(EXPIRED) [Dead] Cool new Cash App boosts (including $30 off of $30)

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Update #2: This boost did indeed disappear eventually, even for those who had it synced.

Update: A representative from Italic has reached out to say that they have ended the boost early. It still shows up for those who have loaded it, but it is not showing up for new Cash App cardholders. Italic says that they will be coming out with a new Cash App boost soon.

The Cash App is out with some new boosts, two of which I find particularly intriguing. There is a new $50 boost for getting direct deposit of $300 or more and perhaps more interestingly there is a boost for $30 off of $30 at Italic. That can be a great deal as Italic sells a number of items for about that price and I’ve been intrigued by their model of selling stuff made by factories that make name-brand stuff but without the name-brand (and associated markup). And it may be kind of stackable. More below.

a green card with a chip and a chip on it

The Deals

  • The Cash App is out with new boosts, including:
    • $50 off when you receive a direct deposit of $300 or more (this becomes $50 off of $50 anywhere after receiving direct deposit)
    • $30 off of $30 at Italic

Key Terms

  • Direct deposit boost is valid one time
  • Italic boost says it can be used every hour
  • Italic boost has a minimum purchase of $30+
  • Terms say it expires in 14 weeks

Quick Thoughts

I’ve written about the Cash app card before and how you can’t sleep on it. Now and then, they have some great deals and this could be one of them.

The $50 off for direct deposit is a solid deal, particularly for those who have gotten a direct deposit deal before. I got a $100 off deal for a direct deposit a few months ago, so if I can get another $50 that’ll be great.

But what really intrigues me is the Italic boost. That one is good for $30 off of $30 and terms say it can be used every hour for the next 14 weeks. I somehow doubt it will last like that, but it’s cool while it does. I see a lot of ~$30 items for sale. Shipping adds $7, but I’m making an attempt to mitigate that with a few steps. Note that with Cash app offers, the discount comes off on your card. In other words, you go to Italic and let’s say you buy $36 worth of stuff. You check out and pay with your Cash app card and when the charge hits your card, the Cash app only takes $6 out of your balance. Read on for how to work this deal.

First off, you can go through Capital One Shopping for 8% back (so $2.40 back on a $30 order) to eliminate some of the shipping cost.

However, I decided to test things out by taking it a step further. Italic has a paid “Bold” membership deal that intrigued me enough to try it out.

a screenshot of a credit card

It costs $60 to join and here’s what you get:

  • $30 off of $30 the day you join plus a new $30 off of $30 every three months thereafter (for a total of $120 off over a year)
  • $3 for each product review you write and $2 for including a photo (there’s the rest of the shipping money back!)
  • Some soft benefits like early access to new products, etc
  • $30 per referral who joins Italic and places an order

So here’s what I am trying to do:

  1. Go through Capital One shopping for 8% back
  2. Buy the Italic Bold membership for $60 (get $4.80 back from Capital One and $30 off from the Cash App for a net cost of $25.20). Note that I did this and though Italic confirmed that my purchase went through, it has been about 30 minutes and I haven’t yet seen the purchase in my Cash app account.
  3. Refer my wife to join Italic Bold, get $30 (note that it isn’t clear to me that your referral needs to join Italic Bold, it just says “join Italic and place an order”, which might just mean creating an account and placing an order, but I think the membership deal will be worth it. YMMV). Update: My wife clicked through my referral link and joined Bold last night. I initially saw a pending referral in my Italic account. Then she had difficulty adding anything to her cart and gave up for the night. This morning, I no longer saw a pending referral. Than, she placed an order for merchandise and about an hour later I once again saw a pending referral. It looks like a merchandise order is necessary to trigger the referral credit. In hindsight, maybe she should have clicked my link and placed a merchandise order first(and then gone back to sign up for Bold an hour later when she could use the boost again). YMMV. Note that the charge for the Bold membership happened an hour after signing up, so you may have to wait a bit for charges to go through before being able to use the boost again.
  4. Wait 1 hour (since the boost can only be used once an hour)
  5. Place an order for stuff I want. I should get $30 off from Italic bold, a fresh $30 off from the Cash App card, and $30 from referring my wife (note that I have not yet seen the $30 from referring my wife). I believe I’ll be able to stack that for $90 off of a single order (I’ll update the post to confirm if it works, but I may not be near the computer for a few hours). I’ll go through Capital One shopping for 8% back ($7.20 back)
  6. My wife will wait an hour after buying her Italic Bold membership (for a net $30 — she won’t go through a shopping portal because I don’t know that it can be stacked with the referral and the referral is more valuable) and then try to stack the $30 off from the membership with $30 off from the Cash app to get $60 worth of stuff for nothing.

In the end, we’ll have hopefully spent a net ~$50.40 and gotten $150 worth of stuff (actually, we should also get 8% cash back on that $150 to reduce the net cost to $38.40 and we should each get free shipping since each of our first orders will be more than $50 worth of stuff…I think). Then we’ll look to repeat with the $30 off of $30 cash app boosts as many times as we can. Some of this stuff will make for great Christmas presents! And since I’ll get a fresh $30 off from Italic Bold three months from now, if the Cash app boost lasts for 14 weeks I should be able to stack it for $60 off again on January 22nd. We’ll see!

I’m only 65% certain that this will all work based on the fact that my Italic Bold purchase hasn’t actually charged to my card despite getting the confirmation screen from Italic and a “Welcome to Italic Bold” email. I already see the $30 credit for joining Bold.

a screenshot of a website

I guess my problem at this point will be waiting to see if the $60 charge for the Italic Bold membership posts soon or I just go ahead and place an order (the risk here is that they delay the $60 charge until I place an order and then put through two charges — one for the $60 membership and one for more order — in the same hour. We’ll see, but this is all worth a shot. I’ll first wait at least an hour for the membership charge to go through and until my wife can sign up through my referral to see if that stacks, but I think it will.

I always find stacks like this one intriguing. If you’re interested in giving it a shot and you’re new to these things, feel free to sign up with my referrals with my thanks:

  1. Italic referral link
  2. Cash app referral code: ZJPTCPB
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Had the Italic Boost loaded to my card and used it for a few things. FWIW the Boost is now showing as gone on my app. It is not still loaded to the card and there is no way to add it back.


The boost just disappeared from the card :/

[…] Cool new Cash App boosts (including $30 off of $30) […]

Lipkind Eric

Fyi, I had the $100 off $100 boost. I bought a $100 Amazon gift card reload. I was told the boost did not work as the purchase has to be at least $100.01.


Did you read the details? Normally it will say $100+….or just $100. I’m willing to bet your offer had $100+


So on the update was there clarification for those who still have the boost if it still is actively working and will continue to work?

Last edited 2 years ago by Phill

Give it a try and let us know if it still works 🙂


I was able to get the things I needed and now only curious because there are some high end items I might be interested in purchasing.

P Fenske

New to Cash card, but not seeing Italic nor direct deposit boosts. Just fast food places that don’t exist within 100 miles of here. big whoop


What does Cash App mean by a “direct deposit?” Surely they don’t mean things such as a Social Security payment. Right?

Tonei Glavinic

They give you ACH details. Intended for payroll direct deposit, not sure what else might trigger it.


At most banks, an ACH transfer is not considered a Direct Deposit. Is Cash App actually a bank?

Tonei Glavinic

It says “Direct Deposit provided by Sutton Bank”


I was wondering if child support payments work towards the boost? Hmmmm…

Onsa Saville

Where are you seeing the Boost for the direct deposit? Is it a Boost or is it some other type of promotion?

I just got the Italic Boost and nothing about the direct deposit.


Note that it is NOT $50 off of $50. You need to spend at least $50.01 or you will not trigger the reward. Ask me how I know……

Onsa Saville

@Kim How do you know? Also the boost is $30 off $30.


Sorry that my post above wasn’t clear. The $50 boost that is unlocked with a $300 direct deposit will not be applied unless you spend at least one penny more than $50. The terms state $50+, which is how I really know, My post was making fun of myself and intended to keep people from making the same mistake I made previously with a purchase where I did not read the terms closely first.