REDbird PM (post memo) Questions


Note: As of 10/13/15 the Target REDcard (REDbird) can only be loaded with cash in-store at Target. Gift cards and/or debit cards no longer work to load REDcard. For more info, see: Here is the REDbird memo, “Cash is the only tender guests can use”

The Target Prepaid REDcard, also known as REDbird, has been an amazingly awesome tool for manufacturing spend.  For the past 6 months, we have been able to load the card in-store and pay with a credit card, for free.  Then, we could withdraw the cash for free or pay bills for free (including paying the credit card bill that was used to load REDbird).  Along the way we would earn credit card rewards, meet minimum spend requirements for new signup bonuses, etc.  It was a very rewarding card.

Then came the memo.

Yesterday, news broke about a memo that was sent to Target stores stating that credit cards would no longer be accepted for prepaid card reloads.  See: Confirmed: REDbird credit card loads will not be allowed as of May 6, 2015.  I, and many others, rushed out to load our REDcards — most likely for the last time via credit card.

What’s left?

Do any good uses for REDbird remain besides the nifty 5% discount at Target?  Today, we’ll get answers.

REDbird PM

Here are the questions that I hope to learn the answers to today:

  1. Is the credit card ban in effect in all Target stores?
  2. Is the new policy hard coded into the register or left to the cashier to enforce?
  3. The memo specifically said that no 3rd party credit cards would be accepted.  How about 1st party credit cards?  Will they work?  What are they?  Target cards?  Amex cards?  If Amex cards work, will they earn rewards?
  4. Can debit cards be used as payment?
  5. Can Visa/MasterCard gift cards be used for payment?  If so, which ones?

Finding answers

I’m looking forward to hearing from readers about their experiences today, both good and bad.  And, you can bet that I’ll be out  seeking answers as well.  See you at Target!

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Redcard is dead. Loaded $2500 last night, but today is a no go. In Georgia. Oh well, had a good 2 months (better than nothing).
You have probably answered this question a thousand times, but here it goes – I keep seeing posts about loading the Redcard with gift cards. My sole purpose of this Redcard was to get frequent flyer miles (loading up my Redcard with my credit card). So if I buy gift cards with my Chase Ink cc, will that work? Will Chase give me points for buying gift cards? Is it still worth it if you have to pay a fee for the gift cards? Thanks in advance 🙂 🙂


Rick, Vanilla Visa gift cards that have the word Debit would work to reload your Amex RedCard at Target. They do have a fee but you have to figure out if for you it makes sense to buy and load. If you are getting more than one point per dollar spent, it might be worth it. Otherwise, use it to meet minimum spend requirements. I am not a heavy MS (manufacture spender) so for me Amex Redbird will be used to meet minimum spend requirements from credit card applications.


I successfully loaded my Redbird with a Visa Buxx card, which makes sense since it’s a debit card. And as everyone is reporting, I wasn’t able to load my redbird with a cc.

I also tried to load my AFT with a cc and it didn’t work. The register is hard coded to accept only the $3 fee (out of the usual $1003 when loading 1K). However, I think that AFT would accept a debit card, unfortunately I didn’t have one on me to try.

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Subscribed! Congratulations!


How many VGCs can one load w/ split tender? Thanks!


I did 10 splits for a total of $1,000 last night. I only had 3 different cards today, but I doubt the number of splits you can do is changed since yesterday. Based on that experience, my guess is at least 10.


People are saying it is hard coded against CCs, but isn’t it more accurate to say it is hard coded against the CCs we have tried? The message that says $0 able to be loaded with this card tells me that the $0 is some variable that gets checked and a different number pops up depending on what checks the card passes. Additionally, when I tried my CC, the POS still gave me the same screen as always where it showed my load amount in a yellow box and asked for a signature. Why would the system even go to that screen if there was block on all CCs?

I’m not saying there is hope or even anything useful here, but it seems like there must be some type of CC that can be loaded or the 3rd party message, $0 text, and signature screen wouldn’t make sense.


Interesting. I’m hoping to get my new ccards in the mail today so I can try it out here in Minneapolis…I will report back. I was able to load $2500 last night.


Central VA having same experience as everyone else. Tried Citi CC load of $100 and got message about $0 being able to be loaded. Then I loaded $300 doing split tender of $100 each on VGCs. I did that twice.

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FYI I tried loading the Redbird with ToysRus gift card and it didn’t work. PPBDC didn’t work either. But I was able to unload Amex serve cash balance to Redbird.


what is the benefit of draining balance from amex Serve to RB when you can withdraw Serve account for free at MoneyPass atms? unless there’s something I missed?


To take advantage of amex offer loaded on my serve “$10 on gift card purchase >200$”. Redbird loads show up as gift card purchase on amex serve which earns $10.


ToysRus gift card? LOL. Try Starbucks Gift card


California appears to be largely unaffected, except for checking a license. Didn’t confirm myself but heard from 3 people already. Alameda is hardcoded not to accept CC but other stores have worked so far.


false. just tried it at target san jose… hard coded to not accept cc.


In speaking with the Target rep, it appears Target will no longer accept credit cards to off a target account either. So Target is refusing to accept third party credit cards across the board


Any news about Amex for Target? Is it hardcoded for debit too?

Bill U

Just tried with 2 different CC’s. Unable to load. The cashiers had no clue as to why. Will try with a visa gift card this afternoon.