Confirmed: REDbird credit card loads will not be allowed as of May 6, 2015


Note: As of 10/13/15 the Target REDcard (REDbird) can only be loaded with cash in-store at Target. Gift cards and/or debit cards no longer work to load REDcard. For more info, see: Here is the REDbird memo, “Cash is the only tender guests can use”

I reported earlier today that it appeared that today may be the last day to reload the Target Prepaid REDcard (AKA REDbird) with a credit card.  Since then, I was able to confirm this rumor…

I just talked with three different employees at three different Target stores in the Southeast Michigan area.  The news isn’t good.  Guest Service employees at two of the three stores were able to confirm the existence of the memo that says that the Target Prepaid REDcard will no longer be reloadable by credit card as of tomorrow (I believe that midnight tonight Eastern Standard Time is the true cut-off, so get to the store before 9 if you’re on the west coast).

Based on a conversation with one of the employees in which she read aloud parts of the memo, here is my best attempt at a reconstruction of the memo.  Bolded parts are what I heard. The rest is my best guess of the info that she skipped over:

New tender restrictions on prepaid cards

Do not share this information with customers.

Effective May 6, 2015, third party credit cards will not be accepted for reloading prepaid cards.  This effects all reloadable prepaid cards including the Target Prepaid REDcard, American Express for Target, Greendot, etc.

If a customer inquires, tell them that Target has made the decision to stop accepting credit cards in order to align with all other merchants where prepaid cards may be reloaded.

Again, the above is my reconstruction of the memo based on my scribbled notes of what I heard while a Target employee read over the memo.  She read aloud only certain key parts.

Important notes

  • Debit cards are not mentioned.  The Target reps I spoke with have no idea whether debit cards will be allowed or not.
  • Amex gift cards are not debit cards. They are treated as credit cards, so its pretty certain that they will not work after today for reloading REDbird.
  • Amex for Target appears to have been thrown out with the bathwater too.
  • Who knew that Greendot, etc. could be loaded at Target?  It might be worth bringing other prepaid cards to Target today just in case!
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June 1st RedCard Update in Austin:
1st Target– Register would not accept my Vanilla Visa Card. They had 4 members of the staff try and had no luck. The cashier kept telling me to x-out the credit card as an option rather enter in a PIN. That was the issue, I think.

2nd Target– It took some trial and error but we figured out the process. Cashier swiped my card and put in split tender, amount, and amount of debit cards. I swiped my first card, typed in the last 4 digits of my “credit card”, hit enter, selected no cash back, accept all to card, Then swiped the next card.

I did not test the Cash Back option but I plan to on the next trip.


Target in Silver Spring MD denied loads with a visa gift card, and I just talked to a rep at RedCard who confirmed that as of the 6th credit card AND gift card loads are no longer accepted. Bummer cause I had just stocked up on some gc’s….


Did you try specifically with a PIN based gift card?


Pin GC work fine.


For those who have a Discover card, they offer something called “Cash Over” which is basically a free cash advance when you make a point-of-sale purchase. No APR, no penalties, as it all counts as one transaction (and counts toward your cashback). Unfortunately it’s limited to $120 per 24 hours. But if you’re willing to make a few trips, it can pay off. Just take the FREE cash advance over to Target and load your Redbird. And with Wal-Mart’s lenient return polices, just pick up a $5 tshirt and keep returning it each time you go to load-up: essentially making these load-ups fee-free. In my case I’ll be using the Discover Miles card which offers 3% for the first year.


If it’s a cash advance, and they hand you cash, why the need to load it onto a redbird card at all? The whole purpose of the redbird card scheme was to be able to spend money on a credit card and convert it to cash.

A valid way to earn points, but the payoff just isn’t enough for me. 120 a day, is a lot of effort going to the store.


@Travis The biggest benefit I (and many others) find with using Redbird isn’t necessarily the cash conversion, but rather the ability to earn points on bill-pay. Hence the need to continue loading. By doing this I’m earning 3% back on my mortgage and car payments (both lenders that don’t accept credit cards).


@Jamorkian How are you getting 3%? Most I can muster is 1% (2% CC – 1% GC fees).


Hi Myke. If you refer back to my original comment, you will see my full explanation. I use Discover’s free cash advance feature called ‘Cash Over’ to load my Redbird. These cash advances will post to your account as a normal point-of-sale purchase, earning your rewards. And given that I have the Discover Miles card, it earns 3% back the first year.

David Tedeschi

That makes no sense. To reach your $5k limit with redcard you would have to visit Target 41 times?? Not to mention gas and time. Just buy $500 gift cards on line and go two to three times a month to Target!! The GC charge is small.


@David Tedeschi – I only load the amount needed to pay my mortgage and car payments, which in $120 increments equates in 16 trips. I’m fortunate enough to pass Target along my daily work commute, so there is no added petrol cost. Besides an addt’l 5 minutes of my time each day. For an extra $57/month in cashback, that 5 minutes after work is nothing.


Been rejected at two target stores in San Jose and Sunnyvale, CA trying to load Vanilla Visa gift cards. Rep said gift card must have my name on it. But it all depends on the rep. Another allowed a co-worker to load as many as needed.

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Tried Amex Gift Card today, didn’t work 🙁 Will try gift card in the evening

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