(EXPIRED) Chase Offer: $45 back on AT&T Wireless (for new customers?)

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A new Chase Offer is out today that is good for $45 back when you spend $48.75 or more at  AT&T Wireless. This offer was available on many of the Chase cards in my household.

The Deal

  • A new Chase Offer is out good for $45 back when you spend $48.75 or more to make the siwtch and open a new line on an eligible AT&T unlimited wireless plan

Key Terms

  • Offer expires 4/25/21
  • Must make first payment by 6/9/21
  • Terms say you must switch and open a new line on an eligible AT&T unlimited wireless plan

Quick Thoughts

The terms state that you must switch to AT&T and open a new line on an eligible AT&T wireless plan. I don’t know for sure whether you need to be signing up new, but I expect that you will need to spend $48.75 or more in one shot to trigger the offer. If anyone tries this on existing service, please report any success in the comments.

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Credit never posted on my Chase card. Been over a month.


I have it on all my Chase cards, Hyatt, United and Freedom Unlimited. I got the same offer on my Bank of America card also. I have better luck with BAC than Chase. I have AT&T internet and I still get credit on BAC. I have put 2 separate $50 payments on Chase, will keep you posted.


I made AT&T internet payment. Will see if it triggers a credit like some past AT&T wireless promotions.


Any luck?


Credit never posted. The AT&T offer disappeared from the “available offers” though after I made the purchase. No email…. will not be holding my breath, but still have a few days.


This also happened to me that the offer disappeared from “available offers”. That aspect is kinda weird and scammy.


Gosh , thank god for this thread cause happened to me too and I thought I was just imagining the whole thing. It disappeared on me too.

Tone Loc

Same thing happened to me.

It was my BoA travel that had this offer. After the payment posted, the offer initially showed that it was processing. A day later the offer vanished from available/pending/earned. Underhanded as hell but I wasn’t holding my breath since I wasn’t a new customer, it was just a normal AT&T mobile payment that I make each month.

Will see what happens when my billing period closes in 12 days.

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J jo

I do wonder does buy accessories will trigger this offer?


The cheapest non-prepaid (which isn’t eligible) plan I can find for 1 person is their 4GB plan (unlimited talk/text) for $50/month. With taxes I’m assuming a month would cost more like $55-$60, so a net cost of at least $10 after the $45 credit.

Doesn’t seem worth it unless you were going to switch to AT&T anyway.


I also have it on 5 Cards and have made payment of $50.xx with 3 of them (Not digging the other 2 out until I have conformation). Will also report back with results

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Added the info I originally wrote here above and I’m too technologically incompetent to figure out how to delete this comment so I’m editing to explain myself…for some reason. Will check back in when I have info on whether the $45 was triggered.

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I have the offer on a handful of cards. I just made a $50 payment toward my AT&T account on one of them… I’ll report back if it triggers the credit.


No credit yet…,


Thanks for the update. I’ve been revisiting this page every couple of days to check reports.


Had the offer on 4/5 personal and 0/5 biz.


copy/paste from churning


Even if you did, appreciate letting your readers here know.

J j

I have 3 chase cards. None had this offer

Jo Jo

I have it on 3 personal cards and two debit cards linked to my checking accounts.I don’t have AT&T and don’t intend to switch so unlucky I got it instead of someone who will actually use it

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