[5% off Sam’s Club online, more] Cash app boosts: Save on grocery, restaurants, and more

Update 12/3/20: Couple of new boosts were added today including 5% off at Sam’s Club up to $20 off. That could be a great deal, particularly stacked with discounts like the current Lowe’s Gift Card deal (our affiliate link).


Update 11/26/20: There are quite a few new boosts out today. I’m seeing 10% off Best Buy, Nike, Adidas, Starbucks, and Bath & Body Works. I’m also seeing 15% off Chewy. There may also be more – check your app!

Update 11/13/20 to include this week’s boosts as there are many new ones this week. offers appear to be targeted, but both my wife and I had many of the best ones on both of our accounts. Note that some expire in 28 days whereas others expire in 7 days. Either way, the discounts here could really add up. Original post with updated boosts follows.

I recently finally saw the light on signing up for the Cash app. For those who like me have been behind on that and/or those who aren’t watching boosts closely, it’s worth taking a look at this week’s new offers as you could probably save some money.

Yeah, I opted to pay $5 for the glow-in-the-dark card rather than get a free black or white one. They got me with that $5 referral bonus 🙂

The Deal

  • The Cash App is featuring the following boosts this week

Single purchase:

  • 5% off one purchase up to $15 off
    • GOAT
  • 5% off one purchase up to $20 off
    • Sam’s Club online
  • 10% off one purchase up to $7.50 off:
    • Any grocery store purchase
    • Walgreens
    • Nintendo
    • Subway
    • CVS
    • Aldi
    • Buffalo Wild Wings
    • Warby Parker
    • Dick’s Sporting Goods
    • Walmart (note that my wife got both boosts for 10% and 15%)
    • Publix
    • Ulta Beauty
    • Nordstrom
    • Jack in the Box
  • 15% off one purchase up to $7.50 off
    • Any restaurant
    • Walmart
    • Home Depot
  • 20% off one purchaseup to $7.50 off
    • Lyft
  • $5 off one purchase anywhere after making one purchase at T-Mobile (expires in 28 days)

Multiple use

  • 10% off each purchase up to $5 off
    • 10% off each order at DoorDash (valid every hour)
  • 15% off every purchase up to $7.50 off
    • Xbox (valid once every 6 hours)
    • Playstation Network (valid once every 6 hours)
    • McDonald’s (valid every hour)
    • Chick-fil-A (valid every hour)
    • Domino’s (valid every hour)
    • Taco Bell (valid every hour)
    • Chipotle (valid every hour)
  • 20% off every purchase up to $7.50 off
    • Dunkin’ (valid every hour)
    • USPS (valid every 3 hours)

Quick Thoughts

The Cash App is basically like a prepaid debit card (this is owned / run by Square) that you fund with a debit card (to my knowledge, you’ll need a real debit card for this, not a gift card). They send you a physical card in the mail (like mine pictured above) and then you load money via the app and activate “boosts” that save you money on specific types of purchases. I’ve been using my HSBC debit card since I have an offer right now to earn $15 per month by using my debit card 10 times per month.

While some of these discounts won’t be very appealing (for example, you can often get Domino’s gift cards at discounts of around 20% off face value), others can be very useful (I needed $25 in groceries the other day, so I also grabbed a $50 Amazon gift card and got 10% off my entire purchase). Obviously this comes at an opportunity cost of losing out on credit card rewards, so you have to come to your own decisions as to whether it is worth eschewing your rewards credit card now and then for a bit of a win here.

That said, the rewards here could really add up and in some cases these are discounts that we just don’t ordinarily see.

If you’re new to the Cash App, you likely won’t get your card in time to use this week’s boosts (mine took at least a week or so to arrive), though with some discounts valid for 28 days (like Aldi, CVS, Walgreens, and the $5 anywhere deal), you should still get a chance to get useful offers. If you’re interested in signing up, feel free to use one of our referral links. You’ll get $5 for signing up and sending someone at least $5 (I sent $5 to my wife to trigger my $5 bonus and she sent money to me to trigger her bonus)

Note that if the link doesn’t automatically populate the referral code, there is a place in the app to enter it after you’ve downloaded and installed it.

The wins here aren’t huge individually, but they can add up to be something substantial enough for those interested. Totally separate from this Cash App deal, I was at Office Max recently buying two Grocery Everywhere cards for a net cost of about $395 (during a week when they were on sale) and the cashier said something about every bit of savings on groceries counting. When I said that I also get 5 points per dollar on my credit card, he said “like twenty bucks — hey man, that’s a couple packs of chicken”. He’s not wrong. I’ll take a couple free packs of chicken now and then, so I shouldn’t have been ignoring this app and I’m glad I got my household in on it.

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You should also check out Oxygen Bank, which has similar cash back boosts like 7% at Walmart, Trader Joes, Whole Foods; $1 off food/coffee, 5% off Gas; etc.


You can link a Venmo debit card to your Cash App card as a funding source.


I am not a Cash App user yet, but maybe if …
Does anyone know if Visa GCs from Sam’s (~$6.50 fee for $200 card) earns the Cash reward? Combining that with the 5% quarterly bonus on Citi Dividend would be an effective 6-7% CB if it qualifies.


Nevermind, I forgot how this one works as a debit card rather than as a card-linked program. My comment above does not even make sense in that light.


costco com doesn’t count for costco 🙁 learned it the hard way


Wanted to get clarity – once you get the Cash card, you have use it to pay directly at the merchant, right ? Is there a way to stack the 10% Best Buy boost with Citi 5% category and 5% off online purchases.


stacking is not possible, unless BB allows split pymt

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Mike Chicago

10% off Meijer

Mark W

I had a ton of boosts removed this week. Lost 20% USPS. Lost 10% grocery stores. Didn’t get any of the new ones. I now only have four boosts total – Shake Shack 20%, Instacart 99%, Taco Bell 10%, and Chick-fil-A 15%.

I guess maybe Cash app got tired of me spending exactly $75 at a grocery store each week and not using the card for any non-boosted spend?


I got squat this week. Only 3 offers: Instacart, Taco Bell, and Chicky Filly. None of these are even applicable in the small town where I live.


All good offers are none for me, even the weekly grocery offer doesn’t show up..


I’m in Silicon Valley and I have $1 off any Blue Bottle Coffee purchase. Of course, their coffees are not cheap.

Stefan Krasowski (@rapidtravelchai)

My run of great offers has hit pause for the first time since May. Just a handful of ho-hum offers on my cards this week. In May I had a similar week and the following week the offers came roaring back, so will watch out for next week.

Stefan Krasowski (@rapidtravelchai)

Other SEA people that we normally line up by geography have all the usual suspects offers this week. Mine are only GoPuff, Taco Bell, Chick-fil-A, Shake Shack.


Whats the grocery everywhere deal you mention? I googled it w no results


Where do you find “boosts”? I don’t see it anywhere in my account.


just tried, loading ubereats works perfectly


I tried to use the 10% at any grocery store today. I used my card at Walmart neighborhood market. After many emails back and forth Cash app customer service told me that Walmart is not considered a grocery store because they sell other things even though I used it at the Walmart grocery store. I stated my case comparing it to Kroger super center and Publix but did not win my case. Other than not receiving cash back on the boosts I have been extremely happy with the card.


Not their fault. As you now know it’s all about the Merchant Classification Code for the company as a whole and not individual locations. Walmart is mostly a department stores/super centers vs. Kroger which is mostly a supermarket, even for their “mega stores” that have a Fred Meyers jewelry stores. You may find occasional exceptions, but please don’t get upset at the card company. Meijer is a supermarket even though others would argue it’s a department store/super center.


added Stephen – enjoy the fiver 😉 and ordered my card


Long time fan of cash app here. Boasts vary by region and cities, and even from card to card wife had $5 off any purchase weekly for a while, 10% off grocery is maximised weekly here at my family, miss the $1 off coffee.
You really need to keep an eye out though because they constantly change.

Didn’t figure out how square makes money here but ima keep squeezing every penny out


How many $1 off coffees did you do?


Oh it renewed every 3 hours


I think that one was once an hour, at least for me. When I moved to Austin, there was a coffee shop right behind my apartment building… a few steps from the back door. They had a bunch of brewed coffee for $2 any size. Then I learned that if you bring your own mug, it’s only $1.50. So I was drinking $0.50 coffee daily rather than brew it at home. Just went there the other day for the first time in awhile and they remember me. 🙂


Wow, new cards only give a $5 sign up bonus? My older cards vary between $10 and $15. I’ve not really understood why, but none are just $5.


You are correct! I have now learned two things on this thread – that CashApp gives the referrer double or triple the amount of what it gives the referred person, and the card comes in green. Who knew? I guess you did…. Cheers!


I think I know your Office Depot employee, he sounds like one guy I deal with every week. 🙂

I’ve been going to the USPS daily this week and picking up 3x $38 Amazon gift cards. That’s my new favorite.

I do miss my $0.50 coffee’s, though.


Mail me your card and I can add you to the list. 🙂


So clever! Didn’t even think about that. I need to mail my ballon anyway.