Chase now showing “Already Approved” offers for some


Doctor of Credit reports that some cardholders are seeing a new kind of “green check mark” offer in their Chase accounts indicating that they are “already approved” for a new credit card. These offers apparently do not bypass 5/24, only match the current public offers, and still result in a hard pull — so they aren’t magical, but it looks like Chase is almost guaranteeing approval for those seeing the “already approved” messaging.

If you have these offers, you’ll find them under “just for you” in your online login.

According to some comments over at Doctor of Credit, these “You’re already approved” offers have been showing for a while with fixed-APR offers (which is the usual indication that a Chase offer is a true pre-approval rather than a simple advertisement). Previously, some “selected for you” offers had bypassed 5/24, but since these “already approved” offers are not bypassing 5/24 and aren’t offering increased bonuses, they don’t appear to offer any advantage over applying through a friend’s referral link or any other source since you would presumably also be approved through those channels. Still, I guess it’s nice to know you’ll be approved before you apply assuming that nothing has changed before your application.

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Auto approve for CSP 15k Limit no CC with chase. Have checking out for years, and recently opened chase business checking within the last few months. Also my credit was not good.

Billy Bob

Best I could do was ‘Download the app today’!!


Mine didn’t even say already approved…it said “just for you” and I got the CSP a few days ago after being blacklisted from Chase for a long time, so I’m very excited.


I would be interested to know how people have come out if they decided to cancel their Chase Sapphire Reserved after holding it for four years, then re-applying for one of the outstanding offers for either the Sapphire Preferred or Reserved that are currently offered? Obviously, they would not appear as pre-approved offers if you were still holding the old card (per this discussion), but I’ve been nervous about canceling my Reserved card in the event I wasn’t approved when I re-applied. Any evidence of Chase being vindictive in approvals for those that have recently canceled a Sapphire just so that they could re-apply?


I canceled my CSR last fall, immediately applied for CSP for 80k offer was instantly approved. Was under 5/24


But there ain’t any good least from the general public offers.. Anyone get anything good?