Chase Offers: 10% back at Lowe’s, Office Depot, Starbucks, Advance Auto, more


New Chase Offers are out today for many merchants, including 10% back at Lowe’s (up to $12 back), 10% back at Office Depot, 10% back at Starbucks, and quite a few other merchants. Note that I did not see these offers until I updated my Chase Mobile app, so if you’re still not seeing Chase Offers it’s worth trying that. Note that not everyone is targeted for all offers and some cards may not be showing offers. For example, I don’t have the Office Depot offer on any of my cards. I have different Starbucks offers on different cards in the same login. Some of my Chase cards have no offers — there is a lot of “YMMV” here.

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The Deal

  • Many valuable new Chase Offers are out on various cards, including 10% back at Lowe’s (good for up to $12 back)

Key Terms

  • Offer terms vary by merchant. See your Chase Mobile app for details

Quick Thoughts

As noted at the top, I had to update my Chase Mobile app in order to see offers. Once I did, I merely had to scroll down to the bottom of the app (under my accounts and the section to open a new account) to see some offers listed:

a screenshot of a credit card

From there, I clicked to “see all offers”. I could then choose which card number from a drop-down menu (you’ll need to know your cards by the last 4 digits since it doesn’t say which card is which apart from those digits).

Note that offers vary. My IHG card had no offers at all, while other cards had differing merchants and even differing offers for those merchants. For instance, I had 10% back at Starbucks on one card:

a screenshot of a credit card

But another card only offered 5% back at Starbucks.

a screen shot of a phone

You’ll have to log in and add offers to your card via Chase Mobile (or perhaps some people are seeing offers via Chase Pay?).

The offer for Lowe’s is particularly attractive since Lowe’s sells a range of gift cards, including Visas, and the terms don’t seem to have any gift card exclusions.

a screen shot of a phone

The Starbucks offer might also be attractive for many.

Further, with Black Friday coming, many of the 10% offers could stack nicely with this week’s promos. We’ve added this to the “merchandise” section of our Black Friday Deals master post.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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