Cyber Monday!


I’m trying something new with this post.  If all goes well, this post will grow as deals are discovered throughout the day.  Many Cyber Monday deals have been announced before Monday, but my guess is that we’ll find some new goodies on Monday.  If nothing else, I expect we’ll see some cool new Amex Offers and a few good portal bonuses.

If you know of good deals not yet reported here, please comment below (or email me: frequentmiler at gmail). 

Deals reported as of 5:00 pm, EST:

Deals reported as of 2:15 pm, EST:

Deals reported as of 10:22 am, EST:

Deals reported as of 9:35 am, EST:

Deals reported as of 7:30 am, EST:

Deals reported as of 7:07 am, EST:

Deals reported as of 6:45 am, EST:

From me:

From comments and other blogs:


Deals reported in original post:

To get things rolling, here are a few deals that were already known at the time I kicked off this post:

Silvercar 50% off December drives

This one was really marketed as a Black Friday deal, but its good through the end of day Monday. Book with code WACKFRIDAY.  Valid for drives starting 12/1 – 12/31.  Also, don’t forget that you can make a bunch of money referring friends to Silvercar!  I already received my first $100 referral!  For details see: Silvercar referral deal becomes ridiculously good.

Club Carlson: 100% bonus on purchased points

Cyber Monday only: Buy Club Carlson points and get a 100% bonus.  Normally, for example, 20,000 points would cost $140, but with this deal you can buy 10,000 points for $70 and end up with 20,000 points.  That’s a cost of only .35 cents per point.  While its often possible to get much better value from your points, my Fair Trading Prices chart has Club Carlson points at only .25 cents per point.  What that means is that I wouldn’t buy those points for .35 cents each unless I had a concrete plan to use them and unless I knew that I would get much more value than that.  Also note that handles the transaction (so it doesn’t count as Club Carlson hotel spend for a credit card bonus).

Up to 20% off gift cards at Staples

Find details here.


CVS Free $10 gift card when you spend $30 on participating products

This looks like a worthy stop given that some of the participating products include common items you’re likely to need such as laundry detergent, paper towels, toilet paper, etc., and many of these items are on sale too.

More deals

Make your own Cyber Monday deals anytime

Don’t forget that there are many ways to get deals throughout the year that often far exceed Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.  Please see “Stacking deals for fantastic points and savings” for details.

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Jake from MSP

Yes Grant, saving $5 per card and having to drive there to do so is soooo much better and ” outside the box” compared to just sitting at your computer to save $10 without leaving.

PS If your site didn’t take so MF long to load and you learned to use less data intensive posts, I’d dislike your website less.


Jake —

Your post is not very nice. Grant, who runs a fine blog (that also loads just fine for me), shared a useful tip. Many of us have multiple AMEX cards, and most of us (including me!) would not think of heading to those stores to buy gift cards. A 20% savings on merchants you regularly use (like ebay) is nothing to sneeze at. I hadn’t paid any attention to this AMEX offer, but I may now sign some cards up and hit those gift card racks next time I’m driving by those stores. Thanks Grant!


You are welcome iahphx. Glad to share. I figured that some people have 50+ AMEX cards that they used on SBS, maybe they want to save some more money at Toys R Us / Babies R Us.
Jake from MSP, I understand your frustration. My blog is on a shared server, rather than on a dedicated server like BA and other larger websites. Sometimes my site in incredibly slow, nothing I can do about it other than pay more money to my hosting site to move me to a dedicated server. If you use an RSS service like Feedly, the posts should load right away.
Have a great day to the both of you 🙂


I did much better than 10% off buying Ebay gift cards today. If you go to Toys R Us / Babies R Us, use an AMEX card enrolled in the Toys R Us / Babies R Us offer, you can buy a $25 Ebay gift card and get $5 statement credit, which equals 20% discount.

Now that’s thinking outside the box 🙂


eBay is selling $ 100 ebay gift cards for $ 90


I can now confirm that eBates will give the 35% cash back. Final cost for the book after eBate is $ 12.35.


While I consider the Entertainment books to be pretty marginal, this is a good price. Since I have a 2014 book, they gave me an additional $1.90 discount on my purchase, making my final cost $10 and change.


Entertainment 2015 coupon books for $ 19 today. Also, eBates is giving 35% cash back on Entertainment 2015 purchases. I have not confirmed if eBates will indeed give the 35% back, although I did not see any exclusions. I was going to buy it for $ 19 anyway (they are normally $ 35 although discounts to $ 25 are common.) Anyway, if eBates works….great. YMMV


Does one have to use their United Card to get the increased Mileage Plus portal bonus?

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Neiman Marcus 15X, ebags 18X (20% off & $10 sync offer) at UA portal with MP CC.


I can confirm that the Staples $20 off $100 was on my SPG Amex account (personal, not business).

Interestingly – as with some of those deals it was available on the first card I checked, but once I loaded it, it was not available on any of the other authorized user cards.

[…] Cyber Monday everyone!  Here are some new cash back offers.  For all the latest info, follow Frequent Miler’s post.  He is updating that post throughout the day with all the latest Cyber Monday deals.  First out […]


Best Western Free25$ Card:



I received This discount is not linked to this PayPal account even though both use the same email. Any work around?


Lifemiles is giving a 125% bonus on mile purchases today.


Not sure if this is a real deal or not. SW portal is showing Sears at 8X again. Ad says valid for 3 days, but if you learn from the past, I would not think they will have it for 3 days.

William Charles

Also chime card $5 off $5 at Amazon, not sure if there are many if any left.

William Charles

Personal Capital is offering $20 amazon gift codes as sign up bonus, same offer as Black Friday – first 1,000 only then next 3,000 get $10 codes.

Cool idea!


Found $15 of $15 Amazon Amex Offer for you on one of my cards.


$100 visa GC at Staples deal dead

Linda K T

$10 discount on Visa $100 GC on Cost is $96.95 after fee.
Save $10 instantly! 1-day only, limit 1 per customer.

valid 12/01/2014 only.
**While supplies last. May not be valid in combination with other offers. Offer subject to change.
Offer Expires on 12/01/2014

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Ranjitsinh Chavda

staples gift card $100(for $90) on ebay.

Ranjitsinh Chavda

This could be $80 , if it allows to use code “CYBEREBAY”. I was able to use the code as well as ebay gift card that I bought earlier.


What about the $100 Orbitz deal?