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The 8 Best Hotel Credit Cards

In the US, most hotel credit cards are worth their annual fee whereas most airline credit cards are not.  That statement is a gross oversimplification, but I believe that it trends true.  With both...

Wyndham Credit Card Discounts In Action: Sometimes Good, Sometimes Not

A couple of months ago, Barclays launched three new Wyndham credit cards (see New Wyndham Earner credit cards review: Surprisingly strong). Greg was excited about the business card version, as was I - despite the...

Pandemic battle: Sapphire Reserve vs. Amex Gold

A few years ago, Chase's Sapphire Reserve card was arguably my single favorite card, but when the revamped Amex Gold card hit the scenes, it quickly became a worthwhile competitor.  And when the pandemic...

Credit card cell phone insurance success & lessons learned

I hate phone cases. My wife "Some people" think I'm crazy, but I just don't think it makes sense to buy a sleek, thin, beautifully designed electronic device only to hide it in a...

COVID Credit Card Enhancements Ultimate Guide (Added Amazon, Target, and Walmart)

Travel rewards credit cards don't have the same appeal during a pandemic.  To keep our business, card issuers have been throwing temporary new perks our way.  We've seen a constant barrage of COVID credit...

Targeted Fidelity spending offers (extra 2x)

Some Fidelity Rewards Visa cardholders are reporting a targeted offer for extra points on purchases from November 1 to December 31st after meeting a minimum purchase threshold. The offer seems to vary and whether it's...

$40 back on $50+ at AT&T TV with new Amex Offer (up to 2x)

AT&T TV subscribers and those interested in signing up: there's a new Amex Offer out this morning for $40 back when you spend $50 or more at AT&T TV up to two times. That's good for a...
JetBlue 100,000 Bonus Points

Huge New 100k Offers On JetBlue Plus & Business Cards

Barclays has come out with a couple of huge welcome offers on the JetBlue Plus and JetBlue Business credit cards, offering up to 100,000 bonus points on both cards when meeting the minimum spend...

Chase Sapphire Reserve & Preferred add Peloton benefit (up to $120 in credits)

Chase announced today that it is adding a temporary statement credit toward Peloton Digital and All-Access memberships to both the Chase Sapphire Reserve card and the Chase Sapphire Preferred card. The credits will only cover a...

New Hilton changes: extended 2021 free night certs, reduced elite requirements, and more

Hilton Honors has announced some new customer-friendly adjustments to the program in light of the current pandemic. The real highlight here is that in addition to the extension in place for 2020 free night...

$7 back on $14.99 at HBO Max up to 3 times w/ new Amex...

There is a new Amex Offer out today that's good for $7 back when you spend $14.99 or more on HBO Max. The offer can be repeated up to 3 times. This could make for...

Gold card adds Uber benefits, but is it enough?

Today American Express has announced a new Uber benefit on the Gold Card that will eventually replace the airline incidental credit on that card, but both benefits will overlap in 2021. This will be a...

Which Premium Cards are Keepers? Version 3.5

Many premium credit cards are worth signing up for because they have great welcome bonuses that are worth more than the first year's annual fee. That's not the question. The question is whether the...

Phenomenal Chase Sapphire Reserve Offer: 100,000 Points + Annual Fee Waived 1st Year (Targeted)

What crazy thing did Citi Chase do this week? Launch a targeted offer giving 100,000 Ultimate Rewards when signing up for the Chase Sapphire Reserve card and spending $10,000. That's not all though - the...

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