[Last Couple Of Days] Daily Getaways: Full Week 1 & 2 Deals Announced (Cheap Choice Points & More)


Update 11/3/21: Daily Getaways officially ended a couple of weeks ago, but deals that didn’t sell out are still available. These will officially end on November 5 which means there’s only a couple of days left to buy packages, so you can get them here if you’re interested.

The following packages are still available:

  • Hilton
    • 30,000 points for $150
  • IHG
    • 25,000 points for $125
    • 50,000 points for $250
    • 100,000 points for $500
  • Choice
    • 14,000 points for $84
    • 28,000 points for $155
    • 42,000 points for $220
  • Wyndham
    • 15,000 points for $175
  • Best Western
    • 10,000 points for $55

Daily Getaways announced last week that they’d be returning with their set of annual travel deals on October 7.

Direct link to Daily Getaways current deal

There wasn’t much information released at the time, but they’ve now provided details on their website about the first 7 days of deals.

Daily Getaways Hyatt

You can find all the deals here, but here’s a quick summary:

  • Thursday October 7 – Hilton Honors points for 0.5cpp
    • 30,000 points for $150
    • 100,000 points for $500
    • 250,000 points for $1,250
  • Friday October 8 – World of Hyatt points for 1.2-1.32cpp
    • 30,000 points for $396 (1.32cpp)
    • 50,000 points for $660 (1.32cpp)
    • 80,000 points for $960 (1.2cpp)
  • Monday October 11 – IHG Rewards points for 0.48-0.5cpp
    • 2,500 points for $12 (0.48cpp)
    • 5,000 points for $25 (0.5cpp)
    • 25,000 points for $125 (0.5cpp)
    • 50,000 points for $250 (0.5cpp)
    • 100,000 points for $500 (0.5cpp)
  • Tuesday October 12 – Choice Privileges points for 0.52-0.6cpp
    • 14,000 points for $84 (0.6cpp)
    • 28,000 points for $155 (0.55cpp)
    • 42,000 points for $220 (0.52cpp)
    • 55,000 points for $285 (0.52cpp)
  • Wednesday October 13 – Wyndham Rewards points for 1.17cpp
    • 15,000 points for $175 (1.17cpp)
  • Thursday October 14 – Omni Hotels & Resorts Packages
    • 2 night weekend getaway – $175
    • 1 night at Omni Hotels & Resorts – $235
    • 2 night weekend escape – $245
    • 2 nights at Omni Hotels & Resorts – $335
  • Friday October 15 – Accor Packages
    • Luxurious New York getaway – $1,000
    • Luxurious Washington D.C. getaway – $1,000
    • Luxurious San Juan getaway – $1,400
    • Luxurious Los Angeles getaway – $1,700
  • Monday October 18 – Best Western Points For 0.55cpp
    • 10,000 points for $55 (0.55cpp)
  • Tuesday October 19 – The Venetian Packages
    • 3 nights in a Grand One Bedroom Suite – $850
    • 3 nights in a Grand King Suite – $650
  • Wednesday October 20 – Marriott Gift Cards

Quick Thoughts

The best deal here is for Hyatt points. They’re normally available for 2.4cpp, although that price drops to ~1.85cpp when they go on sale/offer a bonus. Being able to buy them for as low as 1.2cpp can therefore be great value and so these will sell out pretty much immediately.

The Hilton and IHG points deals aren’t notable because they’re going on sale for 0.5cpp and they frequently go on sale for that price anyway. Having said that, I’m planning on stocking up on IHG points because for whatever reason the Points.com website that normally sells IHG points always glitches and so I can never get an order completed by them.

The Choice Privileges deals are better value than IHG and Hilton because 0.52-0.6cpp is less than you can normally buy them for and their Reasonable Redemption Value is 0.68cpp. The Wyndham Rewards offer on the other hand is poor value. 1.17cpp isn’t a great deal and their points frequently go on sale for much less than that.

The Omni and Accor packages might have some potential, but that’ll obviously depend on what the normal room rates would be and if you want to travel to any of the eligible properties.

For all of these deals, be sure to check the terms. For example, the various Omni packages can only be redeemed at select properties. Don’t buy one of the two night getaways for $175 expecting that you can redeem the certificate at any Omni property because that particular package is only good at four Omni properties. It also requires that you check in on a Friday or Saturday night and there are other blackout dates that vary by hotel, with New Year’s Eve also being blacked out. That package still offers value as I doubt any of those four properties can be booked for $87.50 per night at weekends any time of the year, but it’s only worth buying them if you have fairly firm plans to stay at an eligible property and it’ll definitely save you money.

Each deal has its own limits. For example, if you’re like me and want to buy IHG points, you can buy up to five of the 100,000 point packages (there are 534 packages available overall). You can also buy up to 16 packages of IHG Rewards points across all the deals, although even I don’t need that many points right now. The Hyatt points packages on the other hand each have a limit of one – if you can even get one in the first place.

These deals go live at 1pm ET on their respective days, so we’ll post about each one before they go live each day as a reminder.

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[…] points for $12.80 per 1,000 points. The only time Hyatt sells points lower than that rate is during U.S. Travel Association’s Daily Getaways, but those few points packages are about as easy to buy as winning a […]

YY Fung

Does anyone happen to know how long it will take to post in Hilton accounts? I bought them on Saturday and they haven’t appeared in our Hilton accounts.

Larry K

Just an FYI but my purchase posted as travel for 3x on Amex green card.


Which points package did you purchase?

Larry K

2x55k choice


What’s the last day the remaining packages will be available for sale?

The terms on the DG site say “Between October 7, 2021 and November 5, 2021” – can you confirm whether or not November 5 will be last call?

Last edited 2 years ago by Aaron

Every one of the Marriott gift cards was in someone’s cart within 5 seconds of the purchase window opening up.
These promotions are becoming useless.


Managed to get a $500 gift card after some refreshing.


Thanks for the reminder! I was actually able to snag one of the gift cards and I had forgotten all about this promo.


Does anyone know how long will it take for the choice points be deposited into the account? Thanks.


I got mine after a week.


Thank you so much for the info. I am still waiting for mine to come. In need to book a choice hotel for a trip in early nov.


I bought on 10/13 and they just posted some time today. Exactly 7 days.


If I buy a Marriott gift card online would that trigger the Amex Offer? I was under the impression it would not.


It is so hard to find hotel’s with physical gift cards. I live in the ATL area, I called about 15 hotels and only said they sell them but they are currently out of stock.


Thanks for the reminder! This year it was a lot easier to get the Choice points than other years due to the higher cost of them and the current conditions. I thought I remember them being around .42 cents previously. Just bought the two biggest packages. Didn’t even try for the Hyatt, but it sounds like it ended instantly


Maybe it would be cool to have a post that compares current values to historical values


Also comparing the quantity values of now vs historical amounts would be cool to see too. Maybe there is more quantity for the higher offers and that’s why we are seeing it last longer, but I think it is more due to the higher cost and current pandemic conditions more than anything


Wish they had paypal! Then I am not sure what I would have done!


The last time they sold them they were similarly priced, right around half a cent.

Mike Chicago

Daily Getaways has been my go-to source for choice points. The best-priced Choice point packages over the years:
2012 – 14 .37 CPP (40K for $149 w 10% amex discount)
2015 – 17 .40 CPP (40K for $160)
2018 – 19 .48 CPP (55K for $265)
2021 – .52 CPP (55K for $285)
Surprised this year’s packages have not sold out as of yet, especially since the package limit is 4 versus 2 in prior years. Maybe the CPP increases combined with higher reward redemption rates have finally made this too much of a YMMV purchase. It was a no-brainer at .37 CPP. Still a decent value if you cherry pick redemptions some, but I don’t think they can go much higher.


How quickly do Choice points post to your account?

Mike Chicago

Pretty quickly – a week or less in the past. The points I purchased on Tuesday have not yet posted, but I expect them this week.


Just bought some Choice points…looks like they’re still available.

And according to the Visa Supplier website, it’ll either code as “Travel Services -4722” or “Associations/Organizations-8699”.

Last edited 2 years ago by Aloha808

Thanks for the update! AF fee hit on my barclays aviator card so I called them up and got the AF removed and had a spend 1000 get 5000 AA miles offer, so ended up buying with that card instead. If not, it was a either a risky move of trying CSP for 2x points vs Amex Blue Business for guaranteed 2x points for me.


Used my CSR and they finally coded as 1x – “associations/organizations”.


I know that the 80,000 Hyatt points are supposed to be a good deal, but I can’t figure out why people would buy points instead of just accumulating 80,000 points through MS or SUBs. Aren’t we all trying to travel for free?

Nick Reyes

I would add to this that no, we aren’t “all trying to travel for free”. Some people are happy to travel at a significantly reduced cost. Buying Hyatt points at 1.2c could amount to 50% or more off of the cash price at some properties. Getting half off may certainly appeal to some. Not everyone wants to open a lot of cards or MS – some will be happy to get a vacation they would have paid $4,000 to take for $2,000 without having to dedicate much time and effort. Otherwise want the same trip for $200 and are willing to spend weeks or months working at it. One approach isn’t “right” or “wrong” and we certainly aren’t all doing it the same way all the time.


I was hoping to get one of the few Hyatt packages today and kept clicking on the link when it came live. No luck, but I kept on clicking thinking someone would have a problem. They must have because at about 1:07 I was actually able to get the 80,000 package. I completed all of the lines including my name, my Hyatt number and my credit card information (which was a Chase VISA) and when i hit submit an error message came up that said this credit card cannot be used for this purchase. It then kicked me out of the system and I lost my spot. I am beyond FRUSTRATED. Did anyone else have this problem? Did anyone have any luck?


I had no luck with Hyatt points today. Like posted previously, why is Hyatt only selling 16 point packages? Too small an amount to make any difference. Except to a few lucky ones. I tried to get lucky today.


hyatt packages are always like stock IPOs you see them but cant get to them


Right at 1:00:00 pm eastern,”Sorry, this inventory is already on hold for other customers while they complete their order.”

Larry K

I’m not really even sure what the point is for offering 16 Hyatt packages except maybe some free promotion? It’s just going to leave virtually everyone frustrated and disengaged not engaged with daily getaways.


JOKE. Two packages at the lowest price and others no better relative to the number who might have been interested. Just stupid to waste any time on that kind of silliness.