Cash app boosts: 6% off Lyft, 5% off Albertsons, 20% off one DoorDash order and more


The Cash app has been out with some new boosts that may be of interest such as 6% off each Lyft ride, 5% off each purchase at Albertsons, 20% off one Instacart order, 20% off one order at DoorDash, and more. Boosts are targeted, so YMMV as to which boosts you can expect, but it may be worth a look at what you have available.

The Deal

  • The Cash app is offering some notable boosts for users of its debit card. Some that I see on my account currently include:
    • 6% off each ride at Lyft (max discount of $5)
    • 5% off each purchase at Albertsons (max discount of $10)
    • 20% off one order on Instacart (max discount of $20)
    • 20% off one order at DoorDash (max discount of $7)
    • 5% off each purchase at (max discount of $75)
    • 5% off each online purchase at Sam’s Club (max discount of $20)

If you’re new to the Cash app

  • If you’re new to the Cash App, feel free to sign up with one of our referral links with our thanks (you get $5 if you link a bank account and send someone $5):

Key Terms

  • Terms vary by boost. Those available “every day” are typically once per rolling 24hrs. Some can be used more often, some only once.

Quick Thoughts

The nice thing about Cash App boosts is that they work as actual discounts on the card end. That is to say that your card only gets charged for the reduced price (rather than being charged for 100% of the price and then rebated). I therefore think that you only need to have the cash in your account for the reduced price rather than the full price.

While we have recently seen good deals on gift cards for things like DoorDash and Instacart, the discounts here may still be worthwhile if you’ve used up those options. The nice thing here is locking in the discount without locking up money in a gift card. Deals like these are always good ones to consider when weighing the value of credit card rewards: is it worth earning 3x points if you can alternatively get a 5% or 6% or 20% discount up front?

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Nice Fedora – but the self portrait is a little too ‘Día de los Muertos’ inspired for my personal taste.

I thought I was the only one that did art work on my Cash card.