Chase Special Consideration vs. 5/24


In the post “Chase Special Consideration,” I wrote about the special reconsiderations forms that a Chase banker can fill out on your behalf (if you have at least $10K on deposit) to help turn a credit card application from a denial to approval.  In fact, the process worked brilliantly for me with my Chase Ink Plus application.  I had hoped that it would work, in general, to break the 5/24 rule.

Chase Special Consideration vs 5 24

What is the 5/24 rule?

In a nutshell: if you apply for a Chase credit card, they may deny your application due to having opened 5 or more credit card accounts in the past 24 months.

In the past year or so, Chase has frequently denied applications for certain cards (Freedom, Sapphire Preferred, and Slate) due to having 5 or more new credit card accounts (with any bank) in the past 24 months.  That means that anyone who regularly signs up for credit cards in order to earn points & miles is likely to be denied when they try to sign up for these cards.  And now, the rule applies to far more cards than before.

Does the Chase Special Consideration form break 5/24?

Unfortunately, in the comments on my post about Chase’s Special Consideration forms, and via email and other means, a number of readers have let me know that the Special Consideration forms did not help them to overcome 5/24.  Even with the forms, their applications were denied.  So, while the forms can definitely help to change some application denials into approvals, it is not a silver bullet that works in all cases.

Other options for breaking 5/24?

Please see:

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[…] previously wrote that the Special Consideration Form does not help in situations where people were denied due to 5/24.  Since then, though, a few people have come forward to say that it worked for them.  So, it is […]


Hi Greg. Do we have a sense of whether being a Chase Private Client gives you strong odds of breaking 5/24?


I was denied a Sapphire based on 5/24, banker asked CPC for reconsideration – denied. Now they are submitting the special form.
We’ll see. Long-standing Chase client. Way more than 5 in 24 (31 total with 9 of them Chase).


OK, so it took a while but finally came through.
Thanks for the encouragement.

Jerry D

Does anyone know if the 5/24 rule consider all new accounts such as cars etc… or just credit cards? Bought two cars in the past 18 months and would be very close if they counted.


Hey. My 6 cars in the last 24 didn’t count towards the 5. Opened 2 cards this month!


I was denied for the Sapphire the end of May due to 5/24 rule. Stopped by bank last week to see if they could assist with an application as I have a relationship with them. Approved immediately with $15,000 line of credit. Certainly worked for me. Thanks for the tips.


So much of this is YMMV, in may I received a targeted United offer with a code, applied on May 23rd and was denied due to the 5/24 rule and received the letter stating the same, 4 calls to try to get it overturned — no luck. Today I go down to Chase to apply for the $500 bonus on the business checking account and I can’t do it without a DBA certificate because I am a sole proprietor, so I figured I would ask if I was pre-approved for any cc.

Sure enough I was preapproved for the Freedom, Southwest, and Sapphire, applied for the CSP, it went to pending, the banker called in saying they wanted to ask me a couple of questions,they immediately tell him I’m approved before he says anything. I have no relationship with Chase, never had a checking , savings, mortgage, etc… I have 14 applications over the past 2 years at this point. I have no idea anymore why some people are apprved and others aren’t, I think it’s all a crap-shoot right now.


I was told last week in my branch that there was no such thing as pre-approved.