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I click on the link and it gives me an “Oops” screen. I tried incognito as well and it didn’t work. All I can see on the site is the $200 bonus for opening a checking account but nothing about $900 for both checking and savings. Any update on this offer? Has it been rescinded?


Is there any penalty or drawback preventing you from just closing both accounts and stepping away after receiving the bonuses past day 90?


I can’t tell if I’ll get the $400 bonus. I first opened the checking. Then opened the savings. I didn’t click the 3rd button of get $900. Am I out of luck?


Is there a certain direct deposit $ amount you need to hit? I dont feel like changing my entire paycheck routing for this promo but would consider deposting a few bucks a paycheck if there isn’t a certain max I need to hit. TIA


I’m overthinking this but it says deposit 15K within 30 days but then it says maintain 15K for 90 days from coupon enrollment. If I don’t deposit 15K until day 30, how can one maintain 15K for 90 days from coupon enrollment date? Assuming enrollment day is day account was open?


If I close this today, 1/19, would I qualify if I apply on 4/19?


Have they already pulled this offer? I click on the link and it just takes me to


Try using incognito. That worked for me.


Thanks, I tried that and it just defaulted to a $200 offer.


That’s strange. I just rechecked it just now and it showed the $900 offer for me. Chrome incognito


Just tried it again in Chrome and it worked. Thanks for the help! I was ready to buy a code off eBay.


Thanks for the info. I’m not into hanky panky. I don’t even do the gift cards thing, too much work. So, I just opened my first Chase checking and savings account to get this $900 bonus.


How long after I get the bonus can I close the savings account without looking sus?


Is this targeted offer? Don’t see if at all, even if incognito


Any guesses if there is a minimum amount on the direct deposit? I think I can split my paycheck to multiple accounts, so if I send $100 semi-monthly and still qualify? Thanks!


I closed a Total Checking business account in January 3, 2023, it was from 2022 offer. Does it matter if it is the buisness acount version or do I have to wait 90 days still or am I out of luck and they count either total checking account as the years between bonus?

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thanks, I am hoping that is the case. I’ll wait the 90 days and then go for it.


Define “hanky panky”. I get a lot of GC at OfficeDepot when the run their sales and usually max out the qtrly spend bonuses. Does tha count as hanky panky? I’ve got 1.1 mil pts that’s I’d like to use for travel eventually. Don’t want to lose those.


@Patrick, yes it does.


Thank you SO much, Tim, for the PSA. My goodness, that is so good to know. Was planning on opening a Chase biz checking and grabbing this personal deal, but after reading your PSA, it’s just not worth it. Like you, the value I get from my Chase cards is phenomenal, and it’s simply not worth putting that at risk for some quick bucks. THANK YOU.


Funny, I use Chase as my primary checking account partially because I like their credit cards and figured it might help with approvals, etc. But you make a very good point I hadn’t considered re: MS. Definitely didn’t know there was a possible connection between having Chase bank accounts and shut down risk.


The main thing I’ve seen in the past is depositing money orders..


Oh, well, yeah, I did know that. Thanks. I use much less important banks for that.


Darn it, just opened this account a few months ago with the 600 offer..will ask if they can match it for me but not hopeful.


Maybe I can close my current check+savings and wait for 90 days, and apply through this offer between 4/15 and 4/19?


@Bob, go for it!

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Yea, that’s what I was thinking…


Should work unless you enrolled for a previous bonus offer within the last 2 years.