Confirmed: REDbird credit card loads will not be allowed as of May 6, 2015


Note: As of 10/13/15 the Target REDcard (REDbird) can only be loaded with cash in-store at Target. Gift cards and/or debit cards no longer work to load REDcard. For more info, see: Here is the REDbird memo, “Cash is the only tender guests can use”

I reported earlier today that it appeared that today may be the last day to reload the Target Prepaid REDcard (AKA REDbird) with a credit card.  Since then, I was able to confirm this rumor…

I just talked with three different employees at three different Target stores in the Southeast Michigan area.  The news isn’t good.  Guest Service employees at two of the three stores were able to confirm the existence of the memo that says that the Target Prepaid REDcard will no longer be reloadable by credit card as of tomorrow (I believe that midnight tonight Eastern Standard Time is the true cut-off, so get to the store before 9 if you’re on the west coast).

Based on a conversation with one of the employees in which she read aloud parts of the memo, here is my best attempt at a reconstruction of the memo.  Bolded parts are what I heard. The rest is my best guess of the info that she skipped over:

New tender restrictions on prepaid cards

Do not share this information with customers.

Effective May 6, 2015, third party credit cards will not be accepted for reloading prepaid cards.  This effects all reloadable prepaid cards including the Target Prepaid REDcard, American Express for Target, Greendot, etc.

If a customer inquires, tell them that Target has made the decision to stop accepting credit cards in order to align with all other merchants where prepaid cards may be reloaded.

Again, the above is my reconstruction of the memo based on my scribbled notes of what I heard while a Target employee read over the memo.  She read aloud only certain key parts.

Important notes

  • Debit cards are not mentioned.  The Target reps I spoke with have no idea whether debit cards will be allowed or not.
  • Amex gift cards are not debit cards. They are treated as credit cards, so its pretty certain that they will not work after today for reloading REDbird.
  • Amex for Target appears to have been thrown out with the bathwater too.
  • Who knew that Greendot, etc. could be loaded at Target?  It might be worth bringing other prepaid cards to Target today just in case!
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June 1st RedCard Update in Austin:
1st Target– Register would not accept my Vanilla Visa Card. They had 4 members of the staff try and had no luck. The cashier kept telling me to x-out the credit card as an option rather enter in a PIN. That was the issue, I think.

2nd Target– It took some trial and error but we figured out the process. Cashier swiped my card and put in split tender, amount, and amount of debit cards. I swiped my first card, typed in the last 4 digits of my “credit card”, hit enter, selected no cash back, accept all to card, Then swiped the next card.

I did not test the Cash Back option but I plan to on the next trip.


Target in Silver Spring MD denied loads with a visa gift card, and I just talked to a rep at RedCard who confirmed that as of the 6th credit card AND gift card loads are no longer accepted. Bummer cause I had just stocked up on some gc’s….


Did you try specifically with a PIN based gift card?


Pin GC work fine.


For those who have a Discover card, they offer something called “Cash Over” which is basically a free cash advance when you make a point-of-sale purchase. No APR, no penalties, as it all counts as one transaction (and counts toward your cashback). Unfortunately it’s limited to $120 per 24 hours. But if you’re willing to make a few trips, it can pay off. Just take the FREE cash advance over to Target and load your Redbird. And with Wal-Mart’s lenient return polices, just pick up a $5 tshirt and keep returning it each time you go to load-up: essentially making these load-ups fee-free. In my case I’ll be using the Discover Miles card which offers 3% for the first year.


If it’s a cash advance, and they hand you cash, why the need to load it onto a redbird card at all? The whole purpose of the redbird card scheme was to be able to spend money on a credit card and convert it to cash.

A valid way to earn points, but the payoff just isn’t enough for me. 120 a day, is a lot of effort going to the store.


@Travis The biggest benefit I (and many others) find with using Redbird isn’t necessarily the cash conversion, but rather the ability to earn points on bill-pay. Hence the need to continue loading. By doing this I’m earning 3% back on my mortgage and car payments (both lenders that don’t accept credit cards).


@Jamorkian How are you getting 3%? Most I can muster is 1% (2% CC – 1% GC fees).


Hi Myke. If you refer back to my original comment, you will see my full explanation. I use Discover’s free cash advance feature called ‘Cash Over’ to load my Redbird. These cash advances will post to your account as a normal point-of-sale purchase, earning your rewards. And given that I have the Discover Miles card, it earns 3% back the first year.

David Tedeschi

That makes no sense. To reach your $5k limit with redcard you would have to visit Target 41 times?? Not to mention gas and time. Just buy $500 gift cards on line and go two to three times a month to Target!! The GC charge is small.


@David Tedeschi – I only load the amount needed to pay my mortgage and car payments, which in $120 increments equates in 16 trips. I’m fortunate enough to pass Target along my daily work commute, so there is no added petrol cost. Besides an addt’l 5 minutes of my time each day. For an extra $57/month in cashback, that 5 minutes after work is nothing.


Been rejected at two target stores in San Jose and Sunnyvale, CA trying to load Vanilla Visa gift cards. Rep said gift card must have my name on it. But it all depends on the rep. Another allowed a co-worker to load as many as needed.

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[…] Redbird credit card loads of up to $1000 a swipe, $2500 a day and $5000 a month.  Dans Deals and Frequent Miler both reported yesterday that credit card loads were not going to be allowed any more starting […]


Tried Amex Gift Card today, didn’t work 🙁 Will try gift card in the evening

[…] just pointed out that REDcard is no longer allowing credit card loading, as of today.  This was announced unofficially throughout the internet basically […]

[…] that credit cards would no longer be accepted for prepaid card reloads as of 5/6/2015.  See: Confirmed: REDbird credit card loads will not be allowed as of May 6, 2015.  I, and many others, rushed out to load our REDcards — most likely for the last time via […]

[…] reported yesterday that the memo specifically included AFT in the new rule and there are already a few reports coming […]

John Spence

Tried loading my card today at 8:30 MST. Swiped my credit card, and a message came up on the screen “Maximum $0.00 can be loaded with this card.” Tried a second credit card, same message. Was able to load up with no problems yesterday. (Target at Oracle & Roger, Tucson, AZ)


Loaded late last night in Northern, VA without a problem. Went back this morning and the registers were hard coded to prevent CC loads. I tried 2 separate registers with separate reps. The error says, “Item cannot be paid with target gift card or third-party credit card”

The rep actually said, “that’s new” when he saw the error.

Oh well

[…] card loads of the American Express Target Redcard (i.e. #Redbird).  Frequent Miler, among others, had the information (as usual for this kind of stuff).  I of course had JUST gotten my Redbird a few weeks ago, late […]


It sure was great while it lasted!

[…] stores stating that credit cards would no longer be accepted for prepaid card reloads.  See: Confirmed: REDbird credit card loads will not be allowed as of May 6, 2015.  I, and many others, rushed out to load our REDcards — most likely for the last time via […]


Had no issues at 11:30PM PST. Customer Services hadn’t heard of any memo.

[…] Frequent Miler confirms that starting tomorrow, May 6, 2015, you will NO longer be able to load your Target Prepaid REDcard directly with a credit card! […]


loaded $5K at 9.30pm PST. No issues. customer service register — no issues. Normal purchase counter – Register beeped not sure why, but no issues in loading.


I bet it’s not dead.


Your words yesterday: “I don’t think it portends anything in particular about Target’s overall policy.” FAIL
Just bought a third card on eBay LAST NIGHT! And $7K in AMEX Gift Cards today. Ugh, wish it had lasted through the summer at least.


I reloaded around 6pm in Colorado. Customer service rep said she had seen a lot of reloads today, but it was clear she didn’t know why.


Data point 9:05pm PST, loaded another $2,500 to hit month limit. Register beeped funny on each load, CS mumbled “yeah I know no gift cards” and hit a couple buttons to get it through. SoCal


Edit: PDT… Also loaded $2,500 earlier in the day, daily load limit reset at 9PM


Interesting. Was about to go try myself in CA. Did you use CC or gift cards to load?


3 CC loads


yep, I just did 3 CC loads, after maxing out the $2,500 earlier today. Interesting thing was the CSR asked me to show my ID, like the register asked for it, which as never happened before. Other than that went as usual.


Tried 2 stores in New York City, long line of MSers in first store trying to get one last hurrah, cashiers confirmed that it would be over at midnight tonight in first store. 2nd store (1st store started to deny reloads cause of the line) manager came to process reload and told me no more cc/prepaid reloads tomorrow


Eric – which ones? I had no issues juicing the RB and 2 AFTs tonight and Mgr didn’t say a word about this.


As od 8pm PST my wife and I just loaded 6k over 3 cards…….then we came home and put ourselves in time out and started boo who whoing screeching “We’ll never get to Europe……..our lives are over”…………..


I went tonight to my local Target in VA, to load. CSR made a joke that everybody was rushing in today, to get in under the wire. He said his boss told him the shutdown was related to people loading the cards, but then not shopping at the store.


I’d Love to know how many dollars Target records in RB loads today. There’s going to be some laughing in Minneapolis in the morning!


Manager at one Target store in Houston TX (on Main st, by Reliant) confirmed no more credit card loads starting tomorrow…


Damn, I was hoping they didn’t caught on here in Houston. I haven’t had the chance to reload.


Thanks as always for the updates. I hold 4 redbird cards (me, wife, mom, dad), so I’m loading 20K a month. I have done this for 2 months. I was sure hoping it would last a bit longer. In any case, because of this post, I went out tonight to load up as much as I could. The lady at the customer service desk was particularly chatty, so I asked if there was any directive saying that credit cards won’t be able to load these cards going forward. She said she didn’t hear anything. This was at a store in Oxford Valley, PA. (eastern PA 45 min north of philadelphia). This is also an area where you cannot buy the redbird card (I had to go near Baltimore to buy the cards).

Hopefully this is a store to store shutdown. Even so, as long as it’s not hard coded, it might just be a game of finding a nieve teller to check out with. Please keep everyone posted with your loads tomorrow. Thanks all!!!


What are the odds I would find this here? I just received my Redbird and completed my first load at Oxford Valley yesterday. After hearing about this I did a second load today. I was thinking there was no way anyone else in this area was stopping in to that store. Here’s to a good alternative!


Just as an FYI, one of the Targets near me was already cash+debit only. Another one still took CCs. So it’s possible this may be a branch by branch change (like how some CVS’s are cash only on vgc’s but others still take credit).


Hi FM,

One thing your heads up did today was, it just alerted Target employees that they are not supposed to reload redbird with CC from tomorrow. AFAIK, my target employees not even knew about it but for fellow MSers who where loading it like crazy!

Even if Target Head Office has sent a memo it would not have reached all the employees like we did today! Yes, we did it today FM, every one can pat ourselves on the back!


Thanks for the post and thanks for your transparency………the world is coming to an end………


Loaded card tonight in MA. Cashier at guest services knew nothing about the memo. Thanks for the heads up FM.


It’s been an very exciting fun ride. Thank you so much, FM!!!


I appreciate the heads up. I was able to make one last run.


Thanks so much for sharing with us this info! This is sad news but we appreciate your updates. Please ignore those hateful comments from people who are ungrateful. 🙂


I just put 2k on my card in IL and guest services manager knew nothing of the memo. They were just excited to see the card for the first time.


On other blogs it was reported that after speaking to corporate the credit card loading ban is beach specific so may continue to work in other branches


Creditbum which websites are reporting this is branch specific? I travel all the time so go to multiple branches. I just did a load an after $5k at one target the registers shut down and I couldn’t do my final $1k load. I went to another target in the orlando area first and it was already rejecting card loads for credit card.


I think some of those folks on eBay made a freaking killing selling them at 100% profit. I mean, serious serious money. Serious money.

les money

in possession of $1400 in vanilla gift cards. tried to load them at local target. kept getting message “unable to process this transaction using payment method”. so i took 1 $200 dollar card and bought something at the register for 1.70. went back to customer service to load and it loaded the balance just fine. tried to load an unused $200 gift card, received same message as before. heading to another target 30mins away to see if this is the new normal.


you have to tell the amount to the teller first then enter a pin. Near here there are Targets that are already hardcoded for debit only. I loaded 2.5k on RB. you have to tell the amount of the debit card first, then enter a pin


The vanilla work. After sliding, you need to please cancel and then on next screen press credit. the next screen will prompt you for signature, then give them the last 4 digits on the card. GTG


2.25% CB for Amex on the same day kinda sucks.


Fun while it lasted. I rushed to target to load 5k in me and my wife’s cards.


Will be fun watching all those ebay listings for blank Redbirds slash their prices.


lol yeah

[…] Earlier today I wrote about the end of credit card loads to the Target Prepaid REDcard (aka REDbird). At the time of my post I was fairly confident that this information was true, but it hadn’t been 100% confirmed. Unfortunately in the past couple of hours Greg the Frequent Miler was able to confirm it with multiple Target stores. […]


Too bad there isn’t an exception for those of us with only Redcard, who only use it once in a while to meet a minimum spending requirement.


That should be “only one Redcard”


Noob Here: So does this mean that Visa Gift Cards, like the ones bought online from Staples would not be able to load the Target “Redbird” Card?


My question as well. Loading with SimonMall GC would be perfectly acceptable for MS for my quarterly AOR’s. Would be great if you can link them as debit cards online, even…


I just stopped in and checked with my local store here in Colorado. They know nothing about the memo, and stated that as far as they were concerned it was business as usual tomorrow. I hope they are correct. They also added that there are only a handful of people that even load the card at their store.

Since October, I have become friends with the majority of the Customer Service reps, and usually spend and addtionanal 5-10 minutes per visit offering advice in my career field to them, therefore I do believe that they are being honest with me and know nothing about the memo.

Not to say that it won’t happen in the next few days….keeping my fingers crossed.


I’m in CO as well. I have an AGCs coming in 2 days so we’ll see then! But I doubt it will work… But I will be trying for sure.

I had two orders of AGCs and luckily the second got declined.. I should play the lottery.

Also, people complaining.. Where did you find out about the REDbird? Oh yea, these blogs. No one “ruined” it, it was destined to die. Good day sir.


It was inevitable. I will still try loads at the various Targets in the area until I hear a firm “NO” from them. Some stores are always a little slower than others.


Retail IT guy here: Outside of emergency fixes, is rare to push out POS changes to 1900+ stores at once. Expect a regional rollout over several days.


Didn’t Target lower the Redbird transaction load limit from $2.5K to $1K overnight, if I recall correctly?

It wouldn’t normally be done overnight because there’s a lot of work, or there’s risks of errors, or for other reasons?


I loaded $1800 at Target just 3 hours ago


“I agree with Ron. These Bloggers have no business ruining it for every one here. They can’t get decent job hence they stay alive on CC Affiliate income.”

Hey Ron’s Friend, maybe if you had a decent income then you wouldn’t have to rely on MS for travel or cashback perks. Hmm pot calling the kettle black.. Yeah I’m sure you MS being it’s a cool hobby.

And as for Ron. Please STFU. You act if your life is ruined. Maybe spend more time investing and finding a better 9 to 5 so you wouldn’t have to rely on MS for travel.

This blog is fantastic. It’s very informative and more people would agree with me than disagree. It’s just a few cry babies crying over spilled milk.

Martin's can take it home


You need to start living. Not all of us are here to live on bread crumbs. I am here to enjoy exploiting the system.


Tks for the heads up. Able to get rid of it all. My target manager knew nothing about any memo, for what its worth, I’m in Florida. We got a lot of HATERS out there, shame……

[…] UPDATE: See FrequentMiler’s post Confirmed: REDbird credit card loads will not be allowed as of May 6, 2015 […]


I’m glad I was able to do my loads in Atlanta this past weekend! Thank you for confirming the memo, FM!


Time to eat crow, isn’t it Greg? Maybe you greedy FOOLS will finally stop writing about this stuff!

Now how are you going to MS? Back to BB? And thanks to all the over exposure, many WMs long ago stopped accepting vgc.

Bunch of clowns ruining this hobby for the sake of credit card affiliate income. Pathetic. Contemptible. Shameless. Needs to stop.

Anyone “supporting” clowns exposing means and methods are just as complicit.

Ron's Friend

I agree with Ron. These Bloggers have no business ruining it for every one here. They can’t get decent job hence they stay alive on CC Affiliate income.


Ron… why are you posting with a fake name right after your posted? As if your friend magically happened to be on the computer, see your comment, and post within 5 minutes? Don’t be a fool. These blogs are great, you are a loser for crying like this. Grow up.

Chill Out

geez @Ron, relax and don’t blame the messenger. If it weren’t for FM and others, you wouldn’t know about any of this anyway. And don’t pretend you would.

Thanks, Greg, for doing the legwork and letting us know what’s up.


Blame the messenger? This blog is late to the MS party. It was happening years before they came along and will happen years after the CC affiliate hucksters leave. Hopefully the deal killers wont destroy everything in their path 1st.



If you want to hate on Frequent Miler, don’t visit the blog anymore instead of trash talking them. One person didn’t kill the deal & we all know that Target would have killed it eventually anyway.

colin blaine alexis

Absolutely agree! These clowns won’t be around years from now. This is what happens when one manipulates the system.

“Bunch of clowns ruining this hobby for the sake of credit card affiliate income. Pathetic. Contemptible. Shameless. Needs to stop.

Anyone “supporting” clowns exposing means and methods are just as complicit.”

Ron Can Headbutt a Knife


I'd Pay To Watch Ron Headbutt A Knife

Yeah! All those complicit shameless bastards providing traffic by reading this blog… Oh, wait…


they getting paid on CC apps not as much on traffic. you cant hire a sidekick on traffic revenue


Thanks, Target! It’s been a GREAT 7 months!


This is definitely a bummer!! As the saying goes “when one door closes, the other opens”. We just have to wait until someone finds that new door! I will do the CC loads today to maximize before time runs out. Thanks for the heads up!


Thank youTarget for at least giving us a heads up to do one last round of credit card loads on Redbird.
Thank you FM for confirming the memo. I wish you’d asked whether the memo made any mentions of gift cards.


But how about visa gift cards? Are they still good to load redcard?


I want to know this too


It was good while it lasted, we all knew this day would come. Onto the next thing.


Glad I spent my whole lunch hour at Target then. All minimum spend done. Bye, Felicia.


Lol. Of course this happens just after I finally was able to pick up a prepaid Red card on my trip to Indiana last week. Oh, well.


I had mine a week! nearly maxed it out in April…will try to sneak $2500 on it today. Bummer.


Why amex for target ? they’ve made so much off the fees alone which absolutely covers the cc merchant cost…makes no sense!


I’m curious to know whether this change affects states that don’t sell Redbirds.




Yes, I’d like to know this too.


I saw reports from people who were told about the memo in Targets in NY today, where RedCards are not sold.


Confirmed. Just tried to do the last load in brooklyn and was told that starting today, they only accept cash or debit. Did not have debit on me so did not try.


The CSS for your blockquote makes the entire quote italics, though I can look in the HTML to see which parts you added an extra italics too.


wish it could have lasted a little longer; I was getting ready to apply for my quarterly AOR today evening, now need to wait for another MR opportunity!!!


Man this is really bad. Just ordered 20k amex gift card this morning via TCB. I am calling right now to cancel it…