Create an Amex Sync Machine


Lately I’ve been raving about great opportunities to save money through Amex Sync Offers.  For example, please see these recent posts:

The hard part about maximizing savings from these offers is that, usually, each Amex card you have can only receive the discount once.  So, if you want to maximize savings, it’s a good idea to enroll multiple Amex cards in each offer.  You can enroll your own primary cards, authorized user cards, and even Serve cards in these offers (gift cards, Bluebird cards, and other prepaid cards besides Serve are not eligible).

I’ve written before about ways to enroll multiple cards in these offers, but most options can be a nuisance to do with every new offer.  A better approach takes some up front work, but then makes it very easy to do going forward.  The idea is to create a separate Twitter account for each Amex card you have (including authorized user cards and Serve cards), sync each of these Twitter IDs with Amex, and add each one to TweetDeck.  Once you’ve done all of that, enrolling in Amex Sync Twitter Offers becomes insanely easy.

Setting up the machine

Follow these steps to prepare each Amex card:

  1. Create a Twitter Account here:  Each Twitter account requires a separate email address.  One good way to accomplish this is to start with a base Gmail email address and tack on “+something” (where “something” is a unique identifier for your credit card).  For example, my email address is, but I can create a new Twitter account by tacking on additional stuff like this:  Any emails sent to this address will automatically go to my normal email address.
  2. Confirm your email address.  Twitter will send you an email with a link to confirm that this is really your email address.  Open the email and click the link.
  3. Enroll your new Twitter ID with Amex Offers, here:
  4. Sign in to if you haven’t already.  If this is your first time using TweetDeck, whichever Twitter account you sign in with first will be your primary TweetDeck account, and you should use that account from then on to sign in. 
  5. Add your new Twitter ID to TweetDeck (not necessary if you signed into TweetDeck with this account).  Click the cog icon, then “Settings”.  Then click “Accounts” then “Add Twitter account”.

If you have a lot of Amex cards, the above steps can be a real pain, but I think its worth it going forward.  I highly recommend keeping a spreadsheet with each Amex card listed along with the Twitter ID and associated email address.  Use the spreadsheet to keep track of how far along in this process you are.

Using the machine

Once you’ve setup your Amex Sync Machine as described above, enrolling in Amex Twitter Sync Offers is amazingly easy.  You can find eligible Sync Offers in the following places:

Once you have one or more Sync Offers in mind, open TweetDeck, click on the New Tweet icon, select all of your Twitter IDs (the egg icons), and type in all of the Sync promos you want to register for.  This image shows an example:


Press “Tweet” and your done!

Note: Some promotions are not available through Twitter, but rather through FourSquare, TripAdvisor, Facebook, or the “Offers for You” section when you log into your Amex account.  So, the above machine won’t set you up for all possible promotions, but you should be good to go for most of them.

Hat Tip to commenters Murtuza and Haley for suggesting the TweetDeck approach.

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Twitter is requesting a mobile number to text an authorization code for a new account. I have lots more AMEX cards than available mobile numbers. Any tips?

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finally got around to setting this all up and this post was very helpful–thanks!!


ok. got it. had to disconnect. then reconnect


-so i connected my serve card to amex sync via twitter.
-then i have to also sync my serve card for individual deals/offers (small biz saturday) i want to purchase also, by tweeting something?


cant wrap my mind around this sync process.
where do i actually add my amex serve acct #? without providing my acct #, how will amex know to give me the discount?


-thanks for the fast response, but i was prompted to enter my serve acct # anywhere.
-when i click your link in step 3 i receive this message: “your Twitter account is already connected.”
-the twitter acct is connected but where do i actually input my serve card #?
please advise.
thanks again

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I am trying to create the Twitter account for each Amex card. I got one done. But can’t create the second one. Twitter keeps asking for ENDLESS verifying of those weird numbers. I even tried another browser. I am definitely not logged into anything like my gmail or my regular Twitter account. Next I’ll try clearing history in my browser.


I found the best way. Before Twitter was storing my cookies and preventing variations in my gmail address I am using. This locking me out until I waited a day. But when I use Google Chrome browser in Incognito (File – New Incognito Window), I can create these quickly.


I’m glad you figured it out! Thanks for sharing


When I tweet an off not all of my twitter accounts synced with my amex card get a email telling me I’m enrolled. Does that mean my card is not eligible?


Strange. I’m not sure what that means. Are you sure you have all of the cards synced with Amex correctly?


Very Cool! Thanks!


this is a great idea in theory but i would caution that using an automated app like tweetdeck might put your twitter accounts at higher risk of being suspended. i’ve been doing amex sync deals thru twitter since they first came out and have had several account suspended. i suspect i tweeted the hashtags too quickly with the different accounts and someone noticed. per the t&c’s apparently we’re not supposed to have multiple accounts :p now i’m paranoid and don’t like registering too many accounts at once with twitter.


Created 6 twitter accounts using this technique after reading this article and already got 1 account suspended. Anyone else running into trouble?


Are these the same offers available through your AMEX account? The reason I’m asking, all of my accounts are not always eligible for every offer.


Yes, they are often the same offers, but some offers are available through one channel but not the other.


This is a game changer! Thanks!


Excellent, thank you.