Check your Iberia bookings for your Iberia #


If you have made bookings to take advantage of the unbelievable Iberia promotion going on right now (See: Holy Moly: Iberia is honoring it. 90K Avios now ~$260, and it’s for real), here’s a quick and important tip: check your reservations to make sure your Iberia Plus number is attached. We have had a number of reports from readers indicating numbers disappearing — see below for more on why and how to (hopefully) fix it.

The problem

Some readers have reported checking on their Iberia reservations over the past day only to find that their Iberia Plus number has disappeared from the reservation. We haven’t received as many reports as I would expect if the issue were widespread — but then maybe that’s because many people haven’t pulled up each confirmation number to check (hence this post encouraging you to do so).

According to reader reports, this issue affects newly-created Iberia accounts. I’ve heard some claim that it takes 24 hours for a new Iberia account to be confirmed in the system and others saying agents have told them 72 hours. One way or another, a newly-created Iberia account is apparently not completely added into the computer system instantaneously. In conjunction with that fact, it is possible that the system will un-attach the number from your booking. That is potentially a huge problem with this promotion, which requires you to be identified as an Iberia Plus member at the time of booking in order to receive your 9,000 Avios per the terms of the promotion.

The potential solutions

If you find yourself in the situation of having Iberia bookings that do not show your frequent flyer number, there are a few things I recommend doing:

  1. Save any screen shots from the booking process
  2. Save your email confirmation as that likely shows your Iberia number (those reporting the disappearing number have reported email confirmations showing the Iberia Plus number)
  3. Send an email to clasica@iberia.esOne reader reported receiving this suggestion from an Iberia agent, and it makes sense to do this during the promotion period in order to have a written record / paper trail. Personally, I’d probably include a screen shot of the email booking confirmation with the date/datestamp and Iberia Plus number somehow highlighted to explain that you had logged in / entered your Iberia Plus information as per the terms of the promotion and you want to be sure that your number is attached and that you will qualify for the Avios under this promotion.
  4. Try calling the Iberia Spanish line. The number should be the same in the US as the English line (1800-772-4642). I haven’t called the Spanish line myself, but our friends at No Mas Coach reported doing so and being able to get their Iberia Plus number attached to the booking without issue. Calling any airline’s US-based Spanish line often results in reaching a bilingual agent. I suggest trying the Spanish line specifically because No Mas Coach reported success with that team. With many airlines, it can sometimes work out beneficial to call the US-based Spanish language line as you may experience shorter hold times (which might be helpful as I imagine that this promotion has had a number of people on the phone).

If you go with route #4, remember a very important point: phone agents are often incorrect when it comes to stuff like this. It is not at all uncommon to talk to one agent who says one thing, a second agent who says the opposite, a supervisor who says agent #1 is correct, a department manager who says agent #2 is correct, a VP who says that something else is true, and a CEO who says none of it was correct. I wouldn’t take any phone agent’s promise of points being added later or assertion that you won’t qualify for the promo as being the final word on this, no matter how high up on the food chain you go. At the end of the day, it is unlikely you’ll speak with the programmers who created the IT that makes it happen or not happen. I’d recommend doing everything in your power to get your number attached to the booking before the end of the 24th and then waiting to see what happens in about ten days.

Will the solutions work?

Unfortunately, I’m not sure. On the one hand, your email confirmation should show that your Iberia Plus number was attached at the time of booking. As that fits the original terms of the promotion, I would think that you would have a strong case with Iberia in terms of asking them to honor it after the fact if the computer system doesn’t do so automatically.

On that note, let’s also recognize that it’s possible that the system will have already recognized that this booking was attached to your Iberia Plus account at the time of booking — that was exactly what the terms required, so there is certainly a chance that the system will just automatically credit the Avios to your account whether or not you get your number re-attached to the booking.

Unfortunately, it’s also possible that the system won’t be so automatic and that this may require some follow-up. I don’t know of anyone who had past experience with needing to create an Iberia account and make a booking with this kind of urgency and thus I think nobody could have anticipated a situation like this where frequent flyer numbers are disappearing — but it’s an example of one of those unexpected things that led me to urge caution on the way into this promo.

Of course, in the end, I think you would have decent cause for a chargeback in the worst case scenario since you wouldn’t be getting the deal you signed up for. I’d expect that the likely worst case scenario would be some headache in filing ten chargebacks with your credit card company and the time that goes into that, but I’d think you would have a fair shot of resolution there.

My opinion: Don’t panic

All that said, I’m going to give the overall benefit of the doubt to Iberia here. They have fielded tons of questions about this promo on Twitter and they haven’t been shy about the fact that they intend it to be as generous as it sounds. I don’t think they had a nefarious intent to sell out empty planes with people who created new accounts only to refuse to honor the promotion. On the contrary, it seems that they wanted the publicity that has come along with this promotion, and it would seem that attracting new members would fit right in with the mission. For that reason, even though I predict that you won’t have to look much farther than a few comments below this post to find a naysayer asserting that Iberia isn’t going to honor this for people with new accounts, I think Iberia is likely to honor this as written. Sometimes, a deal like this blows up and becomes too popular and it implodes before our eyes because too many people take advantage of it. However, Iberia stoked the fires on this one and this promotion has become so big that I think it would be a nightmare of epic proportions for them to deal with the fallout of not honoring the promo. I’m not sure that honoring the promo would be more expensive for them than the hours of labor in fielding the angry phone calls and tweets and emails and Facebook messages from the hordes of unhappy (new) customers who only days before had fallen in love with this Spanish airline they had likely ignored before.

It’s worth bearing in mind that those are merely my thoughts on the topic. I don’t have a crystal ball handy and I lost track of my magic 8-ball years ago. My only glimpse into the future is what I perceive to be a rational perspective that has been shaped by Iberia’s response to the popularity of the promo. On Day 1, in my first post on this promo, I clearly reiterated several times that I wasn’t confident Iberia would honor this at all. That totally changed with their responses yesterday. I just don’t see them doing an about-face on it now. I could certainly be wrong and maybe in 10 days none of us will have our Avios – I just don’t think that’s the likely outcome.

A couple of tips in prepping for the next big thing

This is a good moment to consider what you can do to be prepared for the next insane promotion that comes along. I can’t imagine there will be a deal like this that comes along again today or tomorrow, but here are some things you might consider as a result of seeing how this promotion has played out:

  1. Sign up for loyalty programs now so you have accounts when you need them. In my case, I signed up for Iberia Plus earlier this year — my account wasn’t new and as such my Iberia Plus number has stayed on my reservations. There is little to lose in signing up for loyalty programs even if you don’t know when you’ll use them. At the very least, I’d recommend signing up for those programs that are transfer partners of the currencies you collect. In some cases (Air France/KLM Flying Blue), having a “seasoned” (not brand new) account can help things go more smoothly anyway. Just stay organized — keep a spreadsheet or dropbox file with your account numbers.
  2. Follow us (and your other favorite deal sites) on Twitter and turn on mobile notifications or sign up for instant post alerts (click “subscribe” at the top of the page under the Frequent Miler banner) if you want to know about deals like this as soon as they happen. In the case of this promo, those readers who saw our first post about this promo got a heck of a deal assuming this gets honored — ten flights were about $183, and someone in the comments noted the cash back from Mr. Rebates, so some folks may have paid as little as the $150’s.
  3. Don’t go into the next promotion expecting it to be honored because this one (apparently) will be. Promotions that sound too good to be true aren’t always honored. When something sounds too good to be true, I always go in with low expectations and prepare myself to be pleasantly surprised if it works out. Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug.

Bottom line

If you created an Iberia account within the past couple of days to take advantage of the promo to earn 9K Avios per booking, check your reservations to make sure your Iberia Plus number is indeed attached. If it isn’t, see the section above entitled “The potential solutions”. I’d recommend doing one or all of those things sooner rather than later. I’d personally like to have that email out to Iberia before the end of June 24th in Spain (which would be 6pm Eastern time on Sunday). I wouldn’t panic if your number isn’t attached – just do what you can to get that resolved and then get ready to wait, as it’s going to be several more days before we see the ultimate outcome.

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[…] Iberia # deleted on flights. This is a known issue, more on that here. […]

[…] Iberia # deleted on flights. This is a known issue, more on that here. […]


My partner and I created IB+ accounts Saturday night, and I booked 10 trips for the two of us on Sunday just before midnight Madrid time. (Cheapest fare I could find was $32 USD.) I was logged in when I booked the trip, and added my partner’s number as I made each booking. The ten email confirmations all have both our IB numbers, but as you say, when using Manage Your Booking none of the bookings have our numbers. I added our numbers just now, but as it’s Monday the 25th, I’d like assurance that we will get the promo points.


If you call Iberia phone line, they will say that you will still get the promo points, so long as you were actually logged into your account when you made the res. I asked if those who very recently opened IB Plus accounts were still eligible, and they said absolutely. They said me adding the IB Plus number manually to the reservations shouldn’t change a thing since I booked while logged into my IB Plus account.

Just an FYI that the rep sounded like he was reading from a script, and that he had been fed lines. But thats not necessarily a bad thing if the company line being fed down is exactly in line with what we want to hear.


Just tried to log into my Iberia account to check points posting and was met with this message “Restricted access to personal area – Access to the Iberia Plus personal area is currently blocked for the indicated number.”

Did Iberia block accounts that capitalized on this promo? Would love to hear if others are experiencing this same issue.


Thanks Nick. If it helps others: my Iberia account was brand new for this promo. I made only a single $26 booking (allowed my other 9 reservations to expire).


Yes, same for us. My husband’s Ib account and mine both got locked out. They asked us to complete a form and send it together with a copy of our IDs to Iberia Plus cenrter.


I’ll still only believe this when I see the points credit!

Got in on day 1 at $18/flight, with 10 flights for both my wife and I. Really hoping they credit as I plan to use the points for a treat in BA F from AUS-LHR.

These things are hit and miss, I got involved in the Virgin Australia/Delta fracas a few months ago with the j fares from AKL-SFO, and that didn’t pan out. Looks like this one just might!

Edit: Forgot to add, that my bookings all included the FF# in the confirmation email, but didn’t when I checked online. I wasn’t able to edit that until just now. Changed all 20 bookings to include the IberiaPlus number. Glad I managed to do that – and at 11:30pm European time!


I called Iberia and the agent was able to see the number on the reservations, but could not comment on why they are not showing online. I asked if the bookings qualified for the promo and he said: “of course”. I still can’t see it online, but he told me it was there and read me the correct number (without me providing anything other than the confirmation number).

[…] If you’re doing the 90,000 Iberia Avios for under $300 deal be sure to check your bookings to ensure your Iberia number didn’t drop out of the reservation […]

[…] Miler reported last night that some bookings made with an Iberia Plus account number no longer show the number after booking, […]


Thanks Nick! I had created a new Iberia account. The 3 bookings that I made Friday night were not showing in my account but the 1 I made on Saturday was. I logged into and found the booking and added my account number. Now all of my booking are showing up in my account.


Just updated all 10 of my flight reservations online with my Iberia Plus number. I have the e-mail confirmations all showing that my Iberia Plus number was attached when I made the res, and sent the email to create the paper trail. Hopefully no issues honoring it.


unfortunately still cannot attach IB #, saying the same thing about mismatch.


did you create new account? 24 hrs ago?


I created new account on June 22, a few minutes before I started making the bookings


My IB number was in the email, but not on the booking. I was easily able to add the IB number by clicking on “your booking details” in the email, then “passenger details”, and adding the number.


Me too. And now all of my reservations are showing in my account. Guess that solves the problem

Ivan X

Thanks much for this heads up. I had only booked one ticket after creating an Iberia Plus last night, and was going to buy the rest this morning. But the account wasn’t attached to the ticket I bought, and with the uncertainty around it and not wanting to argue it with them later in case it didn’t come through, I decided to punt. For $27, I was prepared to let it go, but I called them (they said they were very busy because of the promotion) and they cancelled my ticket without issue or the cancellation fee I’ve heard others say they’ve been charged.


I created a new account for my partner yesterday and had the same issues. Couldn’t add number to anything late last night. As of this morning, I’m able to add IB number to all PNRs on the website.


Why not just go to mange booking on Iberia’s website an add your FF#?


Yeah. That seems like the obvious answer. Way too much heavy breathing on this thread!


…because for people who have created a FF account within the past 24 hours it won’t let you – that’s the whole point of this article.


It let me add the number manually and I created the account less than 24 hours ago.


Same here, but wasn’t able to do this just hours ago. They must have done an update this morning. If you were not able to yesterday, try again.


Yes put the screws to them if they don’t pay off . I think they are creating a zillion more points Hackers but I guess they wanted that .


Just manually attached my newly minted frequent flyer # to all 10 reservations on Iberia’s website. Took about 20 minutes.


I just did this as well for my wife’s account and then sent an email to the address listed in this post with a screenshot of all the booking confirmations and query that they confirm that my wife’s account will be eligible for the promotion. I guess we’ll see!


Thank you for addressing this! I had a hard time figuring why I was getting the error message regarding my new IB Plus# until I saw your new post. I’ll keep checking to see when I’m official in their system; I’m hoping it’s just 24 hours. Thanks again for the follow-up info!


So, how many Avios & taxes are required on these Iberia flown destination ??
Anyone know of a simple list ?

Africa – Accra, Algiers, Casablanca, Dakar, Lagos, Luanda, Malabo (Equatorial Guinea), Marrakech, Oran, Tangier
USA – Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York
Americas exc USA – Bogota, Buenos Aires, Cali, Caracas, Guatemala City, Guayaquil (Ecuador), Lima, Mexico City, Montevideo, Panama City, Quito, Rio do Janeiro, San Jose (Costa Rica), San Salvador, Santiago, Sao Paulo
Caribbean – Havana, Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)
Middle East – Tel Aviv


Interesting. I’m having the flights show up as having my Iberia Plus number when I navigate to the “Manage Your Booking” page. However, on Iberia’s homepage, when I’m logged into my account, it says I have all the bookings. Weird.

Regardless, I’m on hold waiting to reach an agent.


You say that when you look at each booking via Manage Your Booking, it has your IB number, and also when logged in to your account, it also shows you all your bookings. That sounds like you are all set, so what are you calling about?


Iberia is probably one of the worst airlnes to deal with especially when it comes to their IT and their Avios program. I opened a new accoint for my DH and got one booking done. After that got the message to check the FF# as its wrong. Well, their site autopopulated the correct number so how could it be wrong? Having had past dealings with them, where points I redeposited to them after cancelliing an award, disappeared, as they do not count transfers as activity and my account expired due to no activity, according to their rules.
I canceled the one booking and am getting it refunded as it was within 24 hours.
Good luck as this one promises to be more of a nightmare then its worth.


This is interesting.

So right after I booked 10 tickets for two people, and went to manage booking, I saw all 10 listed.

Now I see 8 in one of the accounts and 4 in the other account. But when I input the confirmation code and my last name, it pulls up the hidden reservation fine with both of our IB+ numbers correctly attached. FYI, one of the IB+ is newly made early yesterday and the other is an old account.

BTW e-ticket doesn’t seem to display IB+ number even for the old account.


Ugh. I went to confirm booking on and my FF# is not there. I go to add it and get this message:
‘Please check your Iberia Plus number xxxxxxxxx because it does not match the name and family name on the booking. If you are an On Business member, the name must the same as the one you have with Iberia Plus. Change it with On Business before booking your flight.”

Everything is the same. Now what? And what is “On Business”


You can view your Iberia reservation on the site and input your Iberia Plus number there.


This is the correct answer! I was able to add my FF number without issues. A little painstaking with lots of clicks but totally worth it!


THANK YOU FOR THIS! Seriously Iberia should announce that since their system sucks, we can use BAs. It would save them a lot of phone calls.


I was able to add my number on the site.


After selecting Iberia – Iberia Plus and entering my number

Sorry, we are unable to find this Executive Club number for passenger KYLE (Last name) . Please enter a valid Executive Club or Avios Programme membership number.

DP from another source says this above error may be a consequence of the IB account being brand new. Another DP related to the main problem says customer reps say your new IB account # should show-up on your bookings within 72 hours.

Well dang. I have all of the email confirmations and they all look good. Guess I’ll see if there’s anything informative or helpful posted here later today and then send them an email.


I got the same thing 8 hours ago. Emails all have IB plus #, not reservation in IB website in my account. BA gave me same message.


Even better; you can view your Iberia reservation on the >IBERIA< website and add your Iberia number to each reservation there. Shocking, I know…..


Ken – this simply wasn’t working 8 hours ago. The same error message shows up — basically IB plus number doesn’t match info on ticket. I also tried us BA website, got same thing as Kyle.

Steven S

How do you view your Iberia reservation on the BA website? I enter in my Iberia confirmation #, but BA says I do not have a correct booking reference number.


Also, the spanish version of the website lets you log in and see your upcoming trips, but the US one does not.!/mytrps


I called Iberia and the person on the phone had me list all my booking codes and give my Iberia Plus #. He said he would attach it for me to my reservations. He said I may or may not get the 9000 Avios since I opened my account within the past 72 hours…


Don’t think he was serious though… He seemed annoyed that I had 10 booking codes and kept putting me on the line in between to attend to “more important customer service matters”… First thing he asked me was does this have to do with the 9000 Avios promotion and sighed…


How quickly will the avios bonuses post to the account? I booked flights earlier and do not see any additional avios in my account.


Jon – says 10 days after booking.


One more Q – I checked my confirmation emails and see my newly acquired IB plus#. I don’t see it on electronic ticket. Is this ok; that my number didn’t detach? Thanks~


I was able to add my Iberia number to my reservation online.


Same here. All 5 flights (x2 ppl) were missing newly created Iberia avios plus FF # – Was able to click on “Your booking details” from confirmation e-mails while logged into appropriate Iberia Plus account, and add on Iberia plus number under passenger details. I feel like this is a bad omen. Might have to claw these miles out of them.


Nick – still trying to find DP on when this actually ends/ended. “By June 24” Does that mean 12:01 a.m. Spain time; in which case the deal is over or does it mean 11:59 p.m. Spain time. That makes a big difference.
If the latter, you can still get in on this deal.


First booking had my Iberia number attached. The second one did not. My gut thought is that this is only 1 flight limit versus 10 flight limit as noted for the 9,000 points (or later they limited to 1 flight due to overflow of reservations). I tried to add my Iberia number to second reservation, but no dice.


Is the deal to book for future i see a lot of excitement re: this promotion. I am new to the points game and am in the process of planning a trip to s pain from NYC family of four, so what am I not understanding here. All guidance will be appreciated


Do like Nick says u have to learn how to do this . It can b a real hassle to deal with the airlines Hotels are easy and direct . My worse is 4 hrs on the phone for an 8 hr flt. almost ended it right there.

Good Luck