Up to 22% Off Chevron/Texaco Cards & Other Amazing Deals on eBay


Chevron Texaco Gift Card Sale

SVM Gift Cards via eBay is selling $100 Chevron/Texaco gift cards for $90.

Many eBay members received an offer giving 5X eBay Bucks (10%) back on a single item purchase of $150 or more. I was able to confirm that despite their individual price, you will earn 10% back in eBay Bucks for the purchase of 2 or more of these cards. (The limit is 3 per user id.)

Ebates is also paying 4% back in the gift cards category which means that the math on this deal is quite favorable.

Taking into account all of the discounts, here is the math:

  • Cost of 3 cards: $270
  • eBay Bucks earned: $27
  • Portal cashback: $10.80
  • Final cost: $232.20
  • Discount off face value: 22.6%

Even if you didn’t receive the 5X eBay Bucks offer and instead earn only the normal 2%, the discount amounts to 15.4% off of face value.

If you don’t already have an Ebates account, you can find a sign up link for either service and many other cool things here.

Other Gift Cards

Many of the discounted gift cards I mentioned the other day are still available. Remember that this 5X eBay Bucks offer, 4% portal cashback and even 5X Ultimate Rewards with Chase Ink (for cards sold through Paypal Digital Gifts) should stack. This means that there are some pretty amazing discounts available on cards from Cabela’s, Sears, Hyatt & more.

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[…] Up to 22% Off Chevron/Texaco Cards & Other Amazing Deals on eBay […]


Can you re-load multiple Ebay gift cards to Ebay account for later use(like Amazon, you can apply gift card to your account balance without making any purchase)? What’s the maximum gift cards you can use for one time check out at Ebay?

[…] the face value of Chevron/Texaco gift cards. I actually wrote about this deal a few hours ago on Frequent Miler, but I believe it warrants mentioning here as well with a little more detail on what to do with the […]

Ivan Y

Thanks for the reminder about Hyatt GCs! After 10% eBay Bucks and 4% eBates, it comes out roughly to be $150 for each $200 GC (I bought the max 2).

FWIW, using Chrome I couldn’t get my bonus eBay Bucks offer to show up when clicking on gift cards… Worked fine via IE though. Have had similar things happen in the past — the lesson is to always double-check the checkout page 🙂


Great and irritating are both feelings towards seeing this offer.

Ebay sent me a mc999 warning a few days ago after the last round of ebay gc deals. Apparently my wife who also lives under the same roof and has her own account (which she’s sold and bought on too) cannot buy gift cards if I also do.

I’m tempted to get a dedicated vpn and a po box for the second account. The loss on this deal alone is $35 for me and it’s easy liquidation as well as I’m a bulk seller w/ saveya.


This happened to me a couple of months ago. After talking to Ebay I figured out that they recognize the IP address as the same not the physical address. Now I use my phone to buy under her account and my PC to buy mine…no problems since. YMMV


I did some homework on this and I’ve read that any IP that’s ever had an ebay order placed on it can cause issues. That makes mobile phones and dynamic VPN’s seem more risky.

I’d like to ask you more questions outside of the site if possible? My email is anthonyjh21@gmail.com (I can email too, just figured you didn’t want it put in public).


I got one of those warnings as well. Do you have to use separate paypal accounts as well? I thought I might of gotten one because I used the same paypal accounts and not different accounts when paying for the gift cards.

J. Grant

So what your’e saying is that with the discounts and cashback, its’a pretty good deal regarding MS’ing buying/reselling gift cards?

Sorry – expat here, and way behind on all these MS opps those living in Stateside can take advantage of 🙂