to make it $200 total bonus.


Yes it was quite a deal !. Got my referral bonus posted today via email. Ended up with $400 after two referrals and both purchasing tons of gifts for holiday thru Macys purchases

Tricia Danziger

Is anyone seeing their referral bonus on the site. I joined December 9th and have yet to see any result.


because a low $10 min spend was difficult on most sites due to shipping charges unless you were spending $50, we ended up, thru the cap1 portal, buying some advil at CVS and setting it to pick up at a local store. order tracked just fine


I signed up during their $200 promo but have not yet made my minimum $10 purchase (I’m still well within the 30 days). Anyone reckon that I’ll qualify for the bonus given the requirements are met now?


Thanks Nick!


FWIW I did a referral when it was $50 in November and it took 2-3w for the referral to post. Interestingly it became available before the referral from the actual purchase became available.


I’d be surprised if I ever see a dime from this let alone the $375 they owe me.


Color me surprised. Got $300 today


Has anyone received notifications that their referrals from the past few days have processed? Capital One seems way behind.


Nah, been nearly 2 weeks and nothing

Gregg G

No but I only did it last week. I referred my kids and two of the over $10 purchases were “ineligible”. One was protein bars at Target and the other was paper plates at Walamart. Do you know or does anybody know what the restrictions are?


Other cash back sites like Rakuten often have more explicit earning rates by categories along with exclusions, which are likely the same at C1. I know Walmart excludes groceries, with may include paper plates, and Target has a list of inclusions which does not include food/groceries. I often use these for guides when using C1.

Gregg G

Interesting. TY!


we ordered some Advil and had it set for us to pick up at a local CVS. small $10 purchase, no shipping charges. tracked fine

Gregg G

Great to know. TY!