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Big changes to Hilton Aspire and Surpass cards

With no advanced warning, Amex today introduced big changes to the Hilton Surpass and Aspire cards.  The Aspire card's annual fee has increased, Priority Pass is gone, annual credits have changed, and a few...

Amex family language: Is it time to grab cards while you still can?

For years, Amex has been marching to the beat of a perpetual points parade. That parade arguably began during the pandemic with an incredible Platinum card offer and had continued with great referral bonuses,...

Chase Ink Business Cash Credit Card Review (2023)

A no-annual fee card that earns up to 5x Ultimate Rewards? Let me introduce the Chase Ink Cash. This is one of the most rewarding credit cards out there, and it's been a fixture...

Stop sleeping on U.S. Bank

I love transferable currencies like Amex Membership Rewards, Capital One miles, and others like those. We most frequently write about those transferable points programs because of the abundance of opportunities to get far outsized...

Credit card cell phone insurance compared

These days, your cell phone may be among your most expensive possessions. Having coverage in case of damage or theft can be worthwhile for those who anticipate being prone to damaging their phone and/or...

Chase “Pay Yourself Back” Complete Guide

Chase has been steadily hacking away at the value of its Pay Yourself Back (PYB) Program over the last year or so, whittling down both categories and redemption rates on Ultimate Reward(UR)-earning cards. At...

[Back again!] Huge: Convert Capital One cash back to miles by moving rewards

Update 10/5/23: The ability to move rewards is back. I can confirm that it is once again possible to move rewards between your own accounts online, including from cash back on my wife's Spark...

Plans for expanding my credit card collection

Even though it seems like I have all of the best rewards card on the market, every now and then great offers appear for cards I don't yet have.  That's happening now and I'm...
United Gateway card upgrade offer

(Targeted) Upgrade United Gateway card to Explorer & earn 5,000 bonus miles

United sent me an email this afternoon offering an upgrade from my Gateway card to an Explorer card. I won't be taking them up on the offer, but it could make sense for some...
American Express Business Gold thumbs up down

Major changes to the American Express Business Gold card: here’s what’s happening

American Express has made some wide-ranging changes to the Business Gold card today. There are some great new benefits and changes to eligible 4x spending categories, but those same changes to 4x categories will...

Cardless revamps Simon Mall Amex (there’s good news and bad news)

Cardless announced this week a revamping on the Cardless Simon Mall American Express card. The key changes will be very positive for the target market for this card, though a key change in earning...

Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card Review (2023)

The Capital One Venture Rewards card is the OG of the bank's "miles-based" offerings. Over the last few years, Capital One has greatly strengthened its transfer partners, making this not only a card that...
Chase United credit cards increased offers logged in

Increased United card offers for some when logging in

Yesterday we were tipped off to a higher welcome offer available on one of the United credit cards. When looking into this, we discovered that it's possible to get increased welcome offers on two...

[Unconfirmed] Citi pulls plug on anticipated Strata cards

File this under "unconfirmed reports", but we've received a tip from a seemingly reliable source that Citi has pulled the plug on its long-rumored "Strata" cards and those cards have been indefinitely put on...

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